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Oak Business Consultant provides well-informed and full-spectrum advice/guidance for all financial, management, acquisition, and investment matters of business. We work very closely with our client’s organization or team and address crucial matters related to finance and management.

In order to meet your desired financial goals (long-term and short-term), you need to have proper financial planning. A good financial plan helps your business retain cash and control cash outflow. We will provide you with customized financial planning that suits your business.

We provide startup accountancy, bookkeeping, till financial planning for SMEs and Small Business Owners so they can more easily raise startup funds, develop budgets, and track performance on an easy-to-use financial Model with Dashboard.

Measure for Success Early-Stage Startup Metrics

Measure for Success: Early-Stage Startup Metrics 

Seed Funding for startups

Seed Funding For Startups 101 – A Comprehensive Guide

The Ultimate Guide for Creating a Successful Pitch Deck for Your Startup

The Ultimate Guide for Creating a Successful Pitch Deck for Your Startup

cfo vs controller

Controller vs CFO: Understanding the Difference

Episode 1: Business Catalyst

difference between capital and operating budget

Difference between Operating and Capital Budgets – A Comprehensive Guide

Business structure-feature image

What You Need to Know About Business Structures

startup branding- feature image

The Startup Branding Journey: Navigating the Transformational Path 

6 employee management tips for startups

How to do Employee Management in Your Start-up Effectively

startup founder-comprehensive guide

Overcoming Challenges as a First-Time Startup Founder: A Comprehensive Guide

tips and tricks for startup

10 Tips and Tricks for Startup Founders

Financial Management in Startups- Feature image

Financial Management in Startups: The Biggest Challenges and Tips

How Financial Analysis Services Can Benefit Your Small Business

How Financial Analysis Can Benefit Your Small Business

Start-up Financial Budgeting, Its Challenges, and Tips

Start-up Financial Budgeting, Its Challenges, and Tips