The Oak Business Consultant Pitch Deck Template is usually a 12-19 slide presentation. Real Estate Pitch Deck Template is designed to summarize your company, your business plan, and your startup vision. It is also useful for different business purposes.

Firstly, trying to convince a new investor, presenting in front of an investment stage, and each one of them should follow a different structure.
A perfect Real Estate Pitch Deck Template, for example, should be very visual and contain very little text. It should have more graphical representation and you are going to do all the talking. On the other hand, a pitch deck template that you’re planning to email should be completely self-explanatory. Pitch Deck is mostly viewable on a laptop screen, so the small font is not so bad.

In these cases, it’s also beneficial to track your investor’s activity on the presentation, to figure out if they read 100% of the slides; this can be critical when determining the frequency for follow-up emails.