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Open Jobs at Oak Business Consultant


We are seeking a Financial Content Writer to curate, edit, post, and write Financial articles, Financial Terms, Case Studies.

As a top candidate of this Internee role, you must have passion for followings; 

  • Finding and writing about financial news, Financial Terms, Financial Articles. 

This is an exciting opportunity to work with a top-notch Senior Financial Analyst and Marketing Team to develop a website, which provides unique content for users to solve their business and financial problems in business. 

We require Financial Content Writer – Internee for our below two websites; 

  • Edit and post articles, case studies and Financial terms in the website as Editor under supervision of Senior Financial Analyst,
  • Craft irresistible headers to achieve better than industry average click-through rate,
  • Optimize content for SEO to help with organic site traffic and domain ranking,
  • Continuously brainstorming innovative editorial ideas for the site,
  • Post daily to Oak Business Consultant and All Finance Terms social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.
  • Personal/ Professional interest in Financial Market, Economy, and Financial New 
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Economics or related field. 
  • Must be an avid reader and be able to find stories their readers will enjoy.
  • Must have a keen eye for detail, a strong work ethic, and excellent communication skills.
  • Must have an inquisitive mind and a solution-oriented personality.
  • SEO knowledge and best practices.
  • WordPress experience is a plus.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Economics or related field. 
Job Location
 Remote work from: Pakistan
Working Hours
office working hours

We are looking for a…

Business plan writer with an analytical mindset capable of writing plans and pitch decks through research and analysis


In this trainee program, you will be able to:

  • Gathering data from a variety of sources.
  • Identifying key trends when writing business plans
  • Analyze the business’ core market, identify major industry trends affecting it, and analyze their impact on it.
  • Identify existing and potential revenue channels and their competitors, including indirect and direct competitors.
  • Determine key metrics and opportunities for improvement by conducting business analysis and research
  • Assess the organization’s structure and ensure its long-term health
  • Updating reports to reflect new research.
  • Preservation and proper archiving of all documentation
  • Bringing actionable insights to data
  • Making technical jargon simpler and more understandable for the readers.
  • Knowledge of what type of data should be used.
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, or a business-related field.
  • Fresh graduate or have 1-2 years of experience as a business or technical writer.
  • Excellent Microsoft Office skills and experience using creative software and GSuite / Google Drive.
  • Strong Communication skills and copywriting expertise
  • Excellent time-management and analytical skills
  • Delivering high-quality results while keeping a strong focus on the customer
Job Benefits
  • Market competitive salary
  • Opportunity to build a Career with a dynamic and flexible company
  • Increments, bonuses, and much more.
  • As soon as the training period is completed, you will be hired as a full-time employee for the company based on your performance evaluation
Base Salary

BBA/MBA Finance or business-related field

Job Location
 Remote work possible

In this trainee program,

  • We will teach you how to do market research with reliable sources, craft Business Plans along with Financial Plans.
  • How to perform financial forecasting, reporting, and operational metrics tracking
  • You will be able to analyze financial data and create financial models for decision support
  • Preparing reports on financial performance and preparing for regular leadership reviews
  • Analyze past results, perform variance analysis, identify trends, and make recommendations for improvements.
  • You will learn from the accounting team to craft accurate financial reporting
  • Evaluate financial performance by comparing and analyzing actual results with plans and forecasts.
  • We guide you the cost analysis process by establishing and enforcing policies and procedures.
  • And provide the knowledge of analysis of trends and forecasts and recommend actions for optimization.
  • Recommend actions by analyzing and interpreting data and making comparative analyses; study proposed changes in methods and materials.
  • Identify and drive process improvements, including the creation of standard and ad-hoc reports, tools, and Excel dashboards.
  • Increase productivity by developing automated reporting/forecasting tools.
  • Perform market research, data mining, business intelligence, and valuation comps.
  • Maintain a strong financial analysis foundation creating forecasts and models.

* Fresh graduates of BBA/MBA or 3-5+ years of business finance or other relevant experience

* Finance, Accounting, and, Economics are preferred major fields

* Strong quantitative and analytical competency

* Self-starter with excellent interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills

* Advanced knowledge of Excel

* Should be tech-savvy

* Ability to learn new things

Job Benefits

* Bonuses

* Training to enhance skills

* As soon as the training period is completed, you will be hired as a full-time employee for the company based on your performance evaluation.

Job Type: Full-time

Training period: 3 months

Base Salary
Employment Type
Job Location
Remote work from Home 

We are looking for a…

A proactive person who can generate leads and retain customers by creating awareness of new offerings. Moreover, he/she should be capable of securing projects from multiple online portals.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Provide recommendations and selections based on individual customer needs
  • Provide potential customers with information about products and their benefits
  • Understanding customers’ needs through phone and email communication
  • Maintain relationships with past customers and potential customers to facilitate sales
  • Increase sales by networking, cold calling, and researching the industry
  • Identify and bid on projects using leading platform 
  • Provide customers with data that will help them understand how products can benefit them
  • Provide clients with thorough information about relevant products and services
  • Find and evaluate new customers to boost the company’s sales targets and marketing campaign reach.
  • Resolving customer complaints or passing them on to supervisors.
  • Schedule meetings with clients to discuss their product demands.
  • Collecting information to provide options that will align with clients’ demands and requirements.
  • Developing in-depth knowledge of our products and services to advise clients accordingly.


  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance.
  • One to two years of experience in sales and business leads.
  • Experience in generating leads and researching potential clients
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills and comfort with meeting new people on a daily basis
  • Quick thinking to provide creative solutions that address customers’ needs and concerns
  • Knowledge of online platforms for bidding.
  • Excellent time-management and analytical skills
  • Delivering high-quality results while keeping a strong focus on the customer

Work with us and enjoy these benefits:

  • Market competitive salary
  • Opportunity to build a Career with a dynamic and flexible company
  • Increments, bonuses and much more.


PKR 25000

Flexible Work Environment ​ 83%
Dynamic & Vibrant 87%
Friendly Team Culture 92%
Limitless Opportunity 95%

We are looking for the world’ best Financial Analysts and Excel Modellers

Who think out of the box, innovative, having logical thinking and observation.

As a global firm, we are less interested in your experience of years and more interested in your skills, enthusiasm and keen learning ability. If you bring dedications, rigor, observation and tenacity, we offer limitless opportunity, dynamic, vibrant and flexible work environment along with friendly team culture.

Do you have below Traits?

Think Out of Box ​



Analytical thinking

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