Oak Financial and Management Consultant is a leading consulting firm specialized for financial services in Business Process, Financial Planning, Assessing Financial Performance, Business case-study, Accounting and Financial support in every industry, Especially professional services such as Retail, Transportation, Manufacturing and the IT industry.

We as your financial and business consultants take pride in providing you our strategic financial plans which comes with a continuous analysis of your business nature and your operating market. We help you in cutting down your maximum operational cost resulting in better business decisions.

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How we help to improve your organisational needs

Assists Growth

We review or re-review financial statements and other non-financial documents to provide the best analysis and KPI for the understanding of  your business needs. Therefore, we provide company worth, forecasting and projections for raising capital which help for rapid growth.

Control Cost

Through budgeting, Cost Analysis and Unit economics analysis, we provide the client with a deep analytical insight into their cost control matters helping them to manage easily and effectively with our budget reports.

Reduce Risk

We reduce the risk of our client in business by providing an audit of their existing financial model and provide them with an in-depth financial analysis report.