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1. Investor Ready Business Plan

We work with startups, enterprises, companies and small businesses, ranging from one to two or dozens of employees.

Our Business Planning process is comprehensive, detailed, focused, thorough  and highly collaborative. We provide an objective view with facts and figures so the final drafted business plan is based on facts and reality . 

How we work

  • Work closely to understand the goals and vision of the company and then develop a clear straight road map or the business for the next few years.
  • After project services – We understand the pain of our client and takes the extra step of re-writing or updating Business Plan for the next 12 months if the situation has changed
  • We are consultants not just writers.

In case you need to raise capital, we will evaluate your business plan from the viewpoint of an investor or a partner. Our experts allow you to spot problems and loopholes in your plan and fixes them.  

Contents of Business Plan:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Description
  • Product/ Services Details
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Validations
  • Competitor Analysis (SWOT )
  • Operational Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Company Milestone
  • Industry Overview
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Management Risks
  • Keys to Success
  • Products and Services
  • Mission Statement
  • Sales Plan and Strategy
  • Investor Exit Strategy
This will also include at free consultancy of 5-hours of Business Plan with Oak Business Consultant (a $300.00 value), who will assist Client with the
  • Ideation,
  • Conceptualization, and
  • Modeling to run concurrent with preparing and
  • Writing of Business Plan, as well as assisting in crafting
  • Company Milestones,
  • Creation of Company Exit/Payback Strategy, &
  • Capitalization Strategy.
Fee Rang is $1000 – $3000.  Below is our methodology as how we work. If your interested or seeking investment from Investor or applying for bank loan, please fill in below form and we will be contact you. First meeting session with you will be free of cost. 

This is a complete 360-degree review for your Business Plan where one professional will be assigned for you who will study, examine, review, re-write and provide a comprehensive report about the strengths and weaknesses of your business plan. You can contact the Analyst anytime you want and will be responded in minutes.

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Our Comprehensive review includes:

  • - Executive Summary
  • - Scope of Business
  • - Market Trend
  • - Management Team
  • - SWOT Analysis
  • - Management Team
  • - Company Milestones
  • - Conflict of Interest
  • - HR Policy
  • - Company Historical Background
  • - Future Predictions
  • - Feasibility of Project
  • - Exit Strategy
  • - Investor Opportunities
  • - Start UP costs
  • - Utilization of Funds
  • - Fixed Asset Purchase
  • - Bank Loan
  • - Business Model Canvas
  • - Sales Plan and Strategy
  • - Operational Plan
  • - Financial Inputs and Assumptions
  • - Financial Inputs and Assumptions
  • - Financial Ratios

You need assistance in crafting Business Plan again? There are occasions when Business owners need to revise their Business Plan. For example, if revenue streams changes, the objective of companies, you want to change approach, want to acquire companies, partnership, etc

We will assign a business analyst for you especially to deal with these issues and to revise the existing plan accordingly. The company’s business and financial plan will be revised where necessary keeping investors in mind. We will develop graphs, add new market research, check due diligence, check all facts, reviewing investment needs, ration and financial plan.

These services include 4 hours free Business Plan Consultancy with Oak Business Consultant (a $400.00 value), who will assist with the business model, market validation, conceptualizations and modeling as well as assisting in building projections, exit strategy plan, and product milestones.

Book a meeting with our experts online to check the viability of your project and hire us to take care of your Business Plan.

Fee Range is $500 – $1500. 

3. Investor Ready Pitch Deck Presentation

We specialize in building purposeful designs that helps your company achieving goals. The tools used for building Pitch Decks includes

  • Slidebean 
  • Canva 
  • Haiku Deck 
  • Slides 
  • Google Slides 

The presentation will be crafted professionally with branding and designing. The presentation will be ppt format and web based services. Oak Business Consultant will compile the most important information within 10 to 15 slides based on the 15 minuted presentation with prospective investor. The purpose of the Pitch deck presentation is to grasp the attention of investor. 


Your Pitch Deck is one of the most important tools when presenting your business idea to investors. The individual should be able to present all ideas and figures properly in the deck with a graphical presentation pleasing to the eyes.

Pitch Decks will have followings slides to interpret the Business Models:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Market Validation
  • Objective
  • Exit Strategy
  • Financial Plan

This services includes 2 hours free audit time to listen, critique and, feedback to help you in the presenting in less than 15 minutes to get maximum impact on Investor. 

FEE $700 *Client must submit the Business plan with Financials. 
The pitch deck will be available in PPT, PDF and in Web service platform to access anywhere and at any time.

4. Investor Ready Executive Summary

Oak Business Consultants review all documentation via email and perform due diligence for the loan, Investment, Venture Capital, Commercial or Corporate Banks, SBA lending Institutions, “start-ups” and any form of investment. When the Client-supplied relevant documents or a Business Plan we modify and reformat to “Investor Ready” an existing Executive Summary or prepare a summary based on the client existing plan.

Oak Business Consultant provides free of cost online consultancy, recommendation, and opinion. Book a meeting with our experts online to check the viability of your project or hire us to take care of our executive summary.

Fee: $250 *Client must provide a business plan and Finance Model.

5. Investor Ready One Page Project Overview

An overview of a project is necessary when an investment group or investors require a standardized investor-ready one-page layout to view and review your project. These days most investors do not have time to review large content. Therefore, mostly they demand a concise summary of your project.

Oak Business Consultant will create an overview that will be a concise yet comprehensive in-depth product and service overview. Your one-page overview will be detailed and targeted towards investors.

We will provide free of cost 2 hours (a $100.00 value) online consultancy, recommendation, and opinion. Book a meeting with our experts online to check the viability of your project or hire us to take care of our executive summary.

Fee: $200 * Client must provide a business plan and Financials.

6. Pro Forma Statement of Financial Position/Balance sheet

The statement of financial position is the balance sheet of a company and most important of the three main financial statements with regards to the position of your assets, owner equity and liabilities. The statement is forecasted out 3-5 years.

Hire an expert Financial Analyst to help you prepare your balance sheet.

Fee $200.00 * Must have sales projections covering the same period.

7. Cashflow Analysis

Cashflow is the most concerned area for investors and lenders since most of them are worried about their money in and outflows. A company with strong cashflows can minimize the risk of liquidity and going concern. A proper Cashflow analysis can save businesses from future chaos.

Have our expert Financial Analyst review and re-create your current Cashflow. You just book a meeting with just one click.

Fee $150.00 *Must have sales protection fro the same period.

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