We offer business solutions that actually make the job of the business owners easier. We are offering easily accessible and simple business solutions for all kinds of small businesses. Our business solutions include investor ready documents and presentations. And for those business owners that want their customized documents, We provide that here as well.

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Oak Business Consultant has the perfect team of financial experts. These financial experts put in their 100% to make sure that you get the right solutions. We also ensure that our solutions can help you achieve your desired financial goals.

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Business models used to be quite different some decades ago. All the top business owners implemented business solutions that were available. While other businesses that did not use those solutions were not very successful. But now things are different. However, business solutions are now very cheap and almost any small business can now utilize those solutions. But,if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need business solutions that are suitable for your business. There are many problems associated with businesses today that are unique in their own sense. And to resolve those unique and modern problems, you need modern business solutions. This is where the experts of Oak Business Consultant come in. We provide all sorts of customized and customizable solutions. You, as a business owner, can benefit greatly by using these solutions.

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Some financial problems arise only when you are in the middle of the toughest phase of your business. Such problems cannot wait for the solutions to arrive after a week or a month. You need the solution right away. In such a scenario, when you are in an urgency, you may find fast solutions very expensive. But that’s not the case with Oak Business Consultant. Whenever you are stuck in a financial situation that needs an urgent solution, you know where to come. We have all the solutions ready for you at the most reasonable prices.

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Investor Ready Business Plan

Investor Ready Business Plan

A business plan is not only a document that details the business details. Rather it goes way beyond than just a plan. It includes projections that must be close to reality. The closer these projections, the better the plan it is. But who has the time to design a brand-new business plan in this fast-paced market? If you choose to go for patent business plan templates, you cannot expect it to cover everything. Let us resolve this problem for you. Oak Business Consultant brings you the investor ready business plan that is fully customizable. You can expect all your unique requirements to be met with this business plan. Our business planning process is thorough and considers every detail important.

Professional Business Plan Review

Have you run your business plan by the financial experts? If not, here is your chance. Our financial experts and business planners do this for a living and have been doing for a very long time – long enough to know business planning inside out. Now this is the type of expert you need for your business plan review. This is what we call a “Professional Business Plan Review.” While our experts will scrutinize your business plan thoroughly. They will also run several checks on it in order to determine if it can really bring you any investors or bank loans. There is always something that is missing from a business plan. Sometimes it’s an exit strategy, while other times it may be a realistic financial analysis. Whatever it is, our experienced and professional business planners will pick it and provide you the best solution.

Business Plan Revision
Business Solution- Investor Ready Plan

Investor Ready Pitch Deck Presentation

Pitch decks are used for various purposes. Some of these purposes include persuading your investors, presenting your financial budget to the directors, or it may be related to vocational training. A good pitch deck is the one that goes well with your brand’s personality and theme. It must be consistent in its content, aesthetics, and overall feel. When you really want to grab the attention of your investors, you should consider a pitch deck that is highly professional. All the professional qualities that you can think of in a pitch deck are present in our investor ready pitch deck presentation. Besides, we make sure you achieve the purpose with our provided pitch deck presentation.

Investor Ready Executive Summary

The essence of any business document lies within its executive summary. It is the part of a document which is intended to provide a brief but comprehensive detail of the entire document. Usually, it is read and analyzed by executives, as the name suggests. And that is the reason, an executive summary must be highly professional. It should reflect a professional tone and theme. It also must include the details that may be of interest to the executives, senior management, stakeholders, or investors. This is where Oak Business Consultant’s investor ready executive summary comes in. You can book yours today and integrate it with your business plan to make it more sound and professional.

Business Solution- Executive Summary
Project Overview-Business Solution

Investor Ready One Page Project Overview

Business projects require a great deal of information to be present in their review. Usually, a project overview is quite lengthy and ends up consuming several pages. It takes a lot of time to fully analyze such a long overview document for a project. Therefore, you need our investor ready one page project overview. The main purpose behind this service is to enable your project to be displayed in a convenient and analytical manner for presenting it to your investors. Moreover, our experts can condense all the essential details of your project and arrange them in a highly presentable and readable manner into one page. That way, you can be on top of your project while being able to impress your investors at the same time.

Pro Forma Statement of Financial Position

There are a lot of formalities when it comes to finances of a business. And to present your financial position, you need your Pro forma statement of financial position prepared by a financial expert. These statements are also referred to as balance sheets. And their purpose is to enlist and forecast the financials of your business for a specific time period. The statement of financial position is one of the most important documents in finance. Our financial experts are always ready to help you with complicated balance sheets.

Proforma Statement- Business Solution
Cashflow Analysis-Business Solution

Cashflow Analysis

When you want to win an investor or a lender, all you need is a meticulously done cash flow analysis. A professional cash flow analysis is one that covers every aspect of your business. If you want to grab the attention of your investors, there is nothing better than to choose Oak Business Consultant for a professional cash flow analysis.

This is a complete 360-degree review for your Business Plan where one professional will be assigned for you who will study, examine, review, re-write and provide a comprehensive report about the strengths and weaknesses of your business plan. You can contact the Analyst anytime you want and will be responded in minutes.


You can find a lot of business solutions and services providers on the internet easily. But if you are looking for a service that stands out from the rest, Oak Business Consultant is the one for you. Our business solutions are backed by decade-long experience and hard-earned skills. We have financial experts that also have specific expertise suitable for many small businesses. And all of this comes at a very reasonable price. The best part about our business solutions is that they can be customized as per your requirements while also being easily affordable for you. Here are a few things that really draw a line between us and our competitors.

Value For Money

The real value for money comes when the service you utilized can actually benefit you. Thus, we make sure that the service that you choose from our website, aligns with your needs perfectly. Only then we proceed with it so that you can save some extra costs and enjoy the value for money.

Result-Oriented Approach

A professional service is one that can actually produce some results. We don’t consider a project successful until we see the results ourselves. We follow a result-oriented approach and that is what sets us apart from others.

Extended Customer Support

Not every business solutions provider gives you extended customer support. But what we do with our customers to we provide the complete guide and support even after we finish their project. We can also assign a trainer or a financial expert that can take care of your future queries as well.

Dedicated Teams

Although we have people in our team that can do multiple jobs and still do great, we still prefer them to be focused on one specific area. Therefore, all our experts are bound to be performing the tasks that they are really experts at. This is what makes our teams dedicated and our customers get to enjoy the benefits from their expertise.

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