What Is An Investor Ready Business Plan?

From the business’s marketing to describing the financial and operational details, our investor ready business plan has it all. We provide a ready-made business plan that identifies all the core activities of your start up. It also enlists a complete roadmap for achieving long term goals in the business. But our investor ready business plan is not limited to start ups. We cater almost all types of businesses, whether it be an enterprise, a small group of companies, or a simple individual small business. All your business needs can now be easily met with this business plan.

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Who Should Consider Our Investor Ready Business Plan?

Anyone who is willing to finally quantify their business idea into a successful venture is most welcome to choose this service. Business owners who are thinking big and want to rebrand their business in order to cater to a larger customer base can also consider our investor ready business plan. Then there are start ups who have their business plan ready but lack financial analyses, market study, competitor research, can also choose this service.


Although every single business is unique in its strategies, goals, achievements, and final objective, there are some components that remain vital in a business plan. We can come up with a custom business plan for any business. But here are some very common contents that are almost always necessary for any business plan. These contents are:

1  Executive Summary

2  Description Of Company

3  Product/ Services Details

4  Market Analysis

5  Market Validations

6  Operational Plan

7  Marketing Plan

8  Financial Plan

9  Milestone For Company

10  Industry Overview

11  Management Risks

12  Keys To Success

13  Mission Statement

14  Investor Exit Strategy

15  Sales Plan And Strategy

16  Competitor Analysis (SWOT)


Our business planning process is comprehensive, detailed, focused, thorough and highly collaborative. We provide an objective view with facts and figures, so the final drafted business plan is based on facts and reality.
 Here are some more features of our business plan.

Potential Pitfalls

Almost every business has some risks associated with its initiation. These risks are sometimes referred to as potential pitfalls, or you can say that we call it that here. These are the risks that are commonly associated with businesses similar to yours. Our risk management experts carefully sort them out and then present their mitigation strategies. That way, you can always be ready for anything that can cause harm to your business.

Financial Budgeting And Analysis

Another very important part of a business plan is financial analysis and budgeting. You see, there is no business plan that can be of any value without these things. Financial budgeting is like making the business plan implementable. Although financial analysis is usually done after some run time of the business, we include it in your business plan so that you can just keep filling it right from the start.

Practical Marketing Strategy

The first thing you will need for your business will be its effective marketing. Now, marketing cannot be made successful without a solid practical marketing strategy. We make sure that our marketing experts come up with a marketing strategy for your business that is based on real practices. We use only the strategies that are proven to work for businesses similar to yours.

Comprehensive Executive

One of the most important components of any business plan, is an executive summary. Without it, a business plan is incomplete. Our investor ready business plan includes a comprehensive executive summary. This executive summary can easily be integrated into your business plan with all the relevant details for your executives or investors.

Get Your Customized
Investor Ready Business Plan


Most people come to us just for a business plan and it is almost always the case that they end up having full business consultancy from us. That is because we professional business consultants. Our decade long experience is what gives us a strategic position in the financial industry. When you come to us for a business plan, you get the consultancy as a plus point. Using our expert consultancy services, you can consider:

1  Capital Raising Strategies

2  Business Plan Evaluation

3  Risk Evaluation And Mitigation

4  3 To 5 Years Financial Planning

5  Short Term Goals Identification

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How We Work On A Business Plan

Every potential business owner wants a business plan that can actually represent their vision and mission for their business. This is only possible when the business planners work closely with the business owner. This is where you get satisfaction from Oak Business Consultant. We make sure that our business planning experts are in close connection with you. They will ask as many questions as needed to ensure that your business plan is totally in line with your requirements. Once we understand the goals and visions of the company thoroughly, only then we develop a clear and straightforward road map. This road map provides a sustainable approach and can turn your business idea into an actual high-functioning business.

Our Flexible And Affordable Business Plan Packages

A business plan varies in its size and type from business to business. Not every business requires a business plan on 40 pages. Neither every business is small enough to be fit in only 10 pages. It's all about the unique and specific requirements of every different business. We understand these variations. We also understand that not every start up is ready to spend a heavy amount on a business plan. That is the reason we offer flexible and affordable business plan packages. From a 10 pages plan to an unspecified number of pages, we can come up with just the right business plan for you. And the best part is that it will be 100% your own property. Once you get the business plan, you are the absolute owner with full rights to make any changes to it.


You can find a lot of business solutions and services providers on the internet easily. But if you are looking for a service that stands out from the rest, Oak Business Consultant is the one for you. Our business solutions are backed by decade-long experience and hard-earned skills. We have financial experts that also have specific expertise suitable for many small businesses. And all of this comes at a very reasonable price. The best part about our business solutions is that they can be customized as per your requirements while also being easily affordable for you. Here are a few things that really draw a line between us and our competitors.

Value For Money

The real value for money comes when the service you utilized can actually benefit you. We make sure that the service that you choose from our website, aligns with your needs perfectly. Only then we proceed with it so that you can save some extra costs and enjoy the value for money.

Result-Oriented Approach

A professional service is one that can actually produce some results. We don’t consider a project successful until we see the results ourselves. We follow a result-oriented approach and that is what sets us apart from others.

Extended Customer Support

Not every business solutions provider gives you extended customer support. What we do with our customers is we provide the complete guide and support even after we finish their project. We can also assign a trainer or a financial expert that can take care of your future queries as well.

Dedicated Teams

Although we have people in our team that can do multiple jobs and still do great, we still prefer them to be focused on one specific area. All our experts are bound to be performing the tasks that they are really experts at. This is what makes our teams dedicated and our customers get to enjoy the benefits from their expertise.

Experienced Business And Financial Consultants

Business consultancy and financial consultancy are the two things that cannot be handed over to non-experienced people. You always need someone who knows the financial industry inside out. Luckily, we have these experts ready for you. We have a proven track record in financial consultancy. Our biggest success lies in retention. We have retained not only the customers for a long time but also our employees. We believe in the value that people bring forward to work.

Incredible Work Ethic

To do the job as instructed by the client is a simple task. But to excel at your service is not always that easy. We are at that position in the Finance industry that business owners and entrepreneurs recognize us by our work ethic. We deliver not only the best consulting and business services but also the way we deliver them is worth your time and money.

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3 Years Financial Model
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5 Years Financial Model
Financial Consultation
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Financial Analysis
Word and Excel
Separate PDF, Word and Excel (Financial Comments)
Marketing Plan
Market research, Industry with TAM, SAM and SOM
SWOT Analysis
Financial Statements
Go to Market Strategy
Hiring Support
Competitor Analysis
Weekend availability
Business Plan Template
Financial Plan
Sales Strategy
Marketing Plan
Operational Plan

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