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Looking to hire a business plan writer? Our experts craft bespoke business plans that attract investors and secure funding. Our custom-made business plans make securing potential investors easier. We offer everything from market analysis to cash flow statements, catering to businesses of all sizes. Our business plan writing service is designed to provide you with a comprehensive, investor-ready document that outlines your vision, strategy, and financial projections.

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Everything You Need in a Business Plan for Investors

Our Investor-Ready Business Plan eliminates guesswork by providing a customized package detailing your marketing strategy, financials, and operations to demonstrate your business’s viability to angel investors. This service supports businesses of all sizes, ensuring alignment with your objectives. We develop business plans that are meticulously tailored to meet the needs of both startups and established companies aiming to expand.

Get Ready for Big Markets with Our Investor Business Plan

Our business plan isn’t just for startups. It’s also for business owners looking to rebrand or expand into bigger markets. If you need market sizes, trends, competitive analysis, we’ve got you covered. Our plan is your all-in-one solution.

Our Investor-Ready Business Plan Features

Identifying And Mitigating Risk Factors

Our experts spot and manage risks to keep your business safe from common industry pitfalls.

Financial Planning And Analysis

We build a solid financial plan with balance sheets and income statements to turn your business ideas into reality.

Industry Trends and Strategies

Our marketing experts design practical strategies that draw in customers and align with industry trends.

Executive Summary

Our business plan starts with a detailed summary that gives investors a quick, clear view of your business.

Why Choose Oak Business Consultant For Business Solutions

Oak Business Consultant offers unique business solutions with expert advice, customizable options, and affordable prices that truly set us apart from others. We help you solve problems and grow your business. Our team is always ready to support you with any questions.

Value for Money

Our services deliver solid value, ensuring your investment is well-spent.

Result-Oriented Approach

We prioritize results, helping your business succeed.

Extended Customer Support

Get after-sales help, including expert advice for your future needs.

Dedicated Teams

Our experts specialize in their fields, providing focused, high-quality services.

Experienced Consultants

Rely on Oak pros who understand the business needs and deliver strong results.

Incredible Work Ethic

We are known for our commitment to quality and outstanding service in the finance industry.

What Is The Right Package For You

Please choose the business plan package suitable for your project from the Essential Package to Comprehensive Package below:

BASIC Most Popular$850

  • 10-20 pages Business Plan
  • Executive Summary
  • Company Description
  • Market Analysis
  • Organization & Management
  • Services Or Products
  • Financial Projections*
  • Financial Consultation - Online
  • Marketing Plan - Basic
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ADVANCEMost Popular$1350

  • 20-30 pages Business Plan
  • Business Plan Pages
  • Executive Summary
  • Company Description
  • Market Analysis
  • Organization & Management
  • Services Or Products
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Funding Request
  • Financial Projections*
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Financial Consultation - Online
  • Marketing Plan - Detailed
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Cost Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
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Secure Your Future with a Customized Investment Plan for Business

At Oak Business Consultant, we’re more than just business plan writers; we’re your partners in strategy and finance, helping you plan for everything from raising capital to setting short-term goals.

frequently asked question

It’s a detailed plan that prepares your business to meet and attract investors, covering everything from market sizes to financial forecasts.

Any business owner who wants to secure funding from investors, whether you’re starting up, scaling up, or rebranding your business.

Our plan includes market analysis and a solid business strategy to show potential investors exactly how their money will help grow your business.

We provide all-inclusive financial statements, cash flow projections, and a balance sheet to ensure you and your potential investors have a clear financial outlook.

Yes, our business plans are tailored to your specific industry, including competitive analysis and market potential to meet unique business needs.

Our plans are not just documents; they’re a roadmap for success, combining market insight with financial planning to maximize your chances of securing investment.

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