Video Subscribing

What is video subscribing?

The internet has impacted the way we engage with videos. In the contemporary world, companies can deliver content either through wired or wireless solutions. There has been a profound innovation in the way we view content. Millennials and Generation Z now opt for videos on demand. It means that they can subscribe to see the content as per their requirement, not when it is aired as per the broadcaster’s wish.


Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) refers to a subscription-based service that will provide consumers with unlimited access to streaming video content for any given period. It is an entertainment programming model where a customer pays monthly installments to free access to a plethora of movies, web series, shows, and other content. It means that the customers can subscribe to a content producing platform that will unlock all the available material.


What are the benefits of video subscribing?

The customers have the luxury to decide when to start or stop the program. They also get the option of whether to fast forward, rewind or pause the video at their wish. So a high-quality content is available on-demand, anytime, and anywhere directly on the customer’s television set. The SVoD sector includes Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Now TV, etc. These online platforms have attracted the end-users for their diversified content like sports, web series, and movies.

The online SVoD platforms can be accessed through mobiles, tablets, and smart TVs. The viewers’ pool is continuously increasing many folds in recent times because of the demand for content to control and select viewing. This has led to a recognizable adoption of video on demand systems with enormous growth potential in the near future.

The penetration of mobile broadband has accelerated the adoption of mobile devices for digital content streaming. It has supported the growth of the subscription video on demand market globally.