SVOD Business Excel Financial Model

SVOD Business Excel Financial Model

SVOD Business Excel Financial Model

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Original price was: $500.Current price is: $350.

This SVOD Business Excel Financial Model is a flexible and easy to update template which provides you all essential reporting charts and graphs to make smart and sound financial decisions. This model includes 60- month in-depth financial statements with the sheet of company valuations and other KPIs ratios which give you and your investor a clear depiction of financial performance and company loans and funds utilization.

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SVOD Business Excel Financial Model

If you are a businessman or an entrepreneur and planning to start a Subscription video-on-demand business, you need a solid and effective financial model to visualize your goals and your business’s standing in the future. The SVOD Business Excel Financial Model made by an Oak Business Consultant is dynamic and can forecast all the circumstances or events that will either positively or negatively affect your business, manage your business’s cash flow and provide overall management.

The SVOD Business Excel Financial Model template is for the SVOD industry. SVOD stands for Subscription Based Video on Demand. However, It is an emerging industry, and people are attracted to a new medium of watching movies and dramas.

Any SVOD (Subscription-Based Video on Demand) business can easily use this financial model. Whether you are an investor or an entrepreneur, this model will serve you well. Along with that, you will find every tool that is needed for business analysis and project evaluations. In addition, this excels financial model is customized, dynamic, and flexible to use; you can change the names of the file, revenues, and cost heads in it.

How to Use SVOD Business Excel Financial Model

How has this model been built and able to use to get the rationale for your business, the following points are mentioned below:

Key Inputs 

  1. The growth rate, Price, and Expense.
  2. Prices and segmentation of revenue.
  3. Marketing Budget Sheet (which measures how many customers we get from marketing).
  4. Revenue Assumptions
  5. Average Payable and Receivable days your business is following.
  6. Cost of Goods.
  7. Fixed Asset and Capital Expenditure.
  8. Tax Rate
  9. Investment table
  10. Loan table

Input Sheet of SVOD Business Excel Financial Model

SVOD Business Excel Financial Model

The Excel Financial Model for SVOD (Subscription-Based Video on Demand) all relevant inputs for variables and fixed expenses as well as other relevant details e.g Investment amount, tax rate, etc.

The contents of the Input Sheet will include the following:

  1. Investments
  2. Months of investment,
  3. Capital expenditure
  4. Opex (marketing, utilities, etc.) and
  5. Payroll

Any change in INPUT will make appropriate changes to the other 3 statements and analysis.

User Acquisition Sheet

SVOD Business Excel Financial Model

The user acquisition sheet includes 2 revenue streams that are customizable. The user can fill out relevant inputs accordingly. However, customer acquisition is linked with all important inputs like growth rate, new customers, recurring customers, and churn rate.

Revenue Sheet

SVOD Business Excel Financial Model

We have prepared a separate revenue analysis sheet that helps the user make revenue projections and scenarios accurately.

Income Statement of SVOD Business Excel Financial Model

SVOD Business Excel Financial Model

The income statement is linked with the following:

  1. User Acquisition and
  2. Revenue sheet,
  3. whereas COGS and Opex directly linked with
  4. input sheet and
  5. HR-based salaries.

 Cash Flow Statement

SVOD Business Excel Financial Model

The cash flow statement contains three sections,

  • Cash flow from operations,
  • Investing and
  • Financing.

However, all intangible, non-cash items are appropriately calculated and included in the statements. The state shows net cash available for the business.

Project EvaluationSVOD Business Excel Financial Model

One of the most useful analyses is the evaluation sheet; however, the analysis of the forecasted future income and discounts back to the present date.

The Excel Financial Model automatically generates,

  1. The NPV,
  2. IRR Free Cash Flow to analyze the feasibility of the project.

KPIs and Metrics

SVOD Business Excel Financial Model

Furthermore, the below analysis has been included in the financial model for accurate financial reporting:

  1. Breakeven Analysis,
  2. Minimum Subscribers to be B.E,
  3. Target Sales.
  4. Along with that, we have
  5. Cost of Customer Acquisitions,
  6. Average Revenue per Customer and
  7. Customer Life Time Value. These metrics are very important for marketing and operational analysis.

Dashboard Sheet

SVOD Business Excel Financial Model

Our Excel Financial Model is Flexible and Dynamic

The best part of the SVOD Business Financial model is that the number of months reflected in the input sheet will automatically update the number of the month on the cash flow and balance sheet. You don’t need to change it manually.

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