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Loan Amortization Schedule – Free


This Loan Amortization Schedule – Free is a simple yet dynamic Loan Repayment Schedule calculator made by Oak Business Consultant is for all Users. We created this completely FREE of cost Excel tool for your ease and kept in mind your needs!!!


This template presents Loan Repayment Schedule creator and for your understandability and ease of use, we feature it with comment boxes for each piece of information.

The comment boxes can be removed easily after you get an understanding. Each Comment box explains how to calculate information that needs to be recorded in that cell along with a positive or negative sign.

We colour-coded all the inputs into peach colour to make them stand out. And the title of each input is self-explanatory. You only need to provide the required information like:


  • What is the amount of your loan?
  • How many years is the loan for?
  • The number of instalments paid each year, and
  • What is the interest rate per year?

The design is signature to Oak Business consultant and it is pleasing to the eye.

We have linked and added formulas to make a Dynamic Excel Financial Model. And we protected the sheet so that you cannot make any undesirable changes by mistake.


Who Should Use this Loan Amortization Schedule model?

Anyone with even ZERO knowledge of accounting, who wish to create the loan Repayment Schedule without using any one’s help can easily use this Loan Repayment Schedule model for FREE. Yes, FREE!

Moreover, this Loan Amortization Schedule model is self-explanatory and the comment boxes explain how to fill in the required information. It is also dynamic and when you will update the inputs, the model will do the rest for you.

You can delete or hide the comment boxes. Just simply right-click the cell which contains the comment and click “show/hide Comment” or “delete comment”.

Oak Business Consultant also offers customized Financial Models.

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