What is the KPI Dashboard Excel?

Our KPI Dashboard Excel is a customized service/ product for your organization.

We will extract information directly from the financial statements made for your financial model. And show you all the relevant charts and tables in one Dashboard.

These will also be updated automatically each time you open the file or make any change in the Financial Model Inputs.

How would this Help YOU?

Oakbusinessconsultant is designing this KPI Dashboard Excel to help you save time. Since we bring all KPIs from all the financial statements provided to you in your Financial Model.

So we bring all the key charts to a single sheet. Showing you all critical information in easy to understand visual representation form. Using dynamic Charts to create a dashboard specifically for your organization. 

Having all information at the tip of your finger will allow you to cross-compare KPIs from separate sheets and know exactly where to find the most critical information for your organization.

Our product could include several different sets of KPIs according to your organization’s requirements. So, a few to name are, Marketing KPIs, Financial KPIs, Sales Performance Analysis, Cash and Inventory Management, along with others.

Some additional KPIs that we offer with our KPI Dashboard Excel as a part of your financial model are, breakeven analysis chart, ROI, Project Evaluation, and Investor Return analysis.