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Equipment Leasing Company – Case Study

Background: Equipment Leasing Company Now a very good client owning an equipment leasing company started as a straightforward judge of my up-work feedback history. Impressed by my impressive up-work clientele and my success rate; yet critical about one feedback that was wrongfully attributed to my profile. But this client did the right thing, he inquired!

Marketing KPI Dashboard for E-Store

Marketing KPI Dashboard Our Marketing KPI Dashboard Client from the United States is a prominent retailer of car seat covers for canine dogs. The business has patent designs manufactured from an outsourced manufacturing department and sells the finished product to the USA market. Since the Client uses Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Amazon Sponsored

Acquisition Analysis Of Quantum Research Company – Case Study

Acquisition Analysis Of Quantum Research Company: Background This Case study is about the Acquisition Analysis of Quantum Research Company that we did for a client based in the United States of America. Our client is a Public Listed company looking for expansion in various quantum computing technology-based products and services. For expansion, the Client wished

Pitch Deck For A SaaS Startup Company

Background A Singaporean client approached Oak Business Consultant for the creation of a pitch deck for their SaaS startup. Initially, the client and Oak Business Consultant came into a partnership to work on the business together. Then, eventually, Oak Business Consultant remained as the Financial Analyst along with a 20% share in the business. The

go to market strategy
Case Study: Go-To-Market Strategy for Educational Platform

Background  The client required a Go-To-Market strategy for their online study assistance business or Educational Platform. The main idea focuses on getting customers to subscribe to their business and avail of the services they have to offer worldwide. A range of strategies and research was put into the creation of this marketing strategy. Objective This

Event Management Company
Case Study – Event Management Company

Background: Event Management Company One of our USA-based clients working on a startup approached us to build a Financial Model from scratch. When the work got completed and delivered to this client, his friend, and business partner, who is also responsible for running her own separate Event Management and E-Store business, saw our impressive work