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Oak Business Consultant is providing you Free Templates and Informational Articles/ Case Studies to help your Business Decision Making.

Oak Business Consultant provides a well informed and full-spectrum advice/guidance for all financial, management, acquisition, and investment matters of business. Furthermore, we work very closely with our client’s organisation or team and address crucial matters related to finance and management.

In order to meet your desired financial goals (long-term and short-term), you need to have proper financial planning. A good financial plan helps your business in retaining cash and controlling the outflow of cash. We will provide you with customised financial planning and articles information that suit your business.

We provide Accountancy, Bookkeeping till Financial Planning for SME’ and Small Business Owners so they can more easily raise startup funds, develop budgets, and track performance on an easy-to-use financial Model with Dashboard.

Startup financial model

Best Practices For Creating Startup Financial Model

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CEO Vs CFO Meaning: What’s The Difference?

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Why Do You Need CFO Services?


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What's the Key to Sound Cash Flow Management?

What’s the key to sound cash flow management?

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Case Study for NGO Financial Modeling