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financial model in excel
What Is A Financial Model In Excel

  While operating a business, you must ensure that you are efficient about decision-making when it comes to your finances. That’s what your ultimate goal should be. A financial model in excel can help you with this strategically. But what is a financial model, and how do you apply it to your business? A financial

Financial model template
Building Your Startup Financial Model Template

  Starting a business doesn’t only require an idea. What you need are all the ground rules in place when it comes to establishing your business. One of these is building your startup financial model. Your business finances play an important role in decision making. What’s a better way than creating a financial model template

How can emotional intelligence serve entrepreneurs?
How can emotional intelligence serve entrepreneurs?

People with average IQs often outshine the high IQ individuals. The secret sauce to it is emotional intelligence. So you don't have to be very smart to taste success. Emotional intelligence has emerged on the scene in the business world over the last few years. Now, the companies are looking for this skill in its management

Failure Is the Best Thing to Happen to Business Owners

People in this day and age crave instant gratification. They see failure as a final destination and not as an opportunity to grow and improve. The founder of Honda Motors, Soichiro Honda, once said that “success is 99% failure.” Some people thrive after failures, but others don’t. It is because of the type of failure

Why an entrepreneur takes risks?

Why an entrepreneur takes risks? The key which leads to a successful business is when an entrepreneur takes risks. If you’re not willing to take risks, you should rethink the option of setting up a business. When an entrepreneur takes risks, it is not about getting into the business blindly. The process is about proper

Data Visualization

Data Visualization Data visualization is a fancy term for converting your data into charts, graphs, images, and tables. It is about making your information more presentable. We have all been through situations where any document with too much text takes our interest away immediately. An average person has an attention span of 8 seconds and