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Integration with Unlimited Data Sources

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How It Works

Exploring your live data feed in Google Sheets and Google Data Studio is now easier than you think, with our growth plan KPI dashboard. Connecting all data sources into one sheet enabling you scheduled importing of your data, providing you up to date information at fingertips.


Step 1- Connect

Connect your diverse data sources to our comprehensive Unit Metrics Analysis Dashboard.

Step 2 - Build Report

Seamlessly import your data into Google Sheets and Google Data Studio.

Step 3- KPI Dashboard

Craft personalized reports and dashboards, churning actionable insights from a sea of data.


Data integration

Real-Time Data integration
with Google Sheets and Google Data Studio

Analyse Marketing Data

Analyse Marketing
Data in one click

Customize reporting

Customize reporting for all
Marketing and advertising Data

Scheduling exports

Scheduling exports to
keep data up to date

Customize Dashboard

Customize Dashboard with
Key Performance Indicators


manual work


efficiency through KPI

Save Time


Data integration

Reduce stress on the IT
department and Data analyst

Upload data from different platform to Google Sheets and Google Data Studio

Data from over 500+ Platforms


Strategically Managed Data Analysis with the Growth Plan KPI Dashboard

Our Growth Plan KPI Dashboard is designed to import data from multiple platforms; we transform information into customized reports, visualized conveniently in Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. With a stunning repertoire of over 500 connectors, our dashboard is tailored to serve as your final destination for performance analysis, enabling you to make informed decisions, align your strategic goals, and successfully meet business objectives.

measuring data from multiple sources

Unified Data Analysis, No More Silos

Experience seamless data integration with our unique data hub created in Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. Our innovative Growth Plan KPI Dashboard connects various platforms into a comprehensive report, allowing you to avoid the hassle of isolated marketing and advertising data. Our state-of-the-art connector swiftly merges and maps data across all your sources, enabling us to deliver customized reporting and dashboards, aiding your marketing team in making strategic, data-driven decisions without the need for manual intervention.

Streamlined Reporting, No Raw Data Needed

We provide customized, understandable reports with data visualization, eliminating the need for raw data analysis. All you need is to review your daily, weekly, and monthly reports devoid of complex formulations or queries. With our Growth Plan KPI Dashboard, your business leader can make real-time strategic decisions.

Interim CFO

Scheduled Reports and Performance Alerts

Our financial management system offers performance alerts and recommendations precisely when they matter the most. Our Oak Financial analyst ensures the data is always current with scheduled exports to Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. Furthermore, our Alerts notify you when performance deviates, while Insights provide a real-time stream of your team’s achievements, suggesting ways to improve performance.

Strategically Tailored Dashboards

Our team of experts, possessing in-depth industry knowledge, designs and customizes your Growth Plan KPI Dashboard. With our comprehensive reporting that includes every key performance indicator and easy-to-understand charts, you can track progress over time and align it with your organizational goals. The customization includes your preferred information appetite and company color theme, ensuring your company’s vision is articulated clearly and coherently.

automate data transfer
Tax Services Provider

Goal Setting and Progress Tracking for Long-term Success

Our system allows you to set targets for your Growth Plan KPI Dashboard from any of our 500+ integrations or any data you’d like to integrate into Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. Track all your key metrics on a single screen or visualize your progress on a custom Databoard, ensuring focus on metrics that matter the most. This centralized dashboard facilitates strategic planning and facilitates long-term success by saving valuable time on report creation.

Features Overview

effective measures- expert CFO service

Import all of your Data into one place seamlessly

Buy Growth Plan KPI Dashboard and Hire Oak Business Consultant to enhance and automate your regular reports with live dashboards, scorecards, and alerts, enabling you to improve your company’s performance.

Help your whole company improve performance over time with ongoing assistance from our expert team.

Growth Plan KPI Dashboard Includes

Number of new contracts signed per period

The growth in new contracts per period is a good measure of an increase in monthly recurring revenue

Number of engaged qualified leads in the sales funnel

A greater number of engaged qualified leads means greater chances of sales revenue growth.

Net sales – the percentage growth

(Net Sales Current Period – Net Sales Previous Period) / Net Sales Previous Period * 100%

Percentage growth in Net sales is directly linked with a company’s growth plan.

Customer lifetime value

(Average Purchase Value x Average Purchase Frequency) x Average Customer Lifespan

Growth Plan KPIs help management focus on increasing the Customer Lifetime Value.

New and expansion Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Expansion in MRR helps in making the growth of the business sustainable.

Sales by Department

Growth Plan KPI may include Sales by Department to compare department-wise growth.

Sales Same-store sales growth by Department

(Sales Current Period – Sales Previous Period) / Sales Previous Period * 100%

Same-store/ platform sales growth can be helpful in comparing month-on-month growth performance.

Growth in Revenue %

(Revenue Current Period – Revenue Previous Period) / Revenue Previous Period * 100%

Growth in overall Revenue is a performance indicator for the whole business.

Net Profit Margin

(Net Profit / Revenue) * 100%

Net Profit margin growth is the direct indicator of the profitability of a business and increasing returns.

Gross Profit Margin

(Gross Profit / Revenue) * 100%

Growth in gross profit margin means the business is earning more revenue against the variable costs.

Inventory Turnover

Cost of Goods Sold / Average Inventory

Reduction in inventory turnover means it takes less time to sell the inventory.


Net Income + Interest + Taxes + Depreciation + Amortization

Earnings Before Interest Tax Depreciation and Amortization shows the company’s real profitability once the assets have been purchased.

Average time for conversion

Total Time Spent / Number of Conversions

A longer average time for conversion means lost revenue for these number of days.

Percentage of Market Share

(Company’s Sales Revenue / Total Sales Revenue of Market) * 100%

Growth in market share indicates the future opportunities of the business

Growth Plan KPI Dashboard Reporting and Dashboard Features


We integrate Google Sheet for reporting and Google Studio for Dashboard with unlimited connector, you have selected. 


We make a Reporting structure in Google Sheet and Dashboard Road map in Google Data Studio for you. 

Quick Launch

All our your Data in one place with Reporting and KPI Dashboard for a quick overview of the marketing performance.


We develop API connectors for you to connect different platforms in one place. 

KPI Dashboards

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