e-Learning Platform Excel Financial Model

e-Learning Platform Excel Financial Model

e-Learning Platform Excel Financial Model


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The e-Learning Platform Financial model is best suited for those who have started or want to start their Online Classes Platform as a business. This model template includes 3-years financial statement reports with all related KPIs ratios and Valuation charts which have been created by assuming all company’s investors and owners financial plan needs. The excel model is fairly simple, with many of the details of revenue, taxes, and expense handled with summary inputs. The model comes with all relevant assumption cells where users can easily play around with all major assumptions related to online classes and see effects on financial statements. The model is ideal for startups as well since we also added utilization of invested funds.

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e-Learning Platform Excel Financial Model

The e-Learning Platform Excel Financial Model or Startup Online Classes Platform Excel Financial Model is best suited for those who have started or want to start their Online Classes Platform as a business. The online classes model includes three types of course packages (Premium, Standard, and Low) with different prices, along with a private tutor focusing on one student. The online classes’ financial model will help you to analyze your business, identifying drivers for profit and loss. The template also helps you to accurately calculate cash-ins and outs.

The model includes various inputs like package price, other revenue ( Ads, membership fee, and E-books), growth rate, and operating costs.

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Summary of Features & Benefits

The Financial Model for the e-learning platform contains editable real-world revenue and expense figures and comprises the following templates.


e-Learning Platform Excel Financial Model
The most important feature of the Online Classes Excels Financial Model is its input. The whole point of building input is to create a dynamic set of projections about the business. Therefore, all relevant input as online membership sees, online class hourly rate, private tutor fee, tutors’ expenses, and Cost of services, is included in the input sheet.

Revenue Analysis

e-Learning Platform Excel Financial Model

The Revenue model is based on the number of Online Students who will enroll in which packages, private tutors, and registration fee.

Monthly and Yearly P&L

e-Learning Platform Excel Financial Model
The Monthly P&L sheet for Online Classes is perfect for those who require regular reporting and details. Furthermore, the P&L contains all revenue streamlines linked with revenue analysis to ensure accurate reporting. We have made it very presentable and easy to understand.

We understand the goal of every online business is to make a profit for that; there must be a mechanism that helps business owners to determine whether they are making profits or otherwise.

The yearly P&L gives you complete insights into revenue and operating expenses. The yearly P&L also contains several graphs, assumptions, ratios, margins, net profit, earnings, cost of services, and profit after tax.

Cashflow Statement

e-Learning Platform Excel Financial Model

Fixed Asset details

e-Learning Platform Excel Financial Model
The Fixed Asset details are crucial for the E-learning business. We have included an asset table which includes furniture, equipment, computers, etc. The Sheet contains editable cells linked to income statements and cash flow.

Sensitivity Analysis

e-Learning Platform Excel Financial Model Sensitive_Analysis

Though Online Classes are risky, there is a risk of losing students or any other reason. For that, many business owners are adopting a proactive approach. Sensitivity Analysis is important for understanding the relationship between input parameters and outputs and identifying uncertainties.

NPV and Evaluation

e-Learning Platform Excel Financial Model

The sheet contains an analysis of how much your investment will be worth. The NPV and Evaluation sheet factor all revenues and costs and have taken each cash flow’s timing.

What makes this model a great buy

Relevant Assumptions

Most e-learning platform financial model comes with similar inputs to other businesses. However, it is important to understand that not every online or e-learning business revenue and other inputs are similar. However, E-learning is a different business model. For example, for our Startup Excel Financial Model For Online e-learning, we have well-considered that in the future the business website might have Google or any other Ads, and therefore, we have included separate assumption cells for it. The E-learning platform will also offer private tutors or other forms of revenue, and these inputs are also included.

Super Flexible

The Online Classes – Financial model is flexible and portrays both design and technique, and is highly adaptable in the long term.  The Excel Financial Model contains several revenue streams with three financial statements and expenses that might or may not come. All modifications and scenarios can change in any field successfully.

The Complex looks simple.

As mentioned above, we left various inputs for the user. However, the model is easy to follow for those who know about finance and those with very limited knowledge of finance.

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