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Pro Forma Statement
Of Financial Position/ Balance Sheet

When you want to present the financial projections of your business or start up in a standardized format, then you need pro forma statements. These statements are referred to as pro forma statements of financial position or sometimes, simply, balance sheets. For the finance people, these statements are very important as they forecast the financials for a specific time period, somewhere between 3 to 5 years.


Make Informed Business Decisions Based On Your
Pro Forma Statement Of Financial Position

Pro forma statement of financial position or balance sheet of a business is the most important component out of the three financial statements. It is in regards to the position of your assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity. Since these statements predict the financials of the business for 3 to 5 years, you can make informed business decisions based on your pro forma statement of financial position.

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Pro Forma Statements Made Easy By Experts!

In terms of accounting, pro forma statements work as financial statements that are based on hypothetical scenarios. You can use these statements to predict any unprecedented situations. Also, these statements are very useful for business plans. You can rely on pro forma statements for financial forecasting and can win your investors on the basis of the same.


There are exactly three pro forma statements:

Pro Forma Statement Of Income

Pro Forma Statement Of Cash Flow

Balance Sheet


Well, Apparently, They Are Just Like Your Regular Financial Statements. But When It Comes To Functionality, These Statements Are Actually Based On Hypothetical Scenarios And Not Actual Financial Results. For Example, If You Manage To Get A Loan Of $40,000 For Your Business, Then The Function Of Pro Forma Statements Will Be To Forecast The Income, Account Balance, And Cash Flow With That Loan.

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Win Investors, Lenders, And VCs With Our Expert
Pro Forma Statements

When you want to leave no stone unturned in your endeavours for convincing the investors, then pro forma statements play a very important role. Our experts can include all those financial details in these statements that will convince the investors that it is profitable for them to invest in your business. They will assist you to present to your investors how you are going to utilize their capital. Based on the most relevant financial scenarios that are of interest for the investors, we can enable you to even go higher than you estimated.

Plan Your Business’s Future Like A Pro With
Pro Forma Statements

Since the best use of pro forma statements is to create hypothetical financial situations and then link them with realistic forecasts, you can think of scaling your business. Oak Business Consultant has been helping small businesses planning their future for a long time. And guess what! All of them are at a much better and stable financial position now. We also have helped several startups with their financial forecasts. And those forecasts were accurate enough for them to achieve their financial goals.

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Financial Budgeting Versus Pro Forma Statements

Pro forma statements are sometimes confused with financial budgets. It happens because both of these financial elements are used in order to make forecasts. But there are clear differences between both financial tools. Pro forma statements work like predictions while financial budgeting is planning. However, your financial budget can be based on pro forma statements because business owners usually do the financial planning based on expert predictions.

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Pro Forma Statement of Financial
Position/Balance sheet


When you come to Oak Business Consultant, you get to access the full spectrum of pro forma statements. We offer all four types of pro forma financial statements. These four types are:

Pro Forma Statements For Annual Projections

This service is ideal for you when you want to be certain about your business’s finances for the coming year.

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Pro Forma Statements For Financing Or Investment

This service comes to play when you are willing to show your investors the progress your business is going to make in future.

Pro Forma Statements Based On Past Acquisitions

When you want to find out what would have been the finances if you had made a certain financial decision in the past, then this is the type you are looking for.

Pro Forma Statements For Risk Analysis

If you are looking to manage the risks associated with your business, then there is nothing better than to make the use of this service.

requirements for proforma statements

Our Requirements from you for Pro forma statements

The only thing that we need to get started on your pro forma statements is your sales projection covering the same period. The interesting part is that we provide professional financial modelling and business planning services as well. It means you can get your business plan created right from scratch. Or, if you already have the business plan, but there are some uncertainties there, we can give it a professional review. The same goes for your financial model. If you are unsure about it, we have the experts to review that as well. Finally, when everything is fully reviewed and ready to go, we create a state-of-the-art executive summary for you.

Fee: $200


You can find a lot of business solutions and services providers on the internet easily. But if you are looking for a service that stands out from the rest, Oak Business Consultant is the one for you. Our business solutions come with a decade-long experience and hard-earned skills. We have financial experts that also have specific expertise suitable for many small businesses. And all of this comes at a very reasonable price. The best part about our business solutions is that we can customize them as per your requirements while also being easily affordable for you. Here are a few things that really draw a line between our competitors and us.

Value For Money

The real value for money comes when the service you utilized can actually benefit you. We make sure that the service that you choose from our website, aligns with your needs perfectly. Only then we proceed with it so that you can save some extra costs and enjoy the value for money.

Result-Oriented Approach

A professional service is one that can actually produce some results. We don’t consider a project successful until we see the results ourselves. We follow a result-oriented approach and that is what sets us apart from others.

Extended Customer Support

Not every business solutions provider gives you extended customer support. What we do with our customers is we provide the complete guide and support even after we finish their project. We can also assign a trainer or a financial expert that can take care of your future queries as well.

Dedicated Teams

Although we have people in our team that can do multiple jobs and still do great, we still prefer them to be focused on one specific area. All our experts are bound to be performing the tasks that they are really experts at. This is what makes our teams dedicated and our customers get to enjoy the benefits from their expertise.

Experienced Business And Financial Consultants

Business consultancy and financial consultancy are the two things that cannot be handed over to non-experienced people. You always need someone who knows the financial industry inside out. Luckily, we have these experts ready for you. We have a proven track record in financial consultancy. Our biggest success lies in retention. We have retained not only the customers for a long time but also our employees. We believe in the value that people bring forward to work.

Incredible Work Ethic

To do the job as instructed by the client is a simple task. But to excel at your service is not always that easy. We are at that position in the Finance industry that business owners and entrepreneurs recognize us by our work ethic. We deliver not only the best consulting and business services but also the way we deliver them is worth your time and money.

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