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Save Time & Improve Performance with our Marketing KPI Dashboard

Integration with Unlimited Data Sources

$699.00  PER MONTH

How It Works

Exploring your live data feed in Google Sheets and Google Data Studio is now easier than you think. Connecting all data sources into one sheet enabling you scheduled importing of your data, providing you up to date information at fingertips.


Step 1- Connect

Connect your data sources to our Unit Metrics Analysis Dashboard

Step 2 - Build Report

Import Into Google Sheets and Google Data Studio

Step 3- KPI Dashboard

Create customized Reports and Dashboard


Data integration

Real-Time Data integration
with Google Sheets and Google Data Studio

Analyse Marketing Data

Analyse Marketing
Data in one click

Customize reporting

Customize reporting for all
Marketing and advertising Data

Scheduling exports

Scheduling exports to
keep data up to date

Customize Dashboard

Customize Dashboard with
Key Performance Indicators


manual work


efficiency through KPI

Save Time


Data integration

Reduce stress on the IT
department and Data analyst

Upload data from any advertising platform to Google Sheets and Google Data Studio

Data from over 500 marketing and advertising platforms


Data from all Marketing and advertising platform in Google sheet and Google Data Studio

Marketing KPI dashboard import data from all marketing and advertising platforms, transform data into customize reports and visualize in Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. With more than 500 connectors, Marketing KPI Dashboard will be the last Marketing performance analysis dashboard you’ll ever need. We do customer reporting as per the business requirement and provide Financial and Marketing KPI in one single Google Sheets and Google Data Studio to analyze the Business and Marketing Performance in one place.

No more Data in silos

We create a hub in Google Sheets and Google Data Studio Studio and connect multiple platforms in one customized Marketing KPI report. You don’t need to save your Marketing and Advertising data in silos. Our Marketing KPI dashboard API connector makes it fast and initiative to combine and map data across all your data sources. This enables us to provide you Customise reporting and Dashboard without any manual working of your team.

No Raw Data require

We will create customized reporting with visualization of Data. You don’t need to review Raw Data which is not understandable. At your end, you just need to review your Daily, Monthly, and Weekly reporting without any complex formulation and any query.

Interim CFO

Schedule reports in Google Sheet and Google Data Studio

Get performance alerts & recommendations when they matter most. Oak Financial analyst schedules exports to Google Sheets and Google Data Studio to make sure that the data is always up-to-date so you don’t wait until the end of the month or quarter to know how your performance is trending. With Alerts, get notified when performance is off. With Insights, see a stream of your team’s achievements and receive recommendations for improving your performance.

We will design your own dashboards

You will have your own Marketing KPI Dashboard designed and customized to your liking by our experts with in-depth business knowledge of several industries. We ensure you have every key marketing metrics and KPI’s in the report along with easy to understand charts. The charts will be made based on your information appetite and color theme to represent your company’s vision in a clear and coherent way.

Targets and Progress tracking

Set goals for specific metrics from any of our 500+ integrations or any other data you would like to integrate into Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. Track them all on one screen or visualize your progress toward them on a customized Databoard. Keep everyone focused on the metrics that matter most. Having all the important information in a single sheet and dashboard will enable you to work on important matters rather than spending time creating reports.

Features Overview

effective measures- expert CFO service

Import all of your Marketing campaign Data into one place seamlessly

Buy Marketing KPI Dashboard and Hire Oak Business Consultant to enhance and automate your regular reports with live dashboards, scorecards, and alerts, enabling you to improve your company’s performance.

Help your whole company improve performance over time with ongoing assistance from our expert team.


Online Marketing ROI

Online Marketing ROICalculate the cost and profitability of traffic sources such as Adwords, social channels, Display, Amazon advertisement, and so on.

Repeat Visitor count

How effective is your website with the audience? Analyze new users and recurring users daily, weekly, or, monthly.

First Visit Metric

Understand how people are finding your website and how engaged they are on their first visit.

Brand Awareness Metric

Track how people are hearing about your brand on social media and search engines.

Return on Marketing Investment (ROI)

Measure the ability of marketing campaigns to generate new revenue.

Incremental Sales

Demonstrate how your marketing campaigns are resulting in increased sales revenue.

Web Traffic Sources

Understand which traffic sources are driving visitors to your website.

Purchase Funnel

Understand your customer acquisition process from awareness to purchase.

Total Visits

Measure the number of users that have visited your site or page.

Customer Attrition

Measure the rate at which your company loses customers over time.

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Measure the amount of gross profit that is generated from a customer over the entire time they do business with a company.

Lifetime Value: Customer Acquisition Cost (LTV: CAC)

Measure the relationship between the lifetime value of a customer and the cost of acquiring that customer.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Measure the total amount of capital it costs to gain a new customer.

Marketing Originated Customers

Measure the total share of all customers that come directly from marketing efforts.

Average Time on Page

Measure the duration of time a viewer spends on a page.

Content Downloads

Measure the total number of pieces of content that have been downloaded.

Dormancy Rate

Measure the number of customers that are not using your product in a given time period.

Referral Traffic

Measure the volume of traffic that is directed to your site from outside sources.

Web Traffic Concentration

Measure the ratio of site visitors on a specific page, in comparison to total site visitors.

Total Cost of Marketing from Each Channel

Calculate the total cost of Marketing and advertisement for each channel daily, weekly, or Monthly.

Marketing Effectiveness %

Calculate the cost per lead acquisition and value of the campaign.

Average Lead Score

Measure the Quality of Marketing and Sales Leads

End Action Rate

Measure how effective marketing campaigns are by monitoring the last action taken by your audience.

Cost Per Lead

Measure the cost-effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Goal Completion Rate

Measure the effectiveness of Campaigns to complete their goals.


Keyword Opportunity

Analyze how you can improve your search rankings.

Keyword Click-Through Rate

Measure how often your search listings generate clicks.

SEO Traffic

How many customers are visiting your website from organic and paid search traffic?


Page views

Measure the total number of views a particular page has received.

Content Backlog

Measure the total amount of content pieces that are waiting to be pushed live.

Average Time to New Content

Measure the duration of time between the latest published piece of content and publishing a new piece.

Top Viewed Posts

Measure and monitors which pieces of content pull the most viewers.

Landing Page Performance Optimization

Optimize your landing pages to increase conversion rate, and decrease bounce rate.

Organic Search Traffic for SEO Optimization

Make sure you are getting a steady stream of unique visitors from organic search.

Link Building Metrics

How many links are directing users to or through your website?

SEO Keyword Ranking

Measure and analyze your keyword rankings to drive search traffic to your website.

Domain Authority

Determine the effectiveness of your link-building efforts by measuring the “trust” factor of your domain.

Twitter Engagement Metrics

Understand which tweets are most effective in your campaigns.

Twitter Followers Metric

Understand the effectiveness of your company’s Twitter page.

Facebook Page Like Metric

Understand the effectiveness of your company’s Facebook page.

People Talking About This on Facebook Metric

Understand how people are engaging with your page.

Facebook Engagement Metrics

Understand which posts are most effective in your campaigns.

Followers Growth KPI

Social Followers vs Target

Social Events

Monitor events on your social stream to nurture engagement and grow your audience.

Social Traffic and Conversions

The effectiveness of social media campaigns at generating website traffic and goal conversions.

YouTube Channel Subscribers

Measure the number of YouTube accounts are following your posts and are receiving your channel updates.

Facebook Ads Campaign Performance

Make sure your message is reaching the right audience by measuring your Facebook Ads campaign performance for the date range of your choice.

Facebook Ads CPM and CPP (last 7 days)

Compare cost per impressions and cost per 1000 people reached over the past 7 days from your Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Impressions and Reach (last 7 days)

Compare your Facebook Ads impressions with reach over the past 7 days.

Facebook Ads Today's Summary

Drill down into today's campaign metrics and monitor your Facebook Ads objectives.

Social Interactions

Measure the engagement levels of your social media campaigns.

Marketing KPI Reporting and Dashboard Features


We integrate Google Sheet for reporting and Google Studio for Dashboard with unlimited connector, you have selected. 


We make a Reporting structure in Google Sheet and Dashboard Road map in Google Data Studio for you. 

Quick Launch

All our your Data in one place with Reporting and KPI Dashboard for a quick overview of the marketing performance.


We develop API connectors for you to connect different platforms in one place. 

KPI Dashboards

The easiest way to build your data into a dashboard.Build any dashboard you want by integrating your model directly with Google Sheets,Google Data Studio, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Shopify, Amazon Advertisement, and more.

Our approach is simple

We take less time to get to know our clients to effectively develop a custom business plan that will meet your needs.

Team of Professional

Work directly with a senior project manager, who coordinates with Experienced Researchers, Financial Modelers, and Writers to formulate a successful application

Strategic Process

We don’t just document your ideas and plan onto paper. We research, brainstorm, and recommend the best strategies for your business.

Payment for our service

We don't charge upfront for our fees for raising money for our clients. Our team works on a success basis fee, so unless you get your money, our work is for almost free.