How It Works

Navigating your live marketing analytics data stream in Google Sheets and Google Data Studio has never been so effortless. By unifying all data sources into a single interface, we offer the convenience of scheduled data imports and serve up-to-date insights whenever needed.


Step 1- Connect

Connect your diverse data sources to our comprehensive Unit Metrics Analysis Dashboard.

Step 2 - Build Report

Seamlessly import your data into Google Sheets and Google Data Studio.

Step 3- KPI Dashboard

Craft personalized reports and dashboards, churning actionable insights from a sea of data.


Data integration

Real-Time Data integration
with Google Sheets and Google Data Studio

Analyse Marketing Data

Analyse Marketing
Data in one click

Customize reporting

Customize reporting for all
Marketing and advertising Data

Scheduling exports

Scheduling exports to
keep data up to date

Customize Dashboard

Customize Dashboard with
Key Performance Indicators


manual work


efficiency through KPI

Save Time


Data integration

Reduce stress on the IT
department and Data analyst

Upload data from any advertising platform to Google Sheets and Google Data Studio

Data from over 500 marketing and advertising platforms


Your Marketing Control Room

Import and harmonize data from any advertising platform, including over 500 marketing channels, into Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. Our Marketing KPI Dashboard pulls data from all your marketing and advertising platforms, transforming it into custom reports visualized in a user-friendly interface. As a result, you get a single, powerful dashboard to analyze both your financial metrics and marketing KPIs, guiding your business strategy in real-time.

measuring data from multiple sources
Financial Service Consulting

No-more Data Fragmentation

Say goodbye to siloed data. Our system creates a data hub in Google Sheets and Google Data Studio, integrating multiple platforms into a tailor-made Marketing KPI report. Our Marketing KPI Dashboard API connector swiftly and intuitively blends data across all your sources, delivering customized reporting and a dynamic dashboard without burdening your team.

Simplified Data Interpretation

We specialize in crafting bespoke reports complete with data visualization. Thus, raw data, which can often be overwhelming, is no longer a concern. We provide you with easy-to-digest daily, weekly, and monthly reports devoid of complicated formulas and queries.

Interim CFO

Scheduled Reports for Real-Time Decisions

Unlock timely performance alerts and recommendations when it matters most. Our team of financial analysts schedules data exports to Google Sheets and Google Data Studio, ensuring you are always on top of your marketing performance. Our system’s alerts notify you when performance deviates, while the Insights feature highlights your team’s achievements and offers suggestions for improvement.

Dashboard Design Tailored to Your Needs

Our experts design and customize your Marketing KPI Dashboard to mirror your preferences, boasting in-depth knowledge of various industries. This dashboard will display all your key marketing metrics and KPIs in easy-to-understand charts, color-coordinated to clearly represent your company’s vision.

automate data transfer
Business Solution to achieve goals

Target Setting and Progress Tracking

Set goals for specific metrics from any of our 500+ integrations or any other data you want to track in Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. Monitor all of them on one screen or visualize your progress towards them on a customized Databoard. This unified approach keeps everyone focused on the metrics that matter most and frees up time otherwise spent creating reports.

Features Overview

effective measures- expert CFO service

Import all of your Marketing campaign Data into one place seamlessly

Engage Oak Business Consultant to automate and enhance your regular reports with live dashboards, scorecards, and alerts. This will help your company improve performance over time with ongoing guidance from our expert team.


Online Marketing Return on Investment

ROI = (Gains from Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment x 100%

Our Marketing Dashboard equips you with a comprehensive understanding of your online marketing ROI. With this, you can calculate the profitability and costs associated with various traffic sources, including Google Ads, Social Media platforms, Amazon advertisements, and more.

Repeat Visitor Count

Repeat Visitor Count = Total number of repeat visitors / Total number of all visitors x 100%

Assess the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns through the lens of our dashboard. It lets you analyze the daily, weekly, or monthly count of new users and recurring website visitors, thereby gauging your audience’s engagement rate.

First Visit Metric

First Visit Engagement Score = Total time spent by first-time visitors / Number of first-time visitors

With our Google Analytics integration, understand how people are discovering your website and gauge their engagement level during their initial visit. This valuable insight can help shape more effective marketing strategies.

Brand Awareness Metric

Brand Awareness = (Number of individuals aware of your brand / Total target market) x 100%

Monitor your brand’s online presence on various platforms. The dashboard’s brand awareness metric tracks how people are learning about your brand on social media and search engines, helping you capitalize on popular channels.

Return on Marketing Investment (ROI)

ROMI = (Net Revenue from Marketing Campaign – Cost of Marketing Campaign) / Cost of Marketing Campaign x 100%

Elevate your decision-making process by measuring the ability of your marketing campaigns to generate new revenue. With the help of our Marketing KPI Dashboard, you can assess your return on investment and make data-driven decisions to boost your marketing efforts.


Incremental Sales

Incremental Sales = Total Sales (Post-Campaign) – Total Sales (Pre-Campaign)

Evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns with our incremental sales feature. This feature demonstrates how your marketing strategies are boosting sales revenue over time.

Web Traffic Sources

Traffic Source Percentage = (Visits from a specific source / Total visits) x 100%

Gain broad-spectrum insights into the sources driving traffic to your website. The Marketing KPI Dashboard helps you understand these sources, guiding your focus toward the most effective channels for your business.

Purchase Funnel

Conversion Rate = (Number of conversions / Number of total lead contacts) x 100%

Our dashboard offers a comprehensive view of your conversion funnel, from awareness to purchase. This can help you understand your customer acquisition process in depth, allowing you to refine your marketing strategies for maximum results.

conversion funnel

Conversion Funnel Metrics

Get a visual representation of your conversion funnel, enabling you to see where potential customers drop off and where your marketing strategies are most effective.

Total Visits

With our dashboard, you can easily measure the total number of visitors on your site or any specific page. This feature lets you identify your most engaging content, helping you create more of what works.

Customer Attrition

Customer Attrition Rate = (Number of customers at the start of period – Number of customers at the end of period) / Number of customers at the start of period x 100%

The Marketing KPI Dashboard allows you to measure the customer churn rate over time. Understanding your customer attrition rate can help you strategize retaining existing customers while attracting new ones.


LTV = (Average purchase value x Average purchase frequency rate x Average customer lifespan)

Measure the gross profit generated by a customer over the entire time they do business with a company.

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) & Acquisition Cost (CAC)

With our dashboard, you can measure the gross profit generated from a customer throughout their lifetime relationship with your business (LTV) and the cost of acquiring that customer (CAC). Furthermore, it allows you to analyze the relationship between LTV and CAC, thereby providing key metrics to guide your marketing decisions.

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) & Acquisition Cost (CAC)

CAC = (Total marketing + sales expenses) / Number of new customers acquired

Measure the total amount of capital it costs to gain a new customer.

Marketing Originated Customers

Marketing Originated Customers = (Customers originating from marketing / Total new customers) x 100%

Keep track of the percentage of your customers who have been acquired directly through your marketing efforts. This feature can help you understand the effectiveness of your marketing team and strategies.

Average Time on Page

Average Time on Page = Total duration of all visits / Total number of visits

Monitor the average duration a viewer spends on a particular page, a critical metric to gain valuable insights into audience engagement and content performance.

Content Downloads

Measure the total number of pieces of content that have been downloaded.

Dormancy Rate

Dormancy Rate = (Number of inactive customers / Total customers) x 100%

Measure your customer dormancy rate with our comprehensive Marketing Dashboard. These insights can help you strategize more effective re-engagement campaigns.

Referral Traffic

Measure the volume of traffic that is directed to your site from outside sources.

Web Traffic Concentration

Web Traffic Concentration = (Visits on a specific page / Total site visits) x 100%

Our dashboard lets you measure the ratio of visitors on a specific page in comparison to total site visitors.

Total Marketing Cost from Each Channel

Calculate the total cost of Marketing and advertisement for each channel daily, weekly, or Monthly. This metric can guide your marketing spending decisions.

Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing Effectiveness = (Number of desired outcomes achieved / Total campaigns) x 100%

Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of your campaigns and the value they bring with our Marketing Effectiveness Percentage metric. It calculates the cost per lead acquisition, helping you optimize your marketing costs.

Average Lead Score

Average Lead Score = Total of all lead scores / Number of leads

Our digital marketing reporting dashboard enables you to measure the quality of marketing and sales leads. You can focus your efforts on the most promising prospects by assessing the lead score giving you a better understanding of your pool of qualified leads.

End Action Rate

End Action Rate = (Number of completed desired actions / Number of total users) x 100%

Track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by monitoring the final actions taken by your audience. This critical metric helps in adjusting your marketing activities based on customer behavior.

Cost per Lead

Cost per Lead = Total cost of campaign / Total number of leads generated

Determine the cost-effectiveness of your marketing strategies with our ‘Cost per Lead’ feature. It allows you to measure the total expenditure involved in acquiring a new lead, providing a clear view of your return on investment.

Goal Completion Rate

Goal Completion Rate = (Number of completed goals / Number of total goals) x 100%

Measure the success of your campaigns in achieving their set marketing goals. This performance metric can guide your marketing strategies, ensuring they align with your business objectives and drive conversions.


Keyword Opportunity

Leverage our SEO dashboards to analyze and seize potential improvements in your search rankings. Identifying these opportunities is key to driving organic traffic to your site and making informed decisions about your online marketing activities.

Keyword Click-through Rate

Our dashboard allows you to measure how often your search listings result in clicks, a crucial metric for SEO performance.

SEO Traffic

With our analytics platform, you can identify how many visitors are landing on your website from both organic and paid search traffic.


Page Views

Monitor the total views a specific page on your website has received with our analytics dashboard. This gives you a real-time data representation of your most engaging content.

Content Backlog

Measure the total amount of content pieces that are waiting to be pushed live.

Average Time to New Content

Measure the duration of time between the latest published piece of content and publishing a new piece.

Top Viewed Posts

Our dashboard helps you identify and monitor your most viewed content, providing crucial insights into your content strategy.

Landing Page Performance Optimization

Our Digital Marketing Dashboard aids in optimizing your landing pages to increase conversion rates and reduce bounce rates.

Organic Search Traffic for SEO Optimization

Ensure you’re consistently driving unique visitors from organic search with our SEO dashboards.

Link Building Metrics

Stay informed about the number of links directing users to or through your website.

SEO Keyword Ranking

Measure and analyze your keyword rankings to drive search traffic to your website.

Domain Authority

Determine the effectiveness of your link-building efforts by measuring the “trust” factor of your domain.

Twitter Engagement Metrics

Understand which tweets are most effective in your campaigns.

Twitter Followers Metric

Understand the effectiveness of your company’s Twitter page.

Facebook Page Like Metric

Evaluate your Facebook page’s effectiveness through the number of page likes

People Talking About This on Facebook Metric

Understand how people are engaging with your page.

Facebook Engagement Metrics

Understand which posts are most effective in your campaigns.

Followers Growth KPI

Social Followers vs Target

Social Events

Monitor social events on your platforms to nurture engagement and grow your audience.


Social Traffic and Conversions

 Measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns in generating website traffic and achieving goal conversions.

YouTube Channel Subscribers

Track the number of YouTube accounts following your posts and receiving your channel updates.

Facebook Ads Campaign Performance

Make sure your message is reaching the right audience by measuring your Facebook Ads campaign performance for the date range of your choice.

Facebook Ads CPM and CPP (last 7 days)

Compare cost per impressions and cost per 1000 people reached over the past 7 days from your Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Impressions and Reach (last 7 days)

Compare your Facebook Ads impressions with reach over the past 7 days.

Facebook Ads Today's Summary

Drill down into today’s campaign metrics and monitor your Facebook Ads objectives.

Social Interactions

Evaluate the engagement levels of your social media campaigns, helping you optimize your strategies and achieve your marketing objectives.

Marketing KPI Reporting and Dashboard Features: Empowering your Marketing Efforts


We seamlessly integrate Google Sheets for reporting and Google Studio for dashboard visualization with unlimited connectors of your choice.


We assist in structuring your Reporting in Google Sheets and formulating a Dashboard roadmap in Google Data Studio.

Quick Launch

Get a quick overview of your marketing performance with all your data in one place, complete with Reporting and a KPI Dashboard.


Our team develops API connectors to unify different platforms in one place, providing you with a comprehensive marketing report and regular email marketing campaign updates.

KPI Dashboards

Enjoy customization options, loading speed optimization, and real-time updates, all designed to provide you with actionable marketing dashboard insights. Whether it’s tracking sales-ready leads, average conversion time, or churn rate, our platform provides a 360-degree view that helps you measure a wide range of key metrics for your business.

By offering real-time data, our analytics dashboards support your business in making informed business decisions, tracking progress over time, and optimizing online marketing activities. Our aim is to empower your marketing team and department to meet and exceed their goals, aligning marketing strategies with overall business objectives.

Our approach is simple

We take less time to get to know our clients to effectively develop a custom business plan that will meet your needs.

Team of Professional

Work directly with a senior project manager, who coordinates with Experienced Researchers, Financial Modelers, and Writers to formulate a successful application

Strategic Process

We don’t just document your ideas and plan onto paper. We research, brainstorm, and recommend the best strategies for your business.

Payment for our service

We don't charge upfront for our fees for raising money for our clients. Our team works on a success basis fee, so unless you get your money, our work is for almost free.

Repeat Visitor Count = Total number of repeat visitors / Total number of all visitors x 100%

Assess the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns through the lens of our dashboard. It lets you analyze the daily, weekly, or monthly count of new users and recurring website visitors, thereby gauging your audience’s engagement rate.