Revolutionize Your Business Intelligence with Oak Model Build and Dashboard

Harness the power of Oak’s Model Build and Dashboard to transform complex data into strategic goals for your business. Experience the luxury of having a single, comprehensive, interactive dashboard that centralizes all your key performance indicators (KPIs) from diverse platforms like Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Shopify, Amazon Advertisement, and more.

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Experience a Stunning Dashboard with Key Metrics

Don’t let the abundance of data from multiple platforms cause confusion or delay in your informed decisions. Instead, turn it into your strength by integrating your business models directly into a visually appealing and efficient dashboard that aligns with your business objectives and drives product success.

Our Model build and  Dashboard is your tool to amalgamate different metrics, including:

And many more. Craft a stunning dashboard that organizes and streamlines your data, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that align with your business goals.


Gather Requirements from Client

We begin by understanding your business objectives and requirements to ensure we provide the best service. We evaluate your preferred websites and the key metrics you need for your dashboard. Based on your unique needs, we assist you in building a tailored dashboard that enhances your business performance.

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Merging Data from Multiple Sources

Transitioning between marketing platforms for reporting can be strenuous. With our Model build and Dashboard, you can easily import data from various sources, including Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Hub Spot, and more, merging them all into one single location. This efficient consolidation provides valuable insights and facilitates quicker decision-making.

Automate Data Transfers

Free yourself from the arduous task of gathering and compiling data. Our Model build and Dashboard allow automated updates, enabling you to save time and focus on interpreting the data. This way, you get the right insights and the ability to act upon them swiftly.

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Leverage the Power of Data Source Connectors with Oak Model and Dashboard

Oak Model and Dashboard provide you with an array of robust connectors to enhance your data interpretation capabilities across different time frames. Each connector aggregates data from different platforms and provides a comprehensive, quantifiable measure of performance. By incorporating data from each, you gain enriched insights into your business performance.


Inject the power of the Amazon connector into your dashboard for seamless data synchronization from your Amazon account. The convenience lies in the effortless transfer of all reports and data generated through Amazon, freeing you from any manual data-importing chores.


Say goodbye to tedious data gathering. Enjoy quick data synchronization from your Facebook account, giving you instant access to crucial social media marketing metrics on your dashboard. It’s all about getting the bigger picture without getting lost in different tabs.

Google Analytics

Consolidates your analytics data in one place. Eliminate the need for sampling and unlock the full potential of your data. With Oak Model and Dashboard, generate comprehensive reports from your Google Analytics accounts to understand your business’s online performance.



Direct all your Bing Ads data to your dashboard effortlessly. You can integrate data from various marketing channels and advertising platforms by building your dashboard with us. Choose the KPIs that matter most to you and review your ad performance without constantly switching platforms.

Affiliate Networks

Regardless of your third-party affiliate networks, you can integrate them into your dashboard for better data accessibility. This integration allows for an easier comparison of diverse marketing KPIs, enhancing your comprehension of the efficacy of your marketing strategies.


Embrace the benefits of the Shopify connector in your dashboard for real-time access to your e-commerce data. From sales reports to customer insights, everything from your Shopify account will be neatly organized in your dashboard, facilitating informed decision-making based on financial performance data.

Why Choose Oak Model and Dashboard?

Oak Model Build and Dashboard offer more than just a data tool; it is your business’s companion, committed to transforming complexity into simplicity, unstructured data into valuable insights, and strategic plans into reality to help you achieve your strategic goals.


When you trust Oak’s Model and Dashboard, you form secure connections with some of the industry’s top platforms. Enjoy the flexibility of swift modifications to your dashboard, ensuring real-time, reliable results tailored to your evolving business needs.

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Speedy and User-Friendly

Navigating through Oak’s Model and Dashboard is a breeze. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward processes turn your daunting data tasks into smooth, enjoyable experiences.

Automated Update

One of our standout features is the automated updates. This saves time and ensures you are always working with the most recent and relevant data, allowing for timely insights and actions.

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Your data, your control. Our system ensures that your data isn’t tempered and allows you to decide the data that enters your dashboard. We guarantee absolute data transparency and privacy, leaving no room for interference.


Our dashboard’s structure is a blend of simplicity, flexibility, and intuitiveness. We take pride in its easy-to-navigate design that offers seamless operations without any complications.

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Quality Connectors

Avoid the clutter of unnecessary connectors. At Oak, we provide a selective range of powerful and efficient connectors that truly make a difference in your data consolidation and interpretation process.

Uncompromised Data Integrity

We respect your data. Any information you transfer to your Dashboard remains exactly as it is – authentic and clean. With us, there is no compromise on data integrity, giving you full confidence to analyze, infer, and act upon the data you see.

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Seamless Integration with Amazon, Google Sheets, and Google Data Studio

In partnership with Amazon and Google, Oak’s Model Dashboard offers seamless integration of all analytics data from these platforms, which are updated on a monthly basis or at your set frequency. No need for constant importing, converting, sorting, or compiling new data for reports. Simply open your dashboard to access up-to-date information and a clear visual representation of your metrics in the form of pie charts, bar charts, and more.

Leverage these features and gain actionable insights into key indicators like average revenue, customer acquisition cost, product KPIs, customer retention rate, and more. Monitor active users, assess user experience over different time periods, evaluate product management metrics, and optimize marketing efforts.

In conclusion, Oak’s Model Dashboard is the ultimate tool for businesses seeking to simplify their data analysis process and effectively measure their marketing costs and efforts. It is more than just a reporting tool; it is your key to unlocking valuable insights into your business’s performance and driving it toward the achievement of organizational goals. Embrace this new era of business intelligence and lead your product team to success with informed data-driven decisions.

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