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Model Build and Dashboard

Model Build and Dashboard

The easiest way to build your data into a dashboard.
Build any dashboard you want by integrating your model directly with Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Shopify, Amazon Advertisement, and more.

Prove Value with Your Dashboard

Your Business will be in one Dashboard as a Performance Indicator.

Integrated Google Sheets Model happen to be the ideal way to quickly get your numbers in and get a clear picture of your business.

Financials Metrics

Marketing KPI

Growth Plan

Cash Management

Inventory Management

Sales Performance KPI

Break Even Analysis

Unit Metrics Analysis

Now! You can create your very own Dashboard with few simple clicks. The data will be directly linked to source websites like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Shopify, and Amazon Advertisement.

Model Build and Dashboard is here to offer you a way to create a dashboard that can give insight into all of your marketing KPIs, financial metrics, cash management, growth plan, inventory management, sales performance KPI, and much more. It’s easy to make use and will get all your data organized at one location.


Gather Requirements from Client

Creating your Model Build and Dashboard requires the collection of all the right details. Here, we will ask you information, like which website you use and KPIs you need, which will help us to offer you the best possible service at our end. Depending on your needs, we will help you build an efficient dashboard for your business.

Blend Data from Different Sources

Shifting to different marketing platforms can be highly exhausting, as they all offer you different results in terms of reporting. Having all of that data under one roof will offer you better comparisons and quicker decision-making.

Use Model Build and Dashboard to easily import data from various sources and blend them at one spot.

Get data from Facebook Ads, Hub Spot, Google Analytics, and many others. We make sure that you avail of all the relevant marketing KPIs in a single Dashboard.

The great thing about this is that you will find metrics that perhaps aren’t even available on other platforms. This will be achieved by comparing data gathered from different platforms and combining it to get a better overall picture.

Automate Data Transfers

A lot of time is lost in trying to gather data and compiling it all together. No matter why you’re collecting the data, your analysis and decision-making time cuts short by using our Dashboard. Wouldn’t you want to use a platform that would offer your quick results?

Model Build and Dashboard allows you to make automated updates to your data. It’s quick and reliable. No more need to jump around different platforms to get all your data in one place. It’s easier and automated. The dashboard you create will offer you the right insights as to what’s working for your business or not, and you will quickly be able to make the relevant changes.


Make Use of Data Source Connectors

Model Build and dashboard offers you a series of connectors that you can work with. By incorporating data from each of them, you will get more insight into your business performance. 


Avail of the benefits of adding an Amazon connector to your dashboard and enjoy the quick synchronization of data from your Amazon account. All the reports and data generated through Amazon will easily be transferred to your dashboard without having to do much. 


Get all your Facebook Ads data to your Google Sheets. All you have to do is build your dashboard to accumulate data from all your advertising and marketing platforms. Make use of the KPIs that you require and assess your Facebook Ads easily without switching through different platforms. 


Add all of your Shopify data to your Google Sheets. Build your dashboard using your Shopify sales data and go about creating cross-channel reports. Make use of custom fields to get the most of your Shopify data. Use various KPI metrics for better comparisons of your campaigns, products, and more. 

Google Analytics

Aggregate your Google Analytics data at one location. Get all of your unsampled data to make use of it in the best possible way. No longer do you need to sample as it doesn't make things any easier. Use Model Build and Dashboard to create one report through your Google Analytics accounts and enjoy your business's detailed insights.


Get all your Facebook Ads data to your Google Sheets. All you have to do is build your dashboard to accumulate data from all your advertising and marketing platforms. Make use of the KPIs that you require and assess your Facebook Ads easily without switching through different platforms. 

Affiliate Networks

No matter what third-party affiliate networks you might have, you can add them to your dashboard to have better access to all of your data. You get to make easier comparisons of different marketing KPIs through this, leading to a better understanding of how effective your marketing plans are. 

Why Choose Oak Model and Dashboard?

Oak’s Model Build and Dashboard is set to give you a structured and solid platform through which you make the best use of your data.


Once you create your dashboard, you will be able to build strong connectors with some of the best platforms. Plus, you can make swift changes in your dashboard, which will always offer you reliable results.

Fast and Simple

Model Build and Dashboard is free from any complexities. Everything you will do to build your dashboard will be clear from scratch.

Automated Update

The best thing about creating a dashboard here is to avail of the automated updates it offers you. This makes it quick to administer and work out the results.


All of the data coming in is going to be based on what you want. Our system ensures that your data isn’t tampered with, and you get to use the dashboard without any interference from others.


We pride ourselves on the structure of our dashboard. It is simple, flexible, and easy to understand. There are no possible complications when it comes to its use.

Connector Quality

No one needs too many connectors to get your data. What you need are some of the best ones that can make all the difference. Make use of the strong and viable connectors that we have to offer you instead of having to skim through hundreds of those that won’t offer the same results.  

Data Integrity

There’s no messing with the data that you wish to transfer to your dashboard on our behalf. The cells, names, figures, and everything else remains the same as get them through to the Model Build and Dashboard. Avoid sampling, and make use of clean data.

Integration with Amazon and Google

Our Model Build and Dashboard is in partnership with Amazon and Google. All the analytics data from both these platforms will be seamlessly integrated with your dashboard and it will be updated automatically as per your set frequency of updates.

This will allow you to simply open the dashboard file and the data you see will be up to date showing you current amounts. You don’t have to import / convert / sort / and compile new data every time you need new report.