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Exploring your live data feed in Google Sheets and Google Data Studio is now easier than you think. Connecting all data sources into one sheet enabling you scheduled importing of your data, providing you up to date information at fingertips.


Step 1- Connect

Connect your data sources to our Unit Metrics Analysis Dashboard

Step 2 - Build Report

Import Into Google Sheets and Google Data Studio

Step 3- KPI Dashboard

Create customized Reports and Dashboard


Data integration

Real-Time Data integration
with Google Sheets and Google Data Studio

Analyse Marketing Data

Analyse Marketing
Data in one click

Customize reporting

Customize reporting for all
Marketing and advertising Data

Scheduling exports

Scheduling exports to
keep data up to date

Customize Dashboard

Customize Dashboard with
Key Performance Indicators


manual work


efficiency through KPI

Save Time


Data integration

Reduce stress on the IT
department and Data analyst

Upload data from different platform to Google Sheets and Google Data Studio

Data from over 500 marketing and advertising platforms


Data from all Sources in Google sheet and Google Data Studio

Sales Performance KPI Dashboard import data from diffrent platforms, transform data into customize reports and visualize in Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. With more than 500 connectors, Sales Performance KPI Dashboard will be the last performance analysis dashboard you’ll ever need. We do customer reporting as per the business requirement and provide Financial and Sales Performance KPI Dashboard in one single Google Sheets and Google Data Studio to analyze the Business and Sales Performance KPI Dashboard in one place.

No more Data in silos

We create a hub in Google Sheets and Google Data Studio Studio and connect multiple platforms in one customized Sales Performance KPI Dashboard report. You don’t need to save your Marketing and Advertising data in silos. Our Sales Performance KPI Dashboard API connector makes it fast and initiative to combine and map data across all your data sources. This enables us to provide you Customise reporting and Dashboard without any manual working of your team.

No Raw Data require

We will create customized reporting with visualization of Data. You don’t need to review Raw Data which is not understandable. At your end, you just need to review your Daily, Monthly, and Weekly reporting without any complex formulation and any query.

Interim CFO

Schedule reports in Google Sheet and Google Data Studio

Get performance alerts & recommendations when they matter most. Oak Financial analyst schedules exports to Google Sheets and Google Data Studio to make sure that the data is always up-to-date so you don’t wait until the end of the month or quarter to know how your performance is trending. With Alerts, get notified when performance is off. With Insights, see a stream of your team’s achievements and receive recommendations for improving your performance.

We will design your own dashboards

You will have your own Sales Performance KPI Dashboard designed and customized to your liking by our experts with in-depth business knowledge of several industries. We ensure you have every key Sales Performance KPI Dashboard in the report along with easy to understand charts. The charts will be made based on your information appetite and color theme to represent your company’s vision in a clear and coherent way.

Targets and Progress tracking

Set goals for Sales Performance KPI Dashboard from any of our 500+ integrations or any other data you would like to integrate into Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. Track them all on one screen or visualize your progress toward them on a customized Databoard. Keep everyone focused on the metrics that matter most. Having all the important information in a single sheet and dashboard will enable you to work on important matters rather than spending time creating reports.

Features Overview

effective measures- expert CFO service

Import all of your Data into one place seamlessly

Buy Sales Performance KPI Dashboard and Hire Oak Business Consultant to enhance and automate your regular reports with live dashboards, scorecards, and alerts, enabling you to improve your company’s performance.

Help your whole company improve performance over time with ongoing assistance from our expert team.

Sales Performance KPI Dashboard Includes

Monthly Sales Growth

The sales KPI measures the increase or decrease in your sales revenue monthly. It helps in setting attainable sales goals and monthly monitoring.

Average Profit Margin

Profit margin measures the extent to which a business or a company activity generates money, essentially by dividing income by revenues. It is expressed as a percentage and helps the sales team assess the profit margins across their suite.

Customer Participation

This KPI measures the percent of customers who participate in loyalty programs, as a percent of all customers. The KPI will help businesses identify customer engagement levels and tailor loyalty programs to attract more customers to participate in it and ultimately increase customer loyalty ratios.
Total number of customers participating in loyalty programs / Total number of customers x 100
KPI Unit: %
KPI Time Frame: update quarterly or yearly

Customer Retention

The KPI is an indicator for measuring the customer retention rate. It covers the company's ability to retain customers

Formula - . This is calculated by dividing the total number of customers retained, by the total number of customers, over a given time period. Loyalty and Retention KPIs.
Total number of retained customers / Total number of customers x 100

KPI Unit: % KPI Time Frame: update annually

Customer Price Elasticity

The Customer Price Elasticity KPI measures the price elasticity of loyal customers. In simple words, it identifies the loyal customers’ likability to buy your products that have increased in price and their overall behaviour when a price rises.
Total number of loyal customers that purchased products with increases price/ Total number of loyal customers x 100
KPI Unit: %
KPI Time Frame: update quarterly or yearly

Funnel Drop-Off

The KPI is an indicator for measuring the funnel drop – off rate. In simple words, it measures the number of customers that dropped –off the company’s promotion/engagement funnel.
Total number of funnel drop-offs / Total number of customers engaged in the funnel x 100
KPI Unit: %
KPI Time Frame: update quarterly or annually

Repeat Purchase Ratio

RPR (repeat purchase ratio) is the percentage of customers that have returned to buy services or product from your business again. This KPI metric is a great indicator of customer loyalty.
Formula Repeat Purchase Ratio = Number of Returning Customers / Number of Total Customers

Product Return Rate

The KPI applies specifically to companies that sell tangible products. This KPI measures your product return rate.

Formula - Product Return Rate = Number of Units Sold That Were Later Returned / Total Number of Units Sold.

Net Promoter Score

The KPI is very useful for allowing companies to measure product development easily and provides a score on how well the customers respond.

Formula - Net Promoter Score = % of Promoters - % of Detractors

Customer Churn

Customer Churn Rate KPI helps to measure client drop. It provides feedback on customers’ pricing, competition and responses to service. Also provides a basis for the average period an individual remains a customer.

Formula - Annual Churn Rate = (Number of Customers at Start of Year - Number of Customers at End of Year) / Number of Customers at Start of Year

Loyal Customer Rate

The KPI refers to the number of customers who have made a repeat purchase with you within a given time range. The KPI identifies the percentage of your customer base that's demonstrated loyalty to your business.
Formula - Loyal Customer Rate = Number of Repeat Customers / Total Customers

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value (CLV) KPI measures how much revenue is generated by a single customer. The KPI helps the businesses to monitor the amount of revenue every new customer will bring into the company throughout their lifetime.

Formula - Gross margin (%) x Length of lifetime in pay periods x Revenue per subscription per pay period

Sales Performance KPI Dashboard Reporting and Dashboard Features


We integrate Google Sheet for reporting and Google Studio for Dashboard with unlimited connector, you have selected. 


We make a Reporting structure in Google Sheet and Dashboard Road map in Google Data Studio for you. 

Quick Launch

All our your Data in one place with Reporting and KPI Dashboard for a quick overview of the marketing performance.


We develop API connectors for you to connect different platforms in one place. 

KPI Dashboards

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