Ease Your Workload with Special Purpose CFO Services

Making quick and smart decisions is super important. Oak Business Consultants helps with this through our special purpose CFO services, making financial decisions easier for business owners with many projects.

Custom Project-based CFO Solutions for Your Needs

At Oak Business Consultants, we know the financial challenges of building a business. Our special purpose CFO services give you the best value for your money and are customized to meet your needs, offering great strategic planning and cash management strategies.

Get Expert Analysis for Financial Project Management

The quality of financial services greatly affects business growth. Choosing our special purpose CFO gives you access to strategic insight and expert financial operations backed by extensive experience. Our part-time CFO helps with financial decisions, aligns with your business goals, and supports strong financial planning for your future.

Our 3 Steps Towards Your Business Success

Identifying the Problem

If your business isn’t hitting its financial goals or other financial operations aren’t going well, we can help. Our experienced team can spot financial problems quickly, saving you the hassle.

Creating the Perfect Strategy

After finding the problem, we focus on making a solid financial plan. With our extensive experience in financial planning, our CFOs can handle even the toughest situations and provide strategic insight.

Delivering Successful Outcomes

Results matter. At Oak Business Consultants, we measure success by our happy clients. Our special purpose CFOs set clear goals and only move forward when they’re met, ensuring the best financial decisions for your business.

What Can Our Special Purpose CFO Do for You?

Our special purpose CFO helps your business grow with reliable insight. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, including larger companies, to ensure your financial forecasts are on point. Our experience supports your long-term goals.

Company Valuation

Assess your company’s worth with our special-purpose CFOs for critical decision-making and compliance purposes. Our expert financial guidance ensures accurate evaluations.

Expert Opinion

Get valuable insights from our CFOs for your business decisions and compliance needs. Our project-based CFO services provide the expertise you need.

Special Tasks

Handle complex financial systems smoothly with our CFOs, a non-traditional and attractive alternative. We excel in financial project management, making your operations more efficient.

Preparation of Reports

Prepare comprehensive reports with our special purpose CFOs, providing a clear view of your financial health and budget performance. Our expert financial guidance is essential for financial planning.

Voices of Victory: Client Testimonials of Triumph

Multiply Your Profits with Oak’s Financial Guidance

Hire our project-based CFO to manage your finances, budgeting, and business planning without needing a full-time hire. Save costs and multiply your profits with expert financial project management and guidance on mergers, acquisitions, and capital-raising strategies.

BASIC Most Popular$900

  • Time avaiability - 8 hours Per Month
  • Project Management - Only emails
  • Reporting - Weekly
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ADVANCEMost Popular$1500

  • Time avaiability - 12 hours Per Month
  • Project Management - Slack only
  • Customer Service - Only Monday
  • Implementation of software - Partial
  • Reporting - Weekly
  • Due diligence prep and management

frequently asked question

A special purpose CFO is an expert who helps manage your company’s finances, budgeting, and planning on a part-time basis. They provide expert financial guidance and focus on financial project management.

They handle financial tasks, give advice on strategic decisions, and help with special projects, saving you money and boosting profits.

We handle financial tasks, give advice on strategic decisions, and help with special projects. Our project-based CFO service saves you money and boosts profits.

We have experienced CFOs who provide valuable insights and expert analysis, helping your business grow and succeed. Our project-based CFOs specialize in financial project management.

Yes, they have the expertise to handle mergers, acquisitions, and capital-raising strategies. Our project-based CFOs position your business for growth.

You only pay for the services you need, avoiding the high costs of a full-time CFO while still getting expert financial management and guidance.

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