Elevate Your Business Performance with our Proficient Virtual CFO Services

As a business owner, you must have heard about Virtual Assistants. It is also possible that you have rendered some services of a VA. Just like that, we present you with a great opportunity to now hire a VA who is actually much more than just a virtual assistant. We call it Virtual CFO. That’s right! This service is a perfect hybrid of a VA and a traditional CFO. You can enjoy the benefits of having virtual services as well as the experience and expertise of a CFO with OAK Business Consultant’s Virtual CFO.

Interim CFO

The Role of Our Expert Virtual CFO in Your Success Story

Our expert Virtual CFO provides a strategic hand in managing your financial matters, drawing on vast industry experience to aid top management in crafting strategic financial plans and making sound business decisions. This financial executive and a dedicated team of accounting professionals work remotely, fine-tuning your financial systems, creating financial statements, and ensuring the smooth flow of your business’s financial activities.

Financial Service Consulting

Working With Us: What We Need From You?

Our expert Virtual CFO only requires from you a robust communication infrastructure that allows efficient interaction with your team. You can then relinquish your financial worries and focus on achieving your business goals while our seasoned virtual CFO expert takes care of your financial strategy.

Transform Your Business Today with Our Virtual CFO Services

Are you grappling with the intricate financial activities of your business? Empower your venture today with our Virtual CFO and chart a path toward your financial goals. 

Our Virtual CFO simplifies several business processes, facilitating:

  • Business Goals Setting
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Time Management
  • Risk Analysis for New Ventures
  • Generation of Financial Statements
  • Gauging Business Growth
Tax Filling Process

Why Would You Use A Virtual CFO?

A virtual CFO is your answer when your business requires additional expertise for financial insight and strategic planning. Your current CFO or finance team may encounter situations that require an outside perspective. Our Virtual CFO steps in during such times, offering fresh and actionable insights to resolve financial decision issues smoothly.


Insightful Assessment

Every now and then, your business requires a critical evaluation by a financial expert. Our Virtual CFOs at OAK Business Consultant are primed to offer this service. Whether you need an outsider’s perspective on specific issues or an in-depth analysis of your company’s finances, we’ve got you covered.

Expertise in Negotiations

Many businesses thrive on strategic negotiations and effective communication. We provide proficient individuals who can assist you in these negotiations, ensuring all your interactions with stakeholders, customers, suppliers, or other parties are handled professionally.

Comprehensive Financial Analysis

Our virtual CFO can serve as a vital asset for financial analysis. By leveraging the skills and expertise of our seasoned financial analysts, your business mitigates risks and promotes financial health.

Business Restructuring

In the event that your business requires restructuring, our Virtual CFO is equipped to guide you through the process. They can restructure your business to manage future growth and industry trends effectively.

Effective Cash Flow Management

Should your existing accounting or finance team be engaged in a project that limits their ability to manage cash flow – an essential aspect of your business – you can rely on our Virtual CFO.

Business Plan Creation

Creating a comprehensive business plan demands significant experience and expertise. Our business experts have aided countless business owners in creating and refining highly efficient business plans, positioning your business for strategic decision-making and future growth.

Bookkeeping Supervision

One of the advantages of engaging our Virtual CFO is the support you receive for daily financial tasks like bookkeeping. While not overly complex, untimely bookkeeping can lead to confusion and inefficiency. A Virtual CFO can supervise bookkeeping, mitigating potential complications.

Governance Cooperation

With a virtual CFO, you maintain an optimal balance on the governance front. Our experts can cooperate with your company’s governance without any issues, thus promoting financial condition stability.

Prepare Financial Guidelines

Our Virtual CFOs at OAK Business Consultant can also prepare financial guidelines to guide your long-term financial planning.


Accumulating Complexities

There are instances where businesses become extremely complicated due to the introduction of new software, equipment, process manuals, financial guidelines, and changes in government policies. In such situations, the guidance of a Virtual CFO is invaluable.

Unfavourable Financials

Every business experiences a period of unfavorable financials. During such phases, you need solutions that can steer your business back toward profitability. Our Virtual CFO services can help you navigate through these financial challenges.

Rapid Growth

Rapid growth can throw your finances into chaos if not well-managed. Our Virtual CFO mitigates key risks and ensures accurate financial reporting, allowing you to focus on maintaining your upward trajectory.

Additional Benefits Of Our Virtual CFO Services

Supporting Startups and Small Businesses in Their Growth Journey

Whether you’re an ambitious tech startup or a burgeoning online small business, every entrepreneur aspires to upscale their venture. However, transforming this aspiration into reality is not as simple as it sounds. Acknowledging the complexities involved in scaling a business, we, with our extensive financial expertise and industry knowledge, have enabled countless businesses to achieve significant growth. We take pride in our track record of steering businesses toward their expansion goals within stipulated timelines. With a decade-long presence in the financial industry, we possess a wealth of practical experience, which we consistently bring to the table for our esteemed clients.

Bespoke Financial Management Programs

Finance management is a task that necessitates a tailor-made approach. Each business operates under its unique set of rules, and financial processes can go awry when these rules aren’t properly addressed. That’s why we present you with 100% customizable financial management services. We create custom packages aligning with your specific requirements, understanding small businesses’ challenges when opting for off-the-shelf services.

Take Control of Payroll Management with Our Virtual CFO

OAK Business Consultant offers you the ultimate solution to your company’s payroll management. With our virtual CFO services, you can now receive precise information on how your payroll is handled and expert advice for future improvement. Our virtual CFO works hand-in-hand with your human resource department, ensuring a streamlined and error-free payroll process.

Simplify Sales Tax Compliance with Our Virtual CFO

Sales tax compliance can be quite stringent in several countries, including the USA, Canada, and European nations. This makes it crucial for businesses to handle their taxes diligently. Tax compliance is also a significant contributor to the overall economy. Our virtual CFO steps in to ease this process, right from basic bookkeeping services to recording essential financial details with zero errors. Our financial professionals simplify tax compliance, turning it into a worry-free task for your business.

In all, our Virtual CFO acts as a strategic partner, monitoring industry trends, preparing financial reports, guiding strategic decision-making, analyzing your balance sheet, and reviewing the overall financial health of your business. Our experts aid in financial planning and provide insights into your business’s financial condition, paving the way for future growth.


Outsourcing CFO services to OAK Business Consultants provides you with affordable, highly professional, and structured finance expertise. We deliver worry-free financial management, secure data backup, and the opportunity for real-time feedback and improvement. Our Virtual CFO provides expert financial forecasting, assists in establishing a robust financial model, and serves as a valuable business advisor, all aligned toward your financial success.

Financial management- CFO Services

Worry-free Financial Management

Are you tired of running after the accountants as the month reaches to the end? If yes, then you may be in need of a professional outsourced CFO service. Where you don’t have to worry about a single task that is related to finance. From day to day book keeping to generating accurate and meticulous financial reports, your finances are well taken care of.

Unified Data with secure Backup

Once you choose to outsource your CFO service to us, all your important financial data is super safe and secure. You also choose your finances to be managed well in time and in an organized manner. We keep every important detail in one place so you never have to miss out anything critical. Not only that, you also get a relief of secure backup with our CFO services. Any time of the year when you need to see all the history, you get it in no time.

secure backup-free business sustainable template
effective measures- expert CFO service

Spontaneous Feedback Corrective Measures

Let’s say you are not very satisfied with the service we provide, which has never happened to date, but let’s assume the worst-case scenario. In that case, since you are subscribed to a highly professional service, you can always consider giving us your valuable feedback for the service. And before you even think about anything else, our representative will come in contact with you and resolve all your problems with the required corrective measures.

BASIC Most Popular$900

  • Time avaiability - 8 hours Per Month
  • Project Management - Only emails
  • Reporting - Weekly
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ADVANCEMost Popular$1500

  • Time avaiability - 12 hours Per Month
  • Project Management - Slack only
  • Customer Service - Only Monday
  • Implementation of software - Partial
  • Reporting - Weekly
  • Due diligence prep and management
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