As a business owner, you must have heard about Virtual Assistants. It is also possible that you have rendered some services of a VA. Just like that, we present you with a great opportunity to now hire a VA who is actually much more than just a virtual assistant. We call it Virtual CFO. That’s right! This service is a perfect hybrid of a VA and a traditional CFO. You can enjoy the benefits of having virtual services as well as the experience and expertise of a CFO with OAK Business Consultant’s Virtual CFO.


Similar to a traditional CFO, the Virtual Chief Financial Officer oversees the finances. They also assist the higher management with strategies based on which you can make informed business decisions. These decisions can affect the overall financial health of the company. A virtual CFO will be a single person accompanied by a team. They will work remotely and make all your financial processes smooth and seamless.

What does a Virtual CFO require from YOU?

The only requirement that our Virtual CFO will have from you, as a business owner, will be of a decent infrastructure for communication with your internal team. Other than that, you can be free from all worries when it comes to hiring our experienced virtual CFO.

Hire a Virtual CFO today and Uplift your Business

Having a hard time managing the finances of your business? Hire our Virtual CFO and uplift your business starting from today.

Our Virtual CFO Make Several Business Processes Easier And Help With:

  • Setting Goals
  • Tracking Your Progress
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Time Management
  • New Venture Risk Analysis
  • Financial Reporting
  • Measuring Your Business Growth

Why Would You Use A Virtual CFO?

Whether your business needs an expert financial analyst, a problem solver, or a solution provider – Virtual CFO is the answer. Your existing CFO or finance team may be stuck with a situation that can be solved if viewed from an outer perspective. It is very common in financial situations. This is where a virtual CFO can play an important role. When you hire our Virtual CFO, it means you hire an expert who will come with a fresh approach towards your business problem and can resolve the problem without much difficulty.


Critically Assess

Sometimes your business needs to be assessed critically and by an expert. This is where OAK business consultant’s virtual CFO comes in. Whether you need our CFO to look into the problem from a third angle or you want them to assess the entire finance of the company, we have got you covered.

Assist You In Negotiating

There are businesses that rely on strategic negotiations and communications. We have the right person for you who can assist you in all such negotiations and make sure that all your communication with the stakeholders, customers, suppliers, or other parties is highly professional.

Financial Analysis

Our virtual CFO can be your ultimate resource for financial analysis. And when you utilize the skills and expertise of an experienced financial analyst, you are taking no risks. That’s the reason we recommend you our experts with the facility of working remotely.

Restructure Your Business

If there is a need that you have to restructure your business, our Virtual CFO can also assist you with it. They can restructure your business to effectively handle the future growth of your company.

Cashflow Management

If your current accounting or finance team is busy on a project that doesn’t allow them to manage the cash flow, which is an integral part of the business, then you can count on our Virtual CFO for that.

Prepare Business Plans

Prepare It takes great experience and expertise to create a business plan. While our business experts are helping so many business owners creating and developing highly functioning business plans, you should not wait anymore and invest in this service.Plans.

Supervise Bookkeeping

The best part of hiring our Virtual CFO is that you get the solutions to everyday financial tasks as well. Such as bookkeeping, although not a very difficult task, but if not managed timely, can mess things up. A virtual CFO can supervise bookkeeping and save you all the hassle.

Co-Operate Governance

Another plus with a virtual CFO is that you get a perfect balance on the governance side. Our experts can co-operate governance of your company without any problems.

Prepare Financial Guidelines

A virtual CFO from OAK Business Consultant can also prepare financial guidelines that can serve a long-term purpose.


Accumulating Complexities

In some cases, the business gets very complicated with the additions of new software, equipment, process manuals, new financial guidelines, government policies etc. This is an ideal time to hire Virtual CFO.

Unfavourable Financials

All businesses go through time periods where financials are not in their favor. Here the business owners want to know the solution that can drive the business out. This is where you can make the most of our chief financial officer service.


Rapid Growth

A rapidly growing business can put your finances into a tailspin if you are not prepared. Our Virtua CFO handles all key risks and makes sure that there is no inaccurate reporting.

We Assist Startup Companies And Small Businesses Scale-Up

Whether it’s a tech Startup or an online small business, every business owner wants to scale it up. But it’s easier said than done. We know and understand the complexities when attempting to scale up your business. But the upside here is that we, as the financial services provider, have assisted a multitude of businesses to go big. We also possess the portfolio of making many businesses grow within their desired time period. Being in the financial industry for more than 10 years, we as a whole group have acquired practical experience. And this is what we are providing to our esteemed customers every day.

Our Finance Management Programs Are Customizable

Finance management is a task that does not accept the one-size-fit-for-all approach. Every different business has a different set of rules for this task. And when things are not aligned together, financial management can go terribly wrong. So, here we are – we offer you a 100% customizable financial management service. We can make custom packages according to your unique requirement. Because we understand how difficult it is to buy patent services for small businesses.

Get The Upper Hand On Payroll Management With Our Virtual CFO

Oak Business Consultant brings you the ultimate and long-term solution to your company’s payroll management. Now you can have accurate information on how the payroll needs to be managed and how it is being managed in practice. We provide expert payroll management service virtually. Our virtual chief financial officer can assist your human resource department and can also provide a piece of expert advice.

Sales Tax Compliance Is Easy
With Our Virtual CFO

Sales tax compliance can be very strict in some countries and states. Especially in the USA, Canada, and European countries. It is this essential for every business to take good care of their taxes. Also, tax compliance is itself a very important factor for the economy. It all starts from day-to-day bookkeeping and recording every important financial detail without any errors. This is where our virtual chief financial officer comes in. Our expert can make tax compliance for your business a very simple task, and you can be worry-free.


There are many small businesses that thrive on outsourced financial services. Many factors come into account for outsourcing your company’s financial services. These factors may be affordability, organized management, or especially the hunt for the most professional financial services. If your business also has the requirement for a fully professional, top of the line CFO, then there is nothing better than OAK business consultant CFO service. The only service out there that is affordable, highly professional, and well organized. Here are a few more advantages to outsource your CFO services to OAK business consultant.

Worry-free Financial Management

Are you tired of running after the accountants as the month reaches to the end? If yes, then you may be in need of a professional outsourced CFO service. Where you don’t have to worry about a single task that is related to finance. From day to day book keeping to generating accurate and meticulous financial reports, your finances are well taken care of.

Unified Data with secure Backup

Once you choose to outsource your CFO service to us, all your important financial data is super safe and secure. You also choose your finances to be managed well in time and in an organized manner. We keep every important detail in one place so you never have to miss out anything critical. Not only that, you also get a relief of secure backup with our CFO services. Any time of the year when you need to see all the history, you get it in no time.

Spontaneous Feedback &
Corrective Measures

Let’s say you are not very satisfied with the service we provide, which has never happened to date, but let’s assume the worst-case scenario. In that case, since you are subscribed to a highly professional service, you can always consider giving us your valuable feedback for the service. And before you even think about anything else, our representative will come in contact with you and resolve all your problems with the required corrective measures.




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