An Interim CFO, as the name suggests, is a person who would steer a company out of a financial crisis when such a crisis occurs. At times, there are some financial situations in any business where you are not sure if you need to hire another full-time CFO or not. This scenario can be considered an ideal scenario to hire our specialized Interim Chief Financial Officer. A CFO who would come prepared with all the solutions for your company’s financial situation. And once the services are rendered successfully and you feel safe with your business situation, you can then let the CFO go. All of this comes at a very reasonable price. You just need to reach out to our financial experts today and your business will be back to where it was.

Interim CFO

With Expertise In Finance, Interim Financial Officer Helps Steer A Company Through

A Financial Crisis

No one knows the exact time when a financial crisis occurs. But one thing can be certain. And that is to know what to do when there is a financial crisis. We will tell you the best solution for any type of financial crisis. The best way to deal with it like a pro is to hire a pro. Hire our interim CFO and get rid of any financial crisis within no time.

Operations Change

If you are looking to hire a person who can be your interim CFO as well as the person responsible for managing operational change, you are looking in the right place. We provide Interim Chief Financial Officer who can ensure a healthy and seamless operational change – no matter how big an operational change you are looking forward to.

operation change- interim cfo
Hiring Interim CFO

Gap Between Hiring

When you let your permanent CFO go for any reason or they switch to any other company, it can become a very challenging time for you, especially if a quarter is reaching its end. You need to hire a CFO immediately and we all know that hiring a CFO is a gradual process. This is where you can consider our dexterous Interim CFO services.

Launch of a new product or service

Sometimes launching a product or service requires expertise from outside your company. Your current marketing team or CFO may be busy with the already ongoing processes. This is the situation where you need an expert who can join your current teams for a successful launch. And this is where our Interim CFO is an ideal candidate for you.

New launch-Interim CFO
New market- Interim CFO

New Market Entry

Similar to a product or service launch is an event where you are looking forward to exploring an entirely new market. And when you want to make that new market entry a perfect one, we assure you that our Interim CFO will be the best fit for the job. You will not need to be worried sick about all the prep and financial estimations when you have the right expert by your side.

Hire an Interim CFO today and save BIG bucks!

Oak Business Consultant provides an exceptional interim CFO service. A lot of our customers are really excited about this service since it has saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars on the CFO budget. It’s just that some small businesses don’t need a permanent CFO who has to be paid a huge salary. This is where our Interim CFO comes in, does their job, and saves you the hard-earned money.

When do you NOT need an INTERIM CFO?

There are many situations where you do need an interim Chief Financial Officer, but there is one situation where an interim CFO is not the right choice. That is when you are a start-up and are in the early stages. An interim Chief Financial Officer doesn’t typically deal with it.

An Overall Productive Approach with Interim CFO

Our interim CFO ensures strong financial controls and compliance of your business with government contracts. The interim CFO takes care of the company’s financial cycle, including financial forecasts, budget analysis, and preparing statutory financial reports for higher management and the board of directors. In partnership with the CEO, the interim Chief Financial Officer works collaboratively with the business owner to deliver on the company’s mission and objectives.


Here is everything you need to know about what an interim CFO can help you with.

Our Interim CFO Can Ensure The Sufficiency Of Financial Controls

Are your financial controls sufficient enough? Well, that can be taken care of by our interim CFO now because they ensure the sufficiency of financial controls by timely financial reporting, accurate monthly management reports, budgets, forecasts, and other ad hoc reports as required.

Work In Conjunction

Any business owner’s biggest worry is if their hired CFO can work in conjunction with the existing teams or not. Well, in that case, you can rest assured and trust our collaborative interim CFO. They will work in conjunction with your team to ensure accounting transactions are maintained professionally and in such a manner to facilitate the ease of external and internal audits.

Expert Advise

Expert advice can only come from an expert who has been in the finance market for a long time. That is to say, we have the right person for you. It is our Interim Chief Financial Officer. They can advise the business owner and higher management on financial planning, cashflow management, budgeting and other important financial matters.

Financial Management

A person who can be contacted for any type of financial management issue is right here – an Interim CFO by Oak Business Consultant. They will effectively communicate and present financial matters at corporate meetings.

Promote A Culture

If you want someone in your company who can promote a culture of continuous business improvement, then our interim CFO is the right person for you. You can always expect a high financial performance that values learning and a commitment to quality.

Financial Reports

Financial reporting is a serious job and takes into account some great skills along with expertise and experience. This is all that you can get when you choose to go with our Interim CFO as your financial reporter.

Interim CFO As A Financial Controller

Our Interim CFO can work in conjunction with the financial controller to ensure proper compliance with accounting standards and books of accounts.

Professional Financial Analysis

You can also rely on our Interim CFO for the provision of accurate and professional financial analysis of the company.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

The perfect way to get a perfect cost-benefit analysis is just to hire OAK business consultant’s Interim CFO.



Some companies want the services of a part-time CFO to provide greater flexibility with the role. Hiring Interim CFO is cost-effective and you can demand the services according to your requirements. An interim Chief Financial Officer comes with a lot of flexible terms and can be a great resource for your business.



Experience And Exposure

Some sections and cases of finance are quite complicated—for example, external audits or other regulatory inspections. Our Interim Chief Financial Officer has experience and exposure to many finance-related matters and can recommend or provide the best solution.



For some companies, it is hard to find a full-time CFO on an immediate basis. Therefore, you can book a part-time CFO to manage all your tasks.

Preparation Of Financial Plan

Whether it’s financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, or reporting, our Interim CFO can manage it all for you.


There are many small businesses that thrive on outsourced financial services. Many factors come into account for outsourcing your company’s financial services. These factors may be affordability, organized management, or especially the hunt for the most professional financial services. If your business also has the requirement for a fully professional, top-of-the-line CFO, then there is nothing better than OAK business consultant’s Interim Chief Financial Officer service. The only service out there that is affordable, highly professional, and well organized. Here are a few more advantages to outsource an Interim CFO.

Financial management- CFO Services

Worry-free Financial Management

Are you tired of running after the accountants as the month reaches the end? If yes, then you may be in need of a professional outsourced CFO service. Where you don’t have to worry about a single task that is related to finance. From day to day bookkeeping to generating accurate and meticulous financial reports, your finances are well taken care of.

Unified Data with secure Backup

Once you choose to outsource your CFO service to us, all your important financial data is super safe and secure. You also choose your finances to be managed well in time and in an organized manner. We keep every important detail in one place, so you never have to miss out on anything critical. Not only that, but you also get relief from secure backup with our CFO services. Any time of the year when you need to see all the history, you get it in no time.

secure backup
effective measures- expert CFO service

Spontaneous Feedback &
Corrective Measures

Let’s say you are not very satisfied with the service we provide, which has never happened to date, but let’s assume the worst-case scenario. In that case, since you are subscribed to a highly professional service, you can always consider giving us your valuable feedback for the service. And before you even think about anything else, our representative will come in contact with you and resolve all your problems with the required corrective measures.




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