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Case Study of VC – Background

This Case study is about Narbashiyat who is an Angel and Venture Capitalist firm, based in Kuwait. Therefore, they have a pool of investors, who are keen to invest in and help entrepreneurs to find the business in their thoughts and turn thoughts into functioning technology with a solid business model.


Since the Narbashiyat is the venture capitalist firm, and lots of companies approach them for funding, so they need to analyze every company thoroughly and in-depth before the injection of investment, and Narbashiyat could not able to handle or analyze every company properly as they have to deal with a pool of companies.
Narbashiyat has few products in the pipeline, in which they want extensive financial analysis, and to know the current worth of the company/ product, so they can invest in accordingly. So, Oak Business Consultant provides extensive analysis and research with every aspect of the company, 


In this case study for VC, Oak business Consultant built financial models and analyzed the company in which Narbashiyat wanna invest, 

  • We Built Financial Model of Holding Company.
  • Built Financial Models for Startups
  • Due Diligence report
  • Pitch Deck

Following is a list of companies.

  • Bondi

Oak Business Consultant also built financial models and calculate their future worth of the company base of the DCF model, Net Present Value (NPV), and internal rate of return (IRR).

Bondi Profit and Loss - Case Study

  • Duebus

Oak Business Consultant did extensive market research to test the real potential and develop the financial model including sales forecast, income statement, Cash flow statement, balance sheet, and break-even point.

Oak Business Consultant also analyzed its NPV and IRR and compare them with other products.

  •   RAF

RAF is a job searching platform, which needs a lot of govt data regarding the unemployment rate, and no. of companies are working inside the Kuwait Oak business did research to analyze the current situation of Kuwait and measure the success rate of RAF. We also built the financial model for RAF and calculate NPV and IRR.


After analyzing every company rigorously and building financial models of all the ideas/ companies, Oak’s business consultant did the comparison of all companies. Which provided the insight of products that has the highest NPV, hence, creating maximum wealth.

Chart - Monthly Revenue - Case Study

Yearly Net Revenue Analysis - Case Study

Due Diligence

Since these products are startups, so Oak Business Consultant has made due diligence report on these products

We analyze the following aspects;

  • Team profile: They have a very diverse team, having strong expertise in their field which makes them competitive for these startups.
  • Technological road map. These products have strong evidence of success, as these products have enough market and seem to sustain their position in the future as well.
  • Product’s architecture and infrastructure: All companies have built their website and Apps effectively, Along with that, Oak Business Consultant analyzed their operation procedure.
  • Market Research: The market is growing and has a hidden demand, which will flourish in the future.
  • Pricing Model: These products provide an effective pricing model and have different pricing according to their solutions.

Pitch Deck

Oak business develops a pitch deck for Narbashiyat as well. Hence, OBC articulates All company’s business, operations, and future investment projects. 

Following are the point that included in the pitch deck.

  • Company history
  • Narbashiyat funding process
  • Future project detail
  • Revenue Model and Due diligence prove
  • Market Valuations and Key financials

Pitch Deck
Venture and OOPs Logo

Oak Business Consultant has helped many Start-up and SME’s for the preparation of Business Plan, Financial Modelling, and Financial Consultancy.

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