Sensitivity Analysis Model – Free Excel Template

Sensitivity Analysis Model – Free Excel Template


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This Sensitivity Analysis Model – Free Excel Template is a smart and handy tool that collates information from input sources, then consolidates it into relevant reports and concrete Sensitivity Analysis. This template enables you to generate income statements for 5 years on a monthly and yearly basis. Further, it includes sales forecasts, revenue evaluation, and efficient scenario analysis with actual projections. This template helps you to plan deeply to better understand performance through insightful graphs and visual representations that make it easy to determine appropriate action.


Sensitivity Analysis Model – Free Excel Template

The model is ideal for checking how your sales, expenses, and cost will react in case of any uncertainty.

The What and If Analysis

The Sensitivity Analysis Model – Free Excel Template works on what and if analysis to predict the outcome of any specific action under special conditions.

For example, if the selling price is increased or the fixed cost is decreased. How it will impact the overall Income Statement.

Sensitivity Analysis Tool-Income Statement

Contents and options

We have made it very simple for the user to understand the model. The free Excel model has basically three conditions, namely, Best, Base, and Worse Case. All selling prices, fixed costs, and other expenses are linked to each case. The user only has to input values from the options and select which case they need to check. Selecting any case will change the entire Income Statement and Summaries.

We have also included relevant charts and graphs automatically linked to a number which will provide a graphical representation of the number.

Sensitivity Analysis Tool-Dashboard
Sensitivity Analysis Tool-Dashboard

Advantages of having the model.

  • The model can add credibility to any financial model
  • Allows the user to be flexible with all the boundaries within which to test the sensitivity of variables
  • Help Management to make informed decisions.
  • Ideal for price control
  • All important assumptions included
  • Monthly and Yearly forecasting

Walk-Through Video of Sensitivity Analysis Excel Model

The following video will give you an overview of the different components of the sensitivity analysis model and will help you understand it’s working.



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