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14 Things You Should Include In Your Weekly Sales Activity Report

14 Things You Should Include In Your Weekly Sales Activity Report

New sales won, contracts sent, deals gatherings, and calls made; these are only a couple of the metrics that many B2B deals groups take a look at to meet the Sales KPI. Conveying Weekly Sales Report is quite possibly the main thing that sales managers do. 

Nonetheless, it is not as simple for them to transform into 20-page Sales activity reports. Nobody has the desire to do this consistently. A sales KPI report allocates to the Marketing and Sales teams.

You need your reports to be brief, simple to-skim, and see where you contrasted with your month-to-month, quarterly, or yearly objectives. 

Here, we will review 20 Sales experts to perceive what they do for their week after week Salesa reports.

New Clients in Weekly Sales Report

New clients are undoubtedly a metric that ought to get mentioned for any Sales report. If all your attempts are not creating new clients, then you’ll have to correct your techniques. Some of the time, there might be links made that don’t promptly build client relationships. It is the reason that type of data ought to track to scale the performance. 

Quite possibly, the primary metrics to remember for each week after week sales report is conversions. The E-commerce based business website gathers this information to incorporate into the Business Plan Dashboard. This information is imparted week by week to the sales and advertising teams to perceive how brands are performing. This metric is essential to the sales and advertising teams since it portrays how the crowd reacts to the product. Metric is used to gauge how the company performs yearly, giving away from where it needs improvement and making an organization’s Financial Metrics look better. The conversion metrics are the weekly report card of how the business is getting along.

How many pitches sent as per Sales KPI Dashboard?

Sales are like a game; the more people you tell about what you are offering, the higher chances of ideal landing clients (whatever your objective is). In observing this weekly, you ought to see the number of possibilities you should get before acquiring a new business. From that point, you can adjust weekly sales strategies to accomplish the ideal number of sales pitches to achieve the income/client objective.

Sales team individual customer

Marketing numbers ought to be simple yet compelling. You should make a point to gauge all the team inputs, not just merely look at the outputs. For example, calls made, messages sent, meetings set up leads created, and deals closed. 

 It assists with including the sales for every individual representative agent. It can support a little rivalry competition. To readily connect with your group, you can significantly offer monthly incentives to encourage the team.

Schedule Sales calls and Meetings helps Sales Activity Report.

Experts recommend tracking planned meetings and close deals every week. These sales metrics help you watch out for the pipeline to ensure one end doesn’t lose flow. It’s essential to focus on getting new projects and the number of those shutting from the initial appointment. This conversion rate is a KPI of a successful sales technique. Also, follow the number of first meetings changed to follow-up meetings.

Lead Response time: Weekly Sales Report must include.

A fundamental metric all Sales reports ought to incorporate is lead response time, which is how rapidly your sales team reacts to inbound leads. This will lead you to your Sales KPIs. The later your group responds to a lead that has shown interest in purchasing your product, the more chances the individual will shop elsewhere. 

Organizations don’t understand the effect that leads response time has on their sales and Sales KPIs; however, if a sales group reacts rapidly to a lead, they have a far more prominent possibility of making sure about a client’s buy. If this metric is in your reports, it will show an immediate connection between’s sales and lead response time. Therefore, you would then examine this connection and sort out approaches to make for a more smooth cycle that cuts down the time it takes to react to requests.

New Contracts sent

Anybody can have meetings, and the metric is a vanity one and can skew the perspectives on productivity. If the discussions are not moving to contracts, they will not expand the business and fail to reach Marketing KPI.

Lost deals reasons

With standards, similar to deals volume and number of calls, it is to track, “You can have won it.” It is essential to follow lost deals because of a financial plan, customer inclinations, or different figures less in control. In any case, you genuinely need to know the number of sales missed that you ought to have won — for instance, since you answered past the point of no return or the customer needed to see more audits. It is alright to see a portion of these lost arrangements come through, yet your objective is zero, and you should always work for it.

Similarly, as each sale and promoting group longs for input on what attracts the crowd. It is also significant to understand what doesn’t go with the audience. Weekly sales activity report should incorporate a rundown of what things didn’t resonate with your purchasers. Data can either better illuminate Marketing/Sales to finetune your Persona documentation, and subsequent seeing patterns should impact your product to guide for better item market fit.

The main thing you track isn’t so much as a metric yet rather a knowledge that must address sincerely. LEAKS! Where during the time spent, individuals’ tasks were things spilled en route? The following stage is how to correct the leak and stop it from happening once more, yet spotting them is consistently the most challenging step.

What is customer acquisition cost in Weekly Sales Report?

Besides sales, it is to incorporate the sales expense (things that we can straightforwardly ascribe to getting those sales, for example, Google Ads) that way. It causes you to monitor sales and profits. It also helps to see whether we are following all KPIs present on the Dashboard.

Website traffic

Experts recommend seeing the number of clicks driving from each page. By having this metric, it permits you to guarantee that you know about the measure of traffic that you create from a page, and if the quantity of clicks drops, you will have to see why the change has occurred and what is required to get back the traffic on the website.

Customer retention and upsells

The one metric that everybody needs in a weekly sales report is the new business instead of upselling. It discloses to what stuff you’re producing, yet additionally what you’ve figured out to hold. New business is significant, yet so keeping customers on hold. They’re the foundation of any Business plan, and this discloses to you whether it matters, putting more in client assistance or efforts.

Leading attribution in Weekly Sales Report

Track income attribution (attributed income, reference attributed revenue, customer developments, and so forth). By understanding the beginnings of revenue or closed deals, you can accentuate prospecting from those pools of contacts and showcasing them. For that, you have this source data, and you can decide the causes of our most steadfast customers’ after some time and keep on building your customer base from the sources that will give long haul repeating income.

It’s urgent that sales and marketing are adjusted, so experts firmly prescribe, add leads by source, and monitor what channels and campaigns give a dependable volume of possibilities.

Sales revenue by rep

You ought to incorporate YTD income by rep Inc. It keeps everybody responsible and gives reps visibilities to their objectives for the year.

Likelihood of the deal’s closing

Experts attempt to comprehend what are the odds of conversion of a customer. If the chances are high, you should try to sort out what else should be possible to guarantee that the customer is converted.

Compare Weekly Sales Report

Incorporate an investigation for how the earlier week compares to the previous month and the earlier year. That will give the report context.

Each week after week sales report should show a comparison from the previous weeks or a month. Perhaps the weekly comparison report’s main things will tell you whether you have improved from the past week(s).

In entirety, estimating and investigating these metrics weekly will permit you to spot patterns, get before any common issues before they explode, and help you close more deals.


The Sales metrics measure the increase or decrease in your sales revenue. A sales strategy enables you to deliver to the needs of clients. Assisting a new client requires a different approach than existing customers. It often gets difficult for the sales manager to track sales team performance, which KPI metrics to follow.

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