Marketing Budget Tool with CAC Analysis

Marketing Budget Tool with CAC Analysis

Marketing Budget Tool with CAC Analysis


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This Marketing Budget Tool with CAC Analysis will help to analyze marketing costs in different marketing channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and influencer Commission along with Other Digital Marketing costs.

We have two main sheets which include the Assumptions and the Digital Marketing sheet.


Marketing Budget Tool with CAC Analysis

How Big Should Your Marketing Budget Be?

How much should you invest in your marketing budget? That depends on various factors, including:

  • Your industry: In certain industries and locations, the marketing cost is much higher than usual.
  • Business growth stage: The growth rate of the business is directly related to marketing spend. Especially for online businesses, the amount of money spent on marketing can increase lead generation. There are various tools from which you can estimate the growth rate of the business over several years.
  • Your goals: If you just want to keep your sales at their current level, you may be able to achieve them through marketing via various channels. However, if you hope to increase your sales by 10% in the next year, you’ll need to increase your marketing budget to reach that goal.

Business owners must remember that marketing is an investment, not an expense. Marketing is how you let people know about your business and persuade them to buy your service or product, so it is not something you can do without proper analysis and marketing numbers.

However, there are ways to reduce your marketing costs without hiring marketing experts. For example, you might decide to use an expert marketing consultant rather than hiring a marketing consultant from an agency or focus your efforts on more affordable online digital marketing tactics rather than expensive print marketing materials.
You can modify our Marketing Budget template as needed to fit your business’s unique marketing situation.

Why do you need the template?

Let’s say your company decided to invest in your company to improve lead generation, and you are responsible for managing the funds invested.

Usually, one of the first questions the owner asks is, “How many customers am I going to have after investing in a marketing campaign?” The answer, obviously, is “it depends.” Do you have real-time data analytics like conversion rate or estimated lead generation based on google trends?”

If you need answers to your questions, the only way is to use a marketing template that tells the user how many estimated customers they will have after spending funds on marketing. This tool is usually used to calculate the estimated number of customers that a company might have.

Included in our marketing tool with CAC analysis template is an excel template to manage your business sales. The template is for both Excel and Google Sheets to assist you in tracking your marketing budget, paid marketing advertising, social media spend, event management, and more.

This Marketing Budget Tool With CAC Analysis will help to analyze marketing costs in different marketing channels such as:

  1. Google Cost
  2. Facebook Cost
  3. Instagram Cost
  4. Youtube Cost
  5. Influencers Cost
  6. Other Marketing Cost
  7. CAC Analysis of Paid leads
  8. CAC analysis of Organic Leads

We have two main sheets:

1. Assumptions Sheet in the Marketing Budget Tool with CAC Analysis

In this Subscriber Sheet, you will have peach areas for key assumptions such as

a. Total Subscribers Expected to Acquire in the First Five Years

b. Conversion Rate of Leads into Subscribers

c. Growth Rate (In this Marketing Budget Tool with CAC analysis, we are taking Exponential Growth Rate for subscribers) 

d. Leads and Traffic from Multiple Digital Platforms

e. Marketing Costs of each Platform based on the Marketing Campaigns Utilized

f. Other Marketing Expenses

Here is the screen shot of the sheet for you:

Marketing Budget Tool with CAC- Assumptions
Figure 1: Marketing Budget Tool with CAC- Assumptions


2. Marketing Budget Tool with CAC Analysis- Digital Marketing

When starting your business, it can be tempting to get clients or customers regardless of the marketing cost, energy and time. However, if you plan on running a successful and profitable business, you will need to balance the total marketing efforts and cost of sales to acquire a customer or your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). This will be the case whether you are promoting your offered services through content marketing, social media paid ads, or expert marketers in your affiliate program.

In this sheet, we have a very detailed cost for each channel. This Marketing Budget with a CAC analysis sheet has each channel’s Campaign Types along with Cost per Click, Cost per impression, Cost per View with respect to their Channels and their campaign type.

Marketing Budget Tool with CAC- Digital Marketing

Figure 2: Marketing Budget Tool with CAC- Digital Marketing

Walk-Through Video of Marketing Budget 

The following video will give you an overview of the different components of the marketing budget tool and will help you understand its working.



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