Hardware Retail Store Excel Financial Model

Hardware Retail Store Excel Financial Model

Hardware Retail Store Excel Financial Model

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Original price was: $350.Current price is: $195.

The Hardware Retail Store model is a comprehensive financial model best suited to your business needs. It contains several different tabs that generate reports based on your inputs. The model helps you in analysis, forecasting, and project evaluation.

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Hardware Retail Store Excel Financial Model

Suppose you are a businessman or entrepreneur planning to start a retail hardware business. In that case, you need a solid and effective financial model to visualize your goals and your business’s standing in the future. The Hardware Retail Store Excel Financial Model made by an Oak Business Consultant is dynamic and can forecast all the circumstances or events that will positively or negatively affect your business, manage your business’s cash flow and provide overall management.

This financial model will be your basis for creating your Hardware Retail Store Excel Financial Model and financial planning and help you to determine 5-year monthly as well as yearly financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow), Break-Even Analysis, Performance KPIs, Start-up Summary Chart, and other Diagnostic charts, etc. The model uses a bottom-up approach to calculate the Revenues derived by applying the respective pricing assumptions (up to 9 product categories). OPEX and capital expenditure, along with other beliefs, are then used to prepare detailed profit and cash flow forecasts.

The Hardware Retail Store Financial Model will assist you in managing and organizing your business efficiently. Using this model, you cannot be distracted by complicated calculations, which enables you to utilize more of your time in operational activities and manage your customers’ tasks.

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Key Inputs of Hardware Retail Store Financial Model

  1. Price per unit of each product
  2. Cost per unit of each product
  3. Sales growth rate- the rate at which sales are expected to increase every month
  4. Tax Rate
  5. Operational Expenses
  6. Capital Expenditure
  7. Accounts Payable Days
  8. Accounts Receivable Days
  9. Inventory Days

Key Features of Hardware Retail Store Excel Financial Model

Input Sheet

This financial model template contains inputs that, when changed, impact projections and calculations, and therefore the changes are applied to all relevant sheets. As a result, this financial model always has built-in flexibility to display different outcomes or final estimates based on this sheet’s changes.

Hardware Retail Store - Input Sheet
Hardware Retail Store – Input Sheet

Revenue or Sales Projections

This sheet utilizes the inputs of sales price and cost price for each product and calculates the total revenue and cost of goods sold. These provide the basis for the monthly and yearly profit and loss statements.

Hardware Retail Store - Revenue or Sales Projections
Hardware Retail Store – Revenue or Sales Projections

Start-up Cost Analysis

This sheet also gives you and your investors an analysis of a new start-up’s investment requirements. It helps the business present a snapshot of the company to prospective investors and raises capital.

Hardware Retail Store - Startup Cost Analysis
Hardware Retail Store – Startup Cost Analysis

Fixed Assets Depreciation and NBV

This Hardware Retail Store Excel Financial Model contains a tab for Fixed Assets Depreciation and NBV. This is useful since it allows you to calculate the depreciation in each asset class, takes into account discontinued assets, and computes the net book value of each asset class.

Hardware Retail Store - Fixed Asset Depreciation and NBV
Hardware Retail Store – Fixed Asset Depreciation and NBV

Loan Amortization Schedule

This loan amortization schedule allows you to calculate the breakup of loan constituents, i.e., payment, interest, and principal repayment for each month projected.

Hardware Retail Store - Loan Ammortization Schedule
Hardware Retail Store – Loan Amortization Schedule

Monthly & Yearly Profit & Loss Statements

The Hardware Retail Store Excel Financial Model Monthly Profit & Loss Statement sheet is perfect for those requiring regular reporting and details. Additionally, the profit & loss statement contains all revenue streams with gross and net earnings linked with the Revenue or Sales Projections sheet to ensure accurate reporting. Oak Business Consultant understands every Hardware Retail Store business’s goal. Therefore, we have developed a mechanism that helps business owners determine whether they are making profits.

Hardware Retail Store - Monthly PnL
Hardware Retail Store – Monthly PnL

Furthermore, the Yearly Profit & Loss Statement gives you complete insights into revenue and general & administrative expenses. The Yearly Profit & Loss Statement also contains several graphs, assumptions, ratios, margins, net profit, earnings, cost of services, and profit after tax.

Hardware Retail Store - Yearly PnL
Hardware Retail Store – Yearly PnL

Cashflow Statement

The Cash Flow statement is one of the most critical financial statements because each business’s primary goal is to generate cash flow. This shows how much the industry has consolidated money and how much is not enough to attract additional financing. This sheet also contains a dedicated sheet to monitor and analyze your company’s cash-ins and outs. This cash flow statement is based on several key inputs, such as Payable and Receivable Days, yearly income, working capital, long-term debt, net cash, etc. This calculation computes your net cash flow and beginning and end cash balances. This is a perfect template for your company’s cash flow management.

Hardware Retail Store - Cashflow Statement
Hardware Retail Store – Cashflow Statement

Balance Sheet

This balance sheet enables you to analyze your position of current assets, fixed assets, liabilities, and equity. This also allows you to monitor your accounts receivable, accounts payable, accrued expenses, etc. Therefore this specific financial model gives you the perfect space to analyze your critical financial balance accounts.

Hardware Retail Store - Balancesheet
Hardware Retail Store – Balance sheet

Monthly and Yearly Break-Even Analysis

The break-even analysis will help you know, at a glance, the profits generated at the various sales levels. The Break-Even Analysis refers to the point where your total sales contribution refers to fixed costs at zero profit and loss. This technique is primarily based on marginal costing, which behaves differently at various levels of output activity.

Hardware Retail Store - Monthly Breakeven Analysis
Hardware Retail Store – Monthly Breakeven Analysis

Hardware Retail Store - Yearly Breakeven Analysis

Hardware Retail Store – Yearly Breakeven Analysis

Project Evaluation

Since the table calculates Return on Investment, Investor’s Future Equity Share, and Cash Burn Rate Analysis, analyzing the company’s performance becomes easy to capture potential investors.

Hardware Retail Store - Project Evaluation
Hardware Retail Store – Project Evaluation


Users and readers respond and process visual graphs better than data. Furthermore, this dashboard provides you with a graphical management tool. It enables you to track all your relevant financial KPIs. Also, it helps improve cash flow management and lets you track expenses, sales, and net revenue in detail.

Hardware Retail Store - Dashboard
Hardware Retail Store – Dashboard

KPI/ Ratio Analysis

This KPI/ Ratio Analysis sheet automatically calculates the data, such as the Profitability ratio, Net operating expense ratio to expense, etc., that will provide financial commentary about the company’s financials.

Hardware Retail Store - KPI-Ratio Analysis
Hardware Retail Store – KPI-Ratio Analysis

Benefits of Hardware Retail Store Excel Financial Model

Consistent Methodology: The Hardware Retail Store Excel Financial Model has a constant calculation and projection methodology. Business owners can compare operations and performance over a certain period.
Optimizing Returns: A proper analysis of the liquidity positions, liabilities, and opportunities against the set financial goals can help get good returns. Investments’ risk and return profiles can be analyzed, and optimal returns can be obtained.
Risk Mitigation: The user can predict the outcome of marketing campaigns, the cost of entering a new market, and the effect of price changes on the industry, among many others. The risk and return profile can be analyzed using simulations and scenario analysis.
Provide Financial Assistance: This financial model template requires no elaborate equations or formulas. Therefore, no designing and programming are required, and there is no need to hire a costly external consultant.
Well-Formatted & Presented: All core 3-financial statements (income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet) are accurately presented and connected with the input and formatted in a well-structured way. Also, the model follows a particular color theme, which is consistent in all sheets.

Why Should you Buy this Hardware Retail Store Excel Financial Model Template?

  1. Provide Accurate Valuation — The project evaluation tab helps you analyze your business’s valuation.
  2. Tested — This model is well-suited to serve your operational and financial needs. It has been reviewed and approved by our clientele.
  3. Visually Engaging — The dynamic dashboard creates a riveting visual representation and helps you properly analyze and picture your financial trajectory.
  4. Support Strategic Decisions — This Financial Model also represents a critical tool that enables you and your investors to see the larger picture and make strategic decisions based on up-to-date financial insights.
  5. Bottom-Up Approach — This financial model uses a sophisticated bottom-up approach to economic evaluation and planning and allows users to determine a deep and comprehensive understanding of how a hardware retail store works.

Walk-Through Video of Hardware Retail Store Excel Financial Model

The following video will give you an overview of the different components of the financial model and will help you understand it works.


12 reviews for Hardware Retail Store Excel Financial Model

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jack Sanchez

    As a Hardware Store Owner, This model has transformed the way I handle my store’s finances. The detailed projections and user-friendly interface make it indispensable. A solid 5-star rating from me!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Nathan Cox

    Running multiple locations can be chaotic, but this template brings order and accuracy to our financial planning. It’s a must-have for anyone in hardware retail.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Danny Webb

    In my role as a Business Consultant, I’ve introduced this model to numerous client businesses, yielding excellent outcomes each time. Its flexibility and robust financial structuring make it a reliable asset for any hardware store’s financial strategy.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Raymond Campbell

    Managing stock has never been easier. This tool helps predict sales trends and optimize inventory levels, ensuring we’re always prepared.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Curtis Ellis

    In the realm of retail hardware financial analysis, this model stands unmatched. Its comprehensive insights and extensive customization features are especially noteworthy.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Jeremy Olson

    Initiating a hardware store venture seemed daunting initially, yet this financial model has clarified and streamlined the fiscal elements. It has become an integral component of my business strategy.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Jerome Wallace

    I recommend this model to all my retail clients. It’s comprehensive, easy to use, and provides a clear path to financial health and growth.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Chad Stephens

    Understanding market trends and financial health is vital. This model offers that and more, with the ability to tailor to specific business needs.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Brett Crawford

    Expanding our business was made much more manageable with this model. It offers great projections and scenarios for growth planning.

  10. 5 out of 5

    Terry Lynch

    Monitoring and predicting cash flow is vital, and this tool makes it easier and more accurate. A definite asset to our financial toolkit.

  11. 5 out of 5

    Benjamin Collins

    Strategic planning requires solid data and forecasts. This model is the cornerstone of our strategy formulation, providing reliable and detailed financial insights.

  12. 5 out of 5

    Louis Gibson

    This model has streamlined our supply chain decisions with its accurate forecasting and detailed financial analysis. It’s a game-changer for operational efficiency.

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