Risk Factor Summation Method

Risk-Factor Summation Method

Risk Factor Summation Method


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The Risk Factor Summation Method is a technique developed for startup valuation. The excel sheet is created to calculate the pre-money valuation of the startups. It also includes a graphical representation to compare the value assigned to each value driver. This free template allows you to assess and visualize your investment worth.

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The Risk Factor Summation Method is a popular approach used in startup valuation to calculate the pre-money valuation of a startup. It takes into account various risks associated with a startup. The assigns a score to each risk factor based on the level of risk. Then calculate the pre-money valuation by summing up a total risk score.

Risk Factor Summation Method

The method involves identifying the key risk factors that are relevant to the startup’s industry, market, and business model. These risk factors may include funding risks, sales and marketing risks, management risks, technology risks, legal risks, competition risks, reputation risks, growth risks, and exit value risks. However, this method assigns a rating to each risk factor on the basis of the level of risk it poses to the startup.

After assigning a rating to each risk factor, add up the ratings to obtain a total risk score. Then multiply the total risk rating by $250,000. The resulting figure and the valuation of comparable companies add up to obtain the pre-money valuation.

Risk Factor Summation Method

The Risk Factor Summation Method is useful for early-stage startup valuation, especially when financial data is limited or unreliable. However, this method has limitations; hence used with other valuation methods to obtain a more accurate valuation.

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