Consolidated Tool for All Valuation Methods

Consolidated Tool For All Valuation Methods

Consolidated Tool for All Valuation Methods


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Oak business consultant created the Consolidated Tool for all valuation methods to help the Investors/founders know the company’s valuation. The tool contains a guide sheet, which will help you understand the valuation method and when to use them; an assumptions sheet, where you can enter your company-specific information to get the correct valuation and then different valuations calculation sheets, including discounted cash flow, scorecard, risk factor summation, Checklist (Berkus) & venture capital, and at the end, we have incorporated a dashboard to represent the valuation visually.

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Consolidated Tool for All Valuation Methods 

The financial analysts at oak business Consultants have done thorough research on different valuation methods, formulated formulas and links, and consolidated the valuation methods into a single excel document. The consolidated Tool for all valuation methods helps the investors/ founder know the company valuation not only through one valuation method but different methods so that they can make an informed decision.

The consolidated tool contains discounted cashflow, Scorecard, risk factor summation, Checklist(Berkuss) method & Venture capital method. The tool also contains a guide to help you understand the valuation methods and their use in different scenarios. 

The model Contains the following sheets.


Consolidated tool for all valuation methods-Guide

The guide contains information about the valuation methods and the use of those methods in different scenarios to help you understand the valuation methods better before you go into the calculation part. 


Consolidated tool for all valuation methods-Assumptions

The assumption sheet contains the input in the peach-filled column that you have to enter according to your data, and the tool will update the valuation calculation based on your entered data.

Discounted cashflow

Consolidated tool for all valuation methods-Discounted cashflow

The discounted cash flow sheet presents two different methods of calculating Net Present Value based on the discounted cash flows.

  • DCF Valuation by Long-Term Growth Method: This method is suitable for business models/ projects that are expected to continue on a going-on basis. The terminal value is calculated by multiplying the last year’s projected free cash flow with the survival rate, long-term growth rate and discount rate. 
  • DCF Valuation by Multiples Method:  This method is used to determine the terminal value for NPV calculation when operations are to be discontinued. The terminal value is simply calculated by multiplying last year’s projected EBITDA with the industry’s survival rate and the EBITDA multiple.

Scorecard Valuation

Consolidated tool for all valuation methods-Scorecard

When using this method, investors typically look for comparable startups with similar characteristics and growth potential in the same industry. Companies use this to assess the potential of an investment opportunity before deciding whether to invest in the company. The method can help identify a startup or early-stage company’s strengths and weaknesses and evaluate its potential for success.

Risk factor summation

Consolidated tool for all valuation methods-risk factor summation

Investors use the method when significant uncertainties and risks are associated with an investment opportunity, like new technology. It helps investors and decision-makers assess an investment opportunity’s potential risks and rewards and make informed decisions.

Checklist (Berkus)

Consolidated tool for all valuation methods-Checklist (Berkus)

This Method assigns a value to the startup’s idea and the five principal factors determining its success potential. 

Early-stage startups with no revenue but have a strong management team use this method.

Venture Capital

Consolidated tool for all valuation methods-Venture Capital

The Method is often used to value early-stage startups with no revenue but strong management teams and complex investment opportunities. For example, those involving multiple rounds of funding, convertible debt, or other financing structures.

Interactive Dashboard

Consolidated Tool for all Valuation methods - Dashboard

The dashboard visually represents the different valuation method results in a single sheet. Hence, you don’t have to move sheets to see the data. The dashboard has a slicer in which you can select the checkboxes for the fields you want to display.

Benefits of the consolidated Tool for all valuation methods

  1. The tool contains a guide to help you understand valuation methods and their use in different scenarios.
  2. You just have to change the input, and you will get the output automatically.  
  3. The tool contains different valuation methods in a single excel document. Hence, you do not have to buy different templates for different valuation methods.


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Nolan Hayes

    Revolutionary tool, combining all valuation methods seamlessly. Incredibly user-friendly and accurate. A must-have for every finance professional.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Aisha Zahid

    Streamlines complex valuations brilliantly. Comprehensive, efficient, and reliable. This tool is an absolute game-changer in financial analysis.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Maxwell Stone

    Outstanding in every aspect! Makes financial valuations a breeze. Comprehensive, precise, and incredibly easy to use. Highly recommend

  4. 5 out of 5

    Tyler Lawson

    Brilliantly designed and extremely versatile. Covers all valuation needs with ease and precision. An indispensable tool for analysts.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Ethan Patterson

    A masterclass in valuation tools! Offers unmatched accuracy and versatility. It’s a critical asset for my financial assessments.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Ian Gibson

    The ultimate valuation toolkit. User-friendly, accurate, and incredibly comprehensive. It’s transformed my approach to financial analysis.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Christian Snyder

    Flawless and intuitive. This consolidated tool has simplified my valuation workload significantly. It’s a top-notch financial instrument.

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