E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template

E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template

E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template

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Original price was: $30.Current price is: $20.

Oak Business Consultant introduces the E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template, designed for digital payment startups targeting potential investors. This template offers a concise company profile, highlights industry challenges, and proposes innovative solutions. It aligns with your firm’s vision, provides essential financial insights, and integrates key elements like investor engagement. Utilize this template to enhance your pitch and exude professionalism.

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E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template

The Financial and Business Analyst of Oak Business Consultant prepares the perfect E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template. This E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template is designed for early-stage start-ups seeking capital from potential investors to invest in their Businesses. Of course, investors want to see something different, but our experts created the Pitch Deck template to be eye-catching and easy to understand so that you can focus on your start-up and business idea.

The E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template is aesthetically pleasing and professional—this helps form an investor’s first impression of you and your organization. Forget all the other pitch deck templates with 200+ slide designs, 150 color variations, and 3,000 icons. It’s overwhelming and a waste of your limited time.

What is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck showcases your business in the best light, displaying all the elements that make you unique. Whether it’s the problem you’re solving, your target market, or your team’s dedication, every slide counts in that brief elevator ride. It’s not just any presentation – it’s a snapshot of your startup’s soul.

Value Proposition

In a world dominated by smartphones and smart devices, e-wallets are the next evolution of seamless financial transactions. Imagine transacting money with ease, without the hassle of cash, credit cards, or even physical wallets. Welcome to the world of e-wallets – a single platform revolutionizing how we handle money.

Company Overview

The leading financial and business consultant, Oak Business Consultant, introduces the ultimate e-wallet pitch deck template. Drawing upon vast industry experience, our template encapsulates the essence of presenting a financial technology company, making it easier for potential investors to see the vision.

E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template - Company Summary

Purpose of the Business

In today’s fast-paced digital payment platform market, e-wallets are not just a luxury but a necessity. They provide a platform for online and offline businesses to accept money from customers swiftly and securely.

The Vision of the Company

To empower businesses and individuals alike, offering a digital payment platform that integrates seamlessly with their lifestyle while ensuring top-notch security and ease of access.

E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template - Mission - Vision


With a plethora of payment methods, from debit cards to bank transfers, there’s a disconnection. Customers crave a simple, unified method. On the other hand, businesses want to ensure they cater to every customer’s payment preference.

E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template - Problems


Introducing the e-wallet – a digital wallet consolidating various payment methods into one. It’s an innovative platform bridging the gap between business needs and customer preferences.

E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template - Solutions

Product (Project or Services)

Description Our e-wallet pitch deck template by Oak Business Consultant is designed keeping in mind the dynamic flow of companies. It’s customizable with master slides, slide colors, and icons, allowing businesses to efficiently highlight their e-wallet product offerings.

Market Validation and Size

With billions of transactions happening daily on mobile devices, the e-wallet market is booming. Our template helps businesses present data-backed arguments, showcasing the vast potential of the digital wallet sector.

E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template - Market Validation

Competition in the Market

While competition is fierce with giants like Orange Money and digital payment platforms emerging, there’s ample room for innovative e-wallet solutions. Our pitch deck templates are designed to help you stand out.

Investment Opportunity

Potential investors are on the lookout for the next big thing in the financial services sector. Presenting them with a concise, clear, and captivating e-wallet pitch, using our template, might just be the golden ticket.

Strategic Roadmap

From conceptualizing the e-wallet app development to tying up with wallet partners, chart your company’s progress in a clear and engaging manner.

E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template - Strategic Roadmap

Our Team

Highlight the brains behind the operation. Showcase your team’s expertise and how each member contributes to the business goals.

E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template - Our Team


Using graphs and metrics, demonstrate the growth and potential of your e-wallet platform, be it a bitcoin e-wallet app or a mainstream mobile wallet.


Illustrate your company’s financial health and projections. An essential slide to garner trust from potential investors.

E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template - Financial Highlight


The e-wallet market isn’t devoid of competitors. Differentiate yourself by focusing on unique selling points and market gaps that your product fills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of an e-wallet?

An example of an e-wallet is a mobile app where you can store money digitally and use it to pay for services, send money to friends, or shop online.

What is an e-wallet card?

An e-wallet card, often known as a digital card, is a virtual representation of a physical debit or credit card stored in your e-wallet.

How to build an e-wallet?

Building an e-wallet requires understanding financial regulations, partnering with banks, and developing a secure and user-friendly app or platform.

How do I create a slide deck template in PowerPoint?

To create a slide deck template in PowerPoint, start with a master slide, define styles and colors, and add relevant layouts.

What is called e-wallet?

An e-wallet, or electronic wallet, is a digital platform that allows users to store money, make payments, and receive funds electronically.

What are wallet types?

Wallet types include digital, mobile, physical, and cryptocurrency wallets like a Bitcoin e-wallet app.

Is e-wallet an app?

An e-wallet can be an app or a web-based platform used on electronic devices.

Is an e-wallet a bank account?

No, an e-wallet is not a bank account but can be linked to one for transfers and transactions.

What is a wallet account?

A wallet account is a digital account in an e-wallet platform where users store and manage their electronic money.

Remember, in the world of pitch decks, clarity is king. Your goal is to communicate your business idea efficiently and convincingly. Using a refined template like the one from Oak Business Consultant ensures you present your e-wallet solution in the best possible light.


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    As a start-up founder, I’m always looking for tools that simplify the fundraising process. This tool did just that. It’s well-structured and allowed us to present our e-wallet concept effectively.

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    I was initially skeptical about pitch deck templates, but Oak Business Consultant’s E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template pleasantly surprised me. It’s not overloaded with unnecessary features, and it genuinely helped us make a great first impression on investors.

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    Roger Fellman

    This template helped us stand out in a crowded market. It’s user-friendly and visually impressive – just what investors want to see.

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    I was tired of overwhelming pitch deck templates, but Oak Business Consultant’s E-Wallet Pitch Deck Template is a gem. It’s simple, elegant, and investor-friendly.

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    Thank you Oak Business Consultant for this template. It simplifies the presentation process and helps you convey your e-wallet idea convincingly. Highly recommended!

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