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A Singaporean client approached Oak Business Consultant for the creation of a pitch deck for their SaaS startup. Initially, the client and Oak Business Consultant came into a partnership to work on the business together. Then, eventually, Oak Business Consultant remained as the Financial Analyst along with a 20% share in the business.

The SaaS startup client wanted an enrapturing pitch deck that would bring its business plan to life and provides the audience with all its relevant aspects. The client’s business revolved around offering Software as a solution to luxurious private jets operators, including other services. Since the business’s service comes under a luxury item, a specific niche of the audience was to be targeted.


This case study’s scope revolves around the preparation of a pitch deck that the client requested. The pitch deck required the presentation of the problems faced by an average customer and the solution that this SaaS Company provides customers.


The client has streamlined the process of creating the pitch deck by giving us a clear vision of who the audience will be. However, creating a pitch deck befitting the client’s needs required a ton of market research.

Moreover, the business is one of a kind and has close to zero competitors. Therefore, the entire burden of getting the right research and analysis was on Oak Business Consultant’s shoulders. Therefore, we had to step in and figure out how to make it to the most effective pitch deck. All the research and calculations were to be done on our part and make use of the client’s Financial Model also created by Oak Business Consultant and market analysis for the pitch deck.

It is crucial in a pitch deck to decide an adequate number of pages that would serve the purpose of communicating the whole idea of the business within the least amount of time. Therefore, the number of pages ranges from 10 to 25 pages depending on the client’s needs. This client, however, was having a unique business idea for the most luxurious traveling industry and therefore, it was decided to have at least 18 pages to showcase the New Business to a venture capitalist.



The pitch deck created by Oak Business Consultant is comprised of various aspects. They all were directed towards gaining the attention of wealthy clients for the business once the operations began. Essentially, the pitch deck required a proper structure that we were able to create. We made sure to highlight the important problems in the pitch deck and then provide adequate solutions to help the audience understand why they need this service in their lives.

There’s a clear understanding of the steps presented here in this pitch deck through the table of contents. Each of the pitch deck sections took ample research and commitment to getting more investors and potential clients to the business.

Presenting The Problem

The first thing that Oak Business Consultant set out to do was figure out the business’s problems. Most of the client provided data, but it wasn’t sufficient to create an effective pitch deck. We made sure to put in more market research and understand what problems this SaaS startup might face. Each of these problems is crucial to the business the client is running. Therefore, it is essential in the pitch deck.

The pitch deck created by us included the service industry’s current standings and standards, how it lacked communication and many more issues. All of this data was procured after long and extensive research. Therefore, it proved to be highly viable for the pitch deck and met the client’s needs.

Offering The Ultimate Solution

The main bit of the pitch deck revolves around offering the solution to the problems discussed above. During our work with the SaaS startup, they formed another partnership with a company that offered a complimentary service to their business. Therefore, the solution created by the business and through our research proves to be highly effective.

The solution focuses on offering the audience a one-click way to connect and resolve their transportation queries. The pitch deck offers a straightforward and to-the-point solution that we hope to attract the right customers.

Showcasing Services

Now, what’s a pitch deck without explaining the services that the business has to offer? We made sure to incorporate the high-end luxurious service that the business hoped to provide its customers. It included a series of services that the target audience will be able to avail of easily.

Doing so was crucial for the pitch deck as it explains to potential investors and the clients what the business has to offer them. One of the initial pages of the pitch deck represent what the main services this business offers. It focuses on providing luxury and high-class services that will help them travel with ease.

Highlighting What Makes This SaaS Startup Unique

We, at Oak Business Consultant, had to ensure to highlight why this business is relevant to the audience. Each of the business’s key differentiators was added to the pitch deck to emphasize how this business’s effectiveness and necessity. Potential clients can avail of jet transportation is heavily maintained and easy-to-connected jet planes through the business’s effectively run application system.

Through the pitch deck, it is clarified as to what the business is all about. It is here to offer clients with updated aircraft through which they can go about making their travel plans. Each of the aircraft added is on a 4-year lease from a prominent distributor. So, it is safe to say that the jets will now be overused.

Moreover, the pitch deck emphasizes the hybrid hi-tech solution that it has to offer its clients. Since clients and investors want to know all there is about how the business or service works, the SaaS company’s pitch deck includes the useful feature of the business. The hybrid hi-tech solution allows for effective flight runs. With these, the business plans to run150 flights a day.

Reasoning For Establishing This Business

When it comes to why this business idea came into being is because of the need for this service. We made sure to incorporate the details into the pitch deck as well. Why is this business essential for the targeted consumers, and what made the client want to offer this service to them?

Reason 1

From our deductions, we understood that given the rise of the situation in 2020, certain impositions came to flying commercially. People are afraid of health risks in such flights and would want an option that would benefit them. Here is where private jets come into play. The number one reason why the client started this business was to meet the demands of people who wish to travel through private jets—giving people a more secure and hassle-free traveling option.

Reason 2

Another reason that fits well with this business and what we added to the pitch was the demand for exceptional 5-star services from transportation and hotels. Upgrading the client’s experience by providing them with exceptional services was the way to go. Therefore, providing customers with a service and highlighting this in the pitch deck brings more people to try them out. Moreover, it gives investors something interesting to view.

Target Market Research

Oak Business Consultant made sure to get the right data to figure out where most of the target market lies. It helped focus more on people who would be willing to spend on these services instead of others. It also helped clarify where the business will be more geographically relevant.

Businesses require the right target market to flourish. Not everyone can make use of these services as this is on the higher end. So, people with sufficient wealth and those actively looking for ways to travel luxuriously were targets. After a series of research and analysis, we came up with the right allocation for the target market for this business.

The pitch deck showcases the ratios of the various locations where the demand for this service is present. Not only does this help narrow down which locations to cover by the business, but it also helps investors understand that there is a good market out there that requires this service.

Investor Insights

To attract investors, we made sure to put in the data to make them look twice at this pitch deck. From what the business offers in return and future projections, viewers will find all the relevant data collected and forecasted by Oak Business Consultant from scratch.

In the pitch deck presented, we made sure to do our industry’s financial analysis and projected future investor ratios. It helps clarify to potential investors as to what the present value of the entire business will be. Moreover, it also showcases the possible profitability ratios that investors can earn.

Every time an investor adds funds to a business, they want to know what they’re investing in. This pitch deck makes sure to cover the main parts of what an investor may be interested in. These include Net present value (NPV), profit, and Return on investment (ROI). Each of these holds immense importance for investors, so we took the responsibility of adding it to the pitch deck.


Oak Business Consultant developed a relevant pitch deck after the client required numerous adjustments. Currently, we continue to work with this client to work on their business development. Creating the pitch deck was only one of the many things that we have done for this client. We are actively creating a financial model for this business as well by implementing our CFO services. Moreover, we have established a highly profitable relationship with this client and will surely follow through in the long term.


Oak Business Consultant has helped many Start-up and SME’s for the preparation of Business Plan, Financial Modelling, and Financial Consultancy.

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