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The client required a Go-To-Market strategy for their online study assistance business or Educational Platform. The main idea focuses on getting customers to subscribe to their business and avail of the services they have to offer worldwide. A range of strategies and research was put into the creation of this marketing strategy.


This project’s entire premise lies in creating an optimal Go-To-Market strategy for the client’s education-based business.


The main challenge presented was to meet the client’s needs for developing the marketing strategy. He had no information regarding what he required, so the project revolved around extensive and hands-on research. All the details and planning were to be done by Oak Business Consultant, and it required stepping into a field that was largely new to the business. However, the client requested additional changes throughout the course of this project. So, much of the planning had to be revamped or re-done from scratch.


We carried out excessive research to figure out what the students need. As a result, there were high periods of stress, anxiety, and financial limitations for the students when it came to this. Moreover, our main focus was to understand whether online help was something that students required.

Key marketing strategies needed to be understood and taken a look at. We used a series of methodologies to conduct the research. These included the following:

  • Secondary Research
  • In-depth Customer Interviews
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media Listening
  • Marketing Agencies

Factual and viable data was generated through research to finalize the marketing strategy for the client.

Solutions For Marketing Strategy

Oak Business Consultant offered the client a list of solutions for his Go-To-Market Strategy once presented with the fundamental research.

Core Strategies And Branding

The first thing that needed to focus on was what the business has to offer students. It means emphasizing on what makes the online study assistant business different. Here, we focused on the development and promotion of slogans, images, colors, and the delivery of the services.

Marketing Funnel Strategy

Another key aspect and highly researched part of the entire project was to create the marketing funnel. It explores the AIDA principle, which includes the attention, interest, desire, and action of the potential customers. We made sure to go over every aspect revolving around this principle that would benefit the client in any way possible.

Website SEO Marketing Strategy

A series of research indicated the essence of developing website SEO for the client’s business. The strategy put forward by us presented the details of what factors to account for when adding content to the website. The Meta tags, internal linking, keywords, site structure, and CTA buttons were the main focus of the marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Strategy

For content marketing strategies, competitor analysis was necessary. With data from the analysis, it was easier for us to determine what information is relevant for the website to flourish. Oak Business Consultant studied the articles, case studies, and other relevant content of the competitors to help the client figure out how to create his website’s content.

Content marketing strategies also showcased how to optimize content for keywords along with promotional aspects of it. Our recommendations included promoting platforms such as Quora and Reddit.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is one of the more relevant aspects of marketing in today’s time. We made sure to incorporate this into the solutions. It offered the client details of the important stages of using social media for his marketing campaigns.

Moreover, our research in this section denoted the various marketing agencies available for the client to use. The details included the cost breakup of each marketing agency as well.

Marketing Tools Integration

Finally, the assessment of a variety of tools took place to find out the best fit for the marketing strategy and needs of the client. These included Google Analytics, Goal Tracking, and Google Search Console. We further provided the client with social media management such as Hootsuite and email marketing tool setups.

Business Plan

The business plan for the client’s project included the marketing plan, financial plan, marketing strategy, and a sales plan.

For the marketing plans, we suggested a series of agencies through which the client could carry out his business’s marketing requirement.

Now, the financial plan focuses mainly on how much it would cost the client to carry out his marketing strategies. It mainly revolved around seeking help from agencies and their costs. Marketing agencies included Upwork, Stratigia, Freelancer, and Guru. So, he got a clear idea about what all their costs would be like.

Moreover, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) was a huge part of the financial plan. And, it has very high importance when figuring out how much the customers will offer in return for the costs.

The sales plan incorporated attracting students through their regular content on the platform such as an e-newsletter, and then luring the potential clients with a 60-minute free consultation between the tutor and the student.


In conclusion, Oak Business Consultant delivered what the client asked for, the Go-To-Market Strategy for his business. The online study assistance business is now up and running with our input during the developmental stages. Lastly, the client required a few changes and wanted additional strategies covering SEO, Application Marketing, and Sales Bottom funnel.


Oak Business Consultant has helped many Start-up and SME’s for the preparation of Business Plan, Financial Modelling, and Financial Consultancy.

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