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Six Great Places to Find Angel Investors

Angel Investors are commonly known as private investors who offer financial help to entrepreneurs for their ventures. Last year, 67030 businesses received angel funding, according to the Centre of Venture Research placed at the University of New Hampshire. The total investment was $22.9 Billion, which shows an increase of 1.8%. The number of people who invested in funds was around 270,000 individuals. The main question is, where do we find angel investors?

The answer is that there is no proper place to find angel investors. If there were a place to find it, it would’ve been more accessible. But on the other hand, if it were simple to find such investors, they would have been bombarded with deals. Thus, raising capital from them would have been a difficult job.

Listed below are six places to find your best angel investor

1. Local Business and Networking Events

Local events take place in every city which attracts business owners and entrepreneurs. Those people could either be your investors or introduce you to someone who might be interested. Information about such events could be searched on websites like Eventful, Meetup, and Eventbrite.

2. Industry Conferences and Trade Shows

You will always meet angel investors at industry conferences and trade shows. People who attend these events are quite successful who can do the funding for any company. There are high chances that they might already know about your industry because of the conference. They already have the required knowledge, which makes the step of educating them much more accessible. Such investors might also be an excellent resource to give you any valuable strategic advice.

3. Alumni Events

Many educational institutes work on developing a strong alumni network. This helps to connect the people who have graduated and are successful enough in their lives with people who need help. Alumni events are useful since you already know these individuals before. The best option is to attend these events and convince them to invest in your company. Few institutes also work on the online alumni network. Through this, you can see and connect with your investor directly.

4. Chamber of Commerce Meeting

Many business owners and angel investors attend the Chamber of Commerce Meetings, so it is essential to participate in such events.

5. Volunteer at Local Organisations/Charities

 It is considered a necessary act of humanity to give back to people who need your help. For this, attending charity events or volunteering for them can be helpful. You can also find some angel investors who are behind those events and might even help you with funding.

 6. Become a Guest Speaker

 Many groups hold monthly meetings and call various guest speakers for sessions. This could be a chance to tell people about your company. You may also be able to make more connections, work on networking, and find your angel investor.

 They do not only provide you capital but also strategical advice and move your company towards success. Once you find someone, the next step is to prepare your pitch and deliver your idea to them. We, at Oak Business Consultant, are specialized in providing information about topics that could help you and your business. We have also helped some companies in building a robust financial model and business plan. Therefore, you can visit our website Oak Business Consultant to consult with us for free.


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