Venture Capital Excel Financial Model Template

Venture Capital Excel Financial Model

Venture Capital Excel Financial Model Template

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Original price was: $350.Current price is: $245.

The Financial Analysts at Oak Business Consultant have made this complete and dynamic Venture Capital Excel Financial Model Template for your complete financial planning needs. The model has a 5-year financial projection plan to track steady growth and profitability. It can also estimate ongoing operating expenses, monthly revenue, and startup investment requirements. With this easy-to-use template, there is no further need for complex calculation, you just need to add numbers and you are all set.

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Venture Capital Excel Financial Model Template

Venture Capitalist firms play a vital role in the growth and sustenance of startups and SMEs. However, to ensure that the investments result in profitability, it is essential to have proper financial planning. Our Venture Capital Excel Financial Model Template can make the business and financial planning process easier and faster for you.

Introduction to our Venture Capital Financial Model

In the ever-evolving landscape of finance and investment, venture capital plays a pivotal role in nurturing innovative ideas and fueling the growth of promising startups. For entrepreneurs seeking funding and venture capitalists evaluating potential investments, having a robust financial model is paramount. In this comprehensive guide, we will introduce you to the Venture Capital Excel Financial Model Template, an indispensable tool for venture capital decision-making and financial planning.

How to Use Venture Capital Financial Model Template

A quick overview of the Financial Model: in the contents tab, you can see the structure of the model, and by clicking on any of the headlines, you will be redirected to the relevant worksheet.

On the Input tab, you can feed the financial information for the model, such as sales price, cost, expenses, etc. Inputs are always depicted with a Peach fill and grey letters, while the call-up (direct links from other cells) are filled in grey with black notes, and calculations are depicted with white fill and black characters.

Tabs based on Calculations

The Revenue sheet is structured to perform calculations according to the inputs entered by the user. Our Venture Capital Excel Financial Model Template provides separate sheets for Loan and Depreciation calculation. In addition, the PnL Monthly tab has aggregation along with other relevant statements like the balance sheet and cash flow for every month.

In the sensitivity analysis tab, you can see a high-level report with the main business scenarios. It shows how the company’s profit will look in case of any uncertainty. For example, how will the profit change if the cost or expenses increase by 10%?

The break-even analysis tab helps determine the units and revenue required to achieve break-even.

Moving to the Project Valuation tab, a company valuation is performed using the free cash flows with discount rates to the firm; then, a series of investment metrics are presented (IRR, NPV, ROE).

In the Dashboard tab: Various graphs present the revenues, cash analysis, break-even analysis, sensitivity, assets vs. liabilities, startup summary, etc.

Venture Capital Business Overview

Before delving into the intricacies of financial modeling, it’s essential to gain a clear understanding of the venture capital business. This section will provide insights into the world of venture capital, including its role in supporting early-stage companies, the significance of returns on investment, and the factors that drive venture capital funding decisions.

Benefits of Using our Template

Our Venture Capital Excel Financial Model Template offers a plethora of advantages that can transform your approach to venture capital investment and financial forecasting. From streamlining financial planning to providing valuable insights into investment returns, this section will elucidate why our template is a game-changer for both entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Key Inputs of Venture Capital Excel Financial Model

  1. The growth rate
  2. Revenue/Investment Assumptions
  3. Acquisition Costs
  4. Fixed Asset and Capital Expenditure
  5. Tax Rate
  6. Investment table
  7. Loan table

Key Features of Venture Capital Excel Financial Model

Venture capital financial modeling can be complex, but our template simplifies the process with its user-friendly features and dynamic calculations. This section will explore the key features of our template, highlighting its ease of use, customization options, and the power it puts in your hands for making informed investment decisions.

Input Sheet


Every sound financial model begins with a set of assumptions. In this part of the guide, we will guide you through the process of defining your assumptions, covering aspects such as revenue forecasts, expense categories, and return expectations. A robust set of assumptions forms the foundation of an accurate financial forecast.

Startup Summary for Venture Capital Excel Financial Model


Investing in early-stage companies is both exciting and challenging. In this section, we will guide you through the financial aspects of evaluating startups. We will discuss startup costs, funding requirements, and how to assess the potential returns on investment.

Monthly & Yearly Income Statement



An income statement offers a snapshot of a company’s financial performance. We will guide you through creating a monthly income statement, helping you track revenues, expenses, and profits on a month-to-month basis.

Expanding on the monthly income statement, we will explain how to create an annual version. This yearly income statement provides a comprehensive view of a startup’s performance over the course of a year.


Balance Sheet for Venture Capital Excel Financial Model


The balance sheet provides an overview of a company’s financial position at a specific point in time. We will show you how to construct an annual balance sheet that reflects the assets, liabilities, and equity of the startups in your investment portfolio.

Cash Flow for Venture Capital Excel Financial Model


Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, and for venture capitalists, monitoring cash flow is essential. We will teach you how to create a yearly cash flow statement, tracking the movement of cash in and out of your investment portfolio.

Three main sections of the Cash flow Statement:

  1. Operating Activities: We have included all cash in and out related to the operations of the business
  2. Investing Activities: Any cash from the disposal of an asset and acquisition and investments is included in this section linked to the inputs and fixed asset tab.
  3. Financing Activities: We have separately made a loan-related tab where you can enter all loan-related information. The account is linked to the Financing Activities of Cash flow Statement.

The Cashflow Statement in our Model contains a dedicated sheet to monitor and analyze your company cash-ins and out. This cash flow statement is based on several key inputs, such as Payable and Receivable Days, yearly income, working capital, long-term debt, net cash, etc. This calculation computes your net cash flow and beginning and end cash balances. This is a perfect template for your company’s cash flow management.

Break-Even Analysis


Understanding when a startup will break even is crucial for financial planning. We will walk you through the process of conducting a break-even analysis to determine the point at which a startup’s revenues cover its expenses, a key milestone in evaluating investment potential.

Project Evaluation for Venture Capital Business


Evaluating the financial viability of startups is an ongoing process for venture capitalists. In this section, we will discuss key metrics and financial ratios that help you assess the performance of portfolio companies and make data-driven investment decisions.

Diagnostic Sheet


This Diagnostic sheet is a new inclusion to our financial model. This automatically explains the condition of the business. For example, if your company’s profit is 30% of the total sales, the sheet will include favorable comments (As mentioned in the above picture). These comments are based on the financial data in the income statement, balance sheet, and Cash flow. Therefore, the Diagnostic Sheet is beneficial in giving the company’s insights in just one line.



The dashboard is a visual representation of your venture capital portfolio’s financial health. We will show you how to design an effective dashboard that presents key performance indicators in a clear and actionable format, aiding in decision-making and portfolio management.

Benefits of Venture Capital Excel Financial Model

Encapsulate Company Performance- The analysis of the Venture Capital Excel Financial Model simplifies a company’s financial statements. It allows the user to express critical profitability and financial position information in just a few numbers. For example, the company’s net profit margin encapsulates the net effect of a company’s revenues and all expenses. It will enable the user to conclude a company’s profitability without going through lengthy accounts statements.

Bottom Line – A Venture Capital Excel financial model can be the key to your company’s better and informed future. Succeeding in planning your Company’s finances well will mean overall success in making wise investment decisions, purchasing the right operating assets, controlling costs, and determining company valuation.

Accommodates Investors – This model provides valuation and performance analysis charts. It enables the investors and banks to determine the company’s actual worth considering lending funds to your company.

Based on Financial Principles – We did in-depth research on the Venture Capital business model to create this financial model with logically correct financial and economic principles and assumptions.

Properly Integrated – The model assumptions and calculation have proper integration. So, the change in the main sheet will automatically lead to the change in all related sheets easily.

Visualization Tool – This Financial model also prepares a clear communication of the quantitative outcomes. As obtained by calculations via various graphs and charts. Therefore, the user does not need to pay much attention to the financial model’s inner workings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can venture capital financial models benefit venture capitalists and startups?

Venture capital financial models provide a structured approach to evaluating investment opportunities and forecasting financial performance. For venture capitalists, these models enable informed investment decisions, while startups can use them to demonstrate their growth potential to potential investors.

Q2: What role do accurate revenue forecasts play in venture capital investments?

Accurate revenue forecasts are essential for assessing a startup’s growth potential and revenue generation capabilities. Venture capitalists rely on these forecasts to estimate returns on investment and make funding decisions.

Q3: How can venture capitalists use financial projections to make informed investment choices?

Financial projections, such as income statements and cash flow statements, allow venture capitalists to assess a startup’s financial health, sustainability, and potential for growth. These projections provide insights into future performance and profitability.

Q4: Can I customize the Venture Capital Excel Financial Model Template to suit specific investment criteria?

Yes, our template is highly customizable, allowing venture capitalists to tailor it to their investment criteria and preferences. You can adjust assumptions, input data, and financial models to align with your specific needs.


In summary, the Venture Capital Excel Financial Model Template, when combined with robust financial statements and a strategic business plan, equips venture capitalists and startups alike to make accurate forecasts, secure initial investments, and drive informed business decisions. This powerful tool is essential in navigating the dynamic world of venture capital, enabling stakeholders to achieve financial success and sustainability.

Venture capital investing often involves assessing the potential of startups, from early-stage ventures to established public companies, over a specified period of time. Utilizing a financial projection template and analyzing cash flow projections, investors can evaluate the sustainability of these ventures. Understanding the linear trend of financial growth and stability is essential in making informed decisions, and ensuring that venture capital investments align with long-term financial goals and objectives.

Walk-Through Video of Venture Capital Excel Financial Model

The following video will give you an overview of the different components of the financial model and will help you understand how it works.

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