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Oak business consultant’s new product, Ride-Hailing Pitch Deck, is designed for startups who want to raise investment for the startup. The pitch deck includes slides containing a company summary, problem and solutions, marketing strategies, competition, SWOT analysis, financial projection, etc.

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Ride Hailing Pitch Deck

A pitch deck powerfully attracts an investor to invest in your business. The pitch deck requires a lot of time and creativity. You don’t have to worry about this because our pitch deck is eye-catching and professional. Hence, buy the template, enjoy the investment from different investors, and run your business smoothly. This Pitch deck is designed for startups looking for investment and wanting to pitch their business idea to potential investors. Oak business consultant analyst did extensive research on the pitch deck and came up with a professional, eye catchy, and easily understandable Ride Hailing pitch deck for you. 

Each Section of the Ride-Hailing Pitch Deck includes several different layouts. Each Layout is designed differently. Choose the slide layout that best explains your business idea.

The Ride-Hailing Pitch Deck Details

  • PowerPoint format
  • 10-40 slides
  • 15 sections to tell your story
  • Sample descriptions and graphs
  • Customization color format

The Ride Hailing Pitch Deck Contains

  • Company Summary
  • Vision and Mission
  • Problem
  • Solutions
  • Market Validation and Size
  • Revenue Model
  • Competition in the Market
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Highlights
  • Milestone
  • Our Team
  • Icons for editing


Features of Ride-Hailing Pitch Deck

The Investor Ready Pitch Deck Template is explicitly designed for owners looking for Investment for their start-up or Business. Each Section is designed concerning the Industry or Business criteria. The followings are the slides available in the Ready Pitch Deck Template.

Company Summary

The slide will give an idea of what the company is all about and what it does.

Ride Hailing Pitch Deck-Company Summary

Vision and Mission

This slide section gives where you want to take your company and what inspires you and your staff to reach your aim.

Ride Hailing Pitch Deck-Mission & Vision


The slide contains the problems that the customers are facing or the gap in the market that you want to cater to.

Ride Hailing Pitch Deck-Problems


The solution slide contains how your Business is solving the problems you mentioned in the last slide issue quickly and accordingly.

Ride Hailing Pitch Deck-Solutions

Market Validation and Size

TAM is an acronym for ‘Total Available Market.’ It includes all potential customers who can buy your product or service. The total available market helps companies understand the potential for growth and product capability expansion related to geographic expansion. In addition, TAM explains the total revenues a business could make.

SAM is a ‘Serviceable Market.’ It is a subset of TAM, which describes the chunk of the market that can be acquired. Lastly, SOM stands for Service Obtainable Market, a subset of SAM. It’s the target market for your product.

We have included its Section in the pitch slides where you quickly calculate the total available market of your business, serviceable available market, and service obtainable market.

Ride Hailing Pitch Deck-Market Validation

Competition in the Market

The slide shows your competitors and the competitiveness of each competitor.

Ride Hailing Pitch Deck-Competition in the Market

SWOT Analysis

You can add your startup strengths, weaknesses, opportunity, and threats in this slide to give an idea to your investors of how you can be the best option to invest and overcome those threats and weaknesses. 

Ride Hailing Pitch Deck-SWOT Analysis

Revenue Analysis

With this pitch deck slide, you must be strategic in your approach. This slide has room for flexibility. It will tell you the approximate amount or show you a summary of your investments and profitability.

Ride Hailing Pitch Deck-Revenue Model

Financial highlights

We have outlined the plan according to the business nature to capture investors’ eyes with customized charts and graphs. Furthermore, this slide has to be designed without any errors. You can easily input your financials through our pitch deck slide and see the subsequent change in the graphs present in the slides.

Ride Hailing Pitch Deck-Financial Highlights

Investor Consideration

The slide will convey what you want from the investor, like the investment required, the ownership they will get, the IRR, and the payback period.

Ride Hailing Pitch Deck-Investor Consideration

Our Team

You can add pictures, names, and their responsibilities to our customized slides.

Ride Hailing Pitch Deck-Our Team

What makes this Ride Hailing Pitch Deck a great buy?

The pitch deck is professional and eye catchy. It will help you explain your business idea and financial projections effortlessly and straightforwardly in just a few lines. This will help you gain potential investors, as the pitch deck will give them an idea about the business’s potential and insights into how it works. 

The pitch deck is creative, with many customized charts, graphs, and different small-size pictures that make the pitch deck attractive. 

How to Use a Ride-Hailing Pitch Deck?

The pitch deck template is the usable format. Therefore, you can easily edit, add, and amend according to your needs. In ideal cases, it will be a format you can quickly learn and jump into edit if you need to update or customize it for potential investor meetings. You want to plug in quickly and swiftly what you have included in the slides. You don’t want to shell out and wait for days for simple changes from a design agency every time. Hence there is no sense in a format that will take days to learn and that none of your team can figure out how to use.

Editing in PowerPoint slides

Home tab: In the Slides templates, select Layout, then choose the Layout you updated in Slide Master View.

To amend an existing layout, do one or more of the following:

  1. To add a placeholder, click Insert Placeholder on the Slide Master tab and choose a placeholder type from the list. Next, select a location on the Layout and then drag to draw the placeholder accordingly.
  2. Add, edit, or remove a placeholder on a slide layout.
  3. To rename the Layout, in the thumbnail list of forms, right-click the Layout that you customized, and then click Rename Layout.
  4. In the Rename Layout dialogue box, type a new name describing the Layout you’ve just created, then click Rename.
  5. On the Slide Master tab, click Close Master View.

This Ride Hailing Pitch Deck includes PowerPoint files.


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