Dental Practice Excel Financial Model

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Dental Practice Excel Financial Model

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Original price was: $300.Current price is: $140.

This Dental Practice Excel Financial Model is a detail-oriented and ideal template for the Dental practice business which enables you to analyze and projecting business financials and monitor investors’ equity valuation by overlooking all given input tables, charts, and graphs to make smart decisions. The objective of this 5-year Dental Practice Financial Model Excel Template is to take every opportunity possible to help your business grow and try to work around keeping threats such as liquidity away from the business.

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Dental Practice Excel Financial Model


This versatile Dental Practice Excel Financial Model, designed and developed by professionals, will assist in computing the startup summary, detailed monthly and yearly profit and loss statement, major expenses, and KPI to measure business performance in detail. A dental practice financial model will also allow you to estimate the cost of the procedure, employees’ salaries, need for certain services, and so on. This model’s non-complex design and structure will help the dentist and manager determine ROI and practice inefficiencies.

Oak Business Consultant Dental Practice’s financial model Excel template, designed by an expert Financial Analyst, has unique and dynamic features that will assist you in calculating your business financial flows. These include the startup summary, detailed monthly and yearly profit and loss statement, NPV, Cash inflow and Outflow, and ratios to measure business performance in detail.

The input sheet will be based on the assumptions which are as follows

  • Investment
  • Cost of Services
  • Tax rate
  • Employees Monthly Payroll
  • Capital Expenditure
  • Operating Expenses

Excel Financial Model for Dental Practice: Key Components

Input Sheet

This model Excel template contains inputs that, when changed, impact the calculations; therefore, the changes are applied to all relevant sheets. Since our financial model always has built-in flexibility, it displays different outcomes or final calculations based on changing a few key inputs.

Dental Practices Excel Financial Model-Assumptions

Revenue Analysis:

Understand your primary sources of monthly revenue from services rendered to additional products or services that your dental office might offer. This section will highlight growth opportunities and help you keep track of your most profitable services.

Dental Practices Excel Financial Model-Revenue Analysis
Revenue Analysis

Startup Summary with Cost Segmentation and Utilization Funds Chart

Since the table allows the user to calculate startup business costs for the first year, the initial investment amount required from the investors or a bank loan is easily understandable.

Dental Practices Excel Financial Model-Start up Summary
Start up Summary

5-Years Detailed Monthly and Yearly Profit and Loss Statement

Understanding the financial activities and financial statements using the income statement is pivotal for dental services. This tool for owners captures the revenues earned and the variable expenses incurred over a specific period. Dive into the details of your revenues, cost of services, and other expenses to get a clear idea of your bottom line.

Dental Practices Excel Financial Model-Yearly Income Statement
Yearly Income Statement
Dental Practices Excel Financial Model-Monthly Income Statement
Monthly Income Statement

Cash Flow Statement

The cash flow statement, with accurate cash flow projections, is the heart of any business, and dental practices are no exception. This statement gives a comprehensive view of the inflows and outflows of cash within your practice. From operating activities to investments and financing, get a clear understanding of where your cash is coming from and where it’s being used.

Dental Practices Excel Financial Model-Cash Flow Statement
Cash Flow Statement

Balance Sheet

A dental practice balance sheet is a snapshot of a dental practice’s financial health at a particular point in time. This statement, acting as a more specialized balance sheet template, showcases the assets owned, the liabilities owed, and the equity of the practice owner. For dental professionals, assets may include dental equipment, cash on hand, and accounts receivables, while liabilities can be loans, accounts payable, and other debts.

Dental Practices Excel Financial Model-Balance sheet
Dental Practices Excel Financial Model-Balance sheet

Project Evaluation

Project evaluation becomes indispensable when considering introducing a new service, expanding the current office, or investing in advanced equipment. This segment examines the financial feasibility of potential projects, weighing the benefits against the costs and providing insights to make informed decisions.

Dental Practices Excel Financial Model-Company Valuation
Company Valuation

Sensitivity Analysis

The world of business, including dental practices, is fraught with uncertainties. Sensitivity analysis helps dental professionals gauge the potential risks and outcomes based on various scenarios. By tweaking certain financial ratios, like price, patient inflow, or costs, one can anticipate potential challenges and be better prepared.

Dental Practices Excel Financial Model-Sensitivity Analysis
Dental Practices Excel Financial Model-Sensitivity Analysis

Break-Even Analysis

Determine the point where your dental practice’s revenue equals its expenses. It’s a critical metric to understand, as it provides clarity on your business’s sustainability and organic growth potential.

Dental Practices Excel Financial Model-Break even Analysis
Break-even Analysis


This is your go-to for a quick overview. All crucial metrics, financial ratios, and forecasts are available at a glance, making it an essential tool for busy practitioners, especially those tracking active patients and keen on maximizing their financial metrics.

Dental Practices Excel Financial Model-Dashboard

Benefits of Using This Dental Practice Financial Model Excel Template

Time-Saving: One of the primary advantages is the time you’ll save. Instead of creating financial metrics from scratch, this template, akin to a balance sheet template, offers an intuitive tool where you only need to input data.

Comprehensive Analysis: With sections dedicated to various financial aspects, you get a complete picture of your practice’s health, which aids in effective decision-making.

Cost-Effective: Outsourcing financial analysis can be pricey. But with our template, designed for dental practice startups and seasoned business owners alike, you get a cost-effective solution, ensuring that expenses, including variable costs, don’t overrun your budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Select An Accounting Software System For Your Dental Office:

It’s essential to consider factors like user-friendliness, cost, integration capabilities, and the specific needs of your practice. Research, take advantage of trial periods, and consult with other professionals in the dental care sector.

Any Questions on Dental Practice Business Financial Projection 3 Statement Model?:

While it might sound complex, the 3-statement model essentially integrates your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, giving a holistic view of your business.

Why You Need a Dental Membership Plan:

A membership plan can enhance patient loyalty, ensure steady revenue, and reduce dependency on insurance providers. It’s a win-win for both the dental practice and the patients.

What Dentrix Can Do For You:

Dentrix, dental practice management software, can revolutionize your practice’s operations. From appointment scheduling to billing, it’s a comprehensive tool that streamlines operations.

Not Looking To Sell Yet, But Want a Dental Practice Evaluation?:

Periodic evaluations are crucial, even if selling isn’t on the horizon. Knowing the worth of your practice can guide investment decisions and growth.

Why Does a Dentist Need a Financial Plan?:

A financial plan acts as a roadmap. It provides clarity on where you’re headed, ensures that you’re prepared for unexpected hurdles, and maximizes profitability.

How Often Should a Dentist Meet with His or Her Financial Planner after We Do the Initial Plan?:

Meeting at least twice a year is advisable. Regular check-ins ensure that you’re on track and can adapt to any changes or new opportunities.


Managing a dental practice is no small feat. But with the right tools, like our Dental Practices Excel Financial Model Template, the journey becomes smoother. This comprehensive tool is designed to cater to the unique needs of dental professionals, ensuring that financial aspects are handled with ease. So, while you focus on providing top-notch patient care, let this template handle the business side of things. Remember, a successful dental practice thrives on both excellent services and robust financial management. Stay informed, stay profitable!

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The following video will give you an overview of the different components of the financial model and will help you understand it’s working.

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