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Data Visualization

Data visualization is a fancy term for converting your data into charts, graphs, images, and tables. It is about making your information more presentable. We have all been through situations where any document with too much text takes our interest away immediately. An average person has an attention span of 8 seconds and absorbing a dry PowerPoint slide makes your brain numb. A poorly presented information takes your interest away, and it is hard to understand and remember. It is also the case with huge excel files filled with numbers that make you tune out. Apart from being boring, this can also result in your business, not getting enough funding or losing an outstanding deal.

Why is data visualization important?

Your brain understands visual information better

We all have been communicating with each other for 30,000 years, but we have been using written communication for only 3700 years. That makes it 10 percent of the total time. Ninety percent of the time, we use data visualization. This proves that our brains process visual information at a better rate. It is stated that a human mind can process information visually 60000 times faster than texts. Sometimes, we can consume more information from a picture than sitting down and reading the whole text.

An average person can focus on one word from the whole paragraph, which is a slow and inefficient process. On the other hand, data visualization makes us absorb multiple pictures simultaneously. Since it is difficult to go through 1000 words document, an average individual reads only 28 percent of the text. It is easier to guess the next picture in sequence within 5 seconds than to memorize a 10-digit number.

Data Visualization is more persuasive

Apart from being just effective, data visualization is more persuasive. A study found out that visual data is 43 percent more effective in convincing your audience. If you are trying to get funding from investors, your presentation must be more attractive. Visual data helps to make the information easier to understand. It makes any complex data understandable, accessible, and usable. While using graphs and charts to present your data instead of texts makes your point clearer. With this, there are higher chances of getting the deal in your favor.

How to make your presentation more presentable with visuals

Replace text with images in the presentation.

The first step is to use fewer words and more pictures, charts, and graphs to present your data. When there is more text on your slide, your audience focuses more on your slides than your own words. Data visualization helps you to gain the power of narration. While on the other hand, when your slide has visuals, then you have the authority to present your point in your own words. You can also use the “speaker’s note” function in PowerPoint. This is like a takeaway for your audience while giving the presentation.

Use data visualization to clarify not repeat.

You should always make sure that your visuals go along with the information you want to present. The pictures and statistics should not be self-explanatory, so you can narrate them on your own. Moreover, data visualization should be used to clear and complement your data. You should discuss it on a conceptual level and add your own context. Your words should not only be about what the picture is already showing.

Always keep a balance.

There should always be a balance between your visuals and what you want to present. Your presentation shouldn’t be all dependent on your data while you’ve nothing to speak about. Even if you create a perfect presentation, it will only be attractive to how you talk to your audience through it. Always remember that data visualization is a part of your work only. It only helps you to present easily.

While presenting to your manager, working on the sales pitch, doing a marketing campaign, your visuals play a critical role. Data visualization should be worked with special attention as it can highly impact your business. We, at Oak Business Consultant, are specialized in providing consultation on these matters. We have helped several companies in building a robust financial model and business plan along with Pitch Deck. Therefore, you can visit our website Oak Business Consultant to consult with us for free.




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