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The 30-70 Rule of Failure

If I write the word ‘failure,’ your brain would recall all the times where you’ve struggled to achieve something. Everyone fails at some point in their lives. Sometimes you can find yourselves in situations where it is all planned in your head successfully, but the execution doesn’t work out so well. Failure is like a bitter reality that comes with a lot of lessons.

The 30-70 rule of failure tells us that someday a football player will not be able to make a goal 70% of the time, or a company might not be able to use its funds or work well on the operations 70% of the time. But for the remaining 30%, they will succeed. The problem which lies is that a concept of an endpoint is attached to the word failure. Many people consider it their defeat, which stops them from moving forward.

The reason behind it is because failure doesn’t come with a manual. We find ourselves clueless about what to do next. Some people might prepare themselves for a situation like this, but still, they struggle to cope up with it. The important part is to learn what it teaches us. When we fail, it helps us to learn, grow, and mature. We see and understand things through a different perspective; we connect the dots of where we went wrong and bridged the gaps. The process of failure might be hurtful, but if we walk through it, there is light and hope at the end of the tunnel.

As said earlier, the journey from falling to standing up back again comes with many lessons, but the ones which we need to focus on are:

Failure isn’t the end of the road

Sometimes we fail big. We see things working out accordingly, and then suddenly, they are out of our reach. The goal isn’t completed, and then it breaks us both emotionally and physically. It hurts us more than what we could describe through words, but failure isn’t something that would define us. It feels like the end of the world, but it is just the beginning of something new.




You must redefine your priorities


Failure can’t make you until it first breaks you. And to make a better version of yourself, you need to redefine your priorities. You reorder things that matter the most in order to achieve your dreams once again. This step is crucial for overcoming failure as you learn to make space for what is more important and make necessary adjustments accordingly.


Failure forces you to change your approach


Your goal must remain the same, but the plan needs constant changes. The question to ask yourself after failing at something is, why did you fail? Where did things go wrong? Once you change your plan and revise your approach towards the goal, you do better at stages where you couldn’t succeed before.


You see your obstacles differently


You must realize that one can not achieve their goals overnight. At first, new goals seem exciting, but with time, the energy level and the dedication towards it drops, which affects productivity. In order to accomplish our goals, we need to work every day with the same spirit and overcome the problems.


Giving up is not an option after failure


It’s easier said than done, but every single step counts. No matter if you struggle every day, giving up on it is not the solution. We should always be motivated and learn to get up every time we fail.

 We have some great stories of successful people around us who once failed at some point and learned through it. Before forming Hershey Chocolate, Milton Hershey bankrupted six companies. Now known as the world’s wealthiest man, Bill Gates failed at his first business and then started Microsoft.

A number of failures do not define our potential. It is the point where our growth starts. Michael Jordan once said, “I can accept failure; everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”  

Not everyone is going to understand, many people will tell you to forget about your goals, but one must believe in themselves and never stop trying.

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