Bar Financial Model Excel Template

Bar Excel Financial Model

Bar Financial Model Excel Template


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The financial analyst of Oak business consultant has created the bar Financial Model Excel Template after thorough research about the business model. The model contains adjustable assumptions, you can edit the input data according to your company’s data, and the model will update automatically. The template contains input sheets, Supporting details including the calculations of operating expenses, payroll, depreciation, loan, and working capital, financial statements, financial analysis, and a dashboard.

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Bar Financial Model Excel Template

The bar industry is vast; the market size will be more than 35 billion in 2023, meaning that the industry is profitable. But, there is a huge competition and low barriers to entry in the industry. So if you want to start a bar startup, you have to be very careful and must know about the future projections and must have an investment in your company to cover the initial expenses. The Bar Financial Model Excel Template will help you with that. The template will estimate the future projections of your company based on the inputs you will enter. 

The model also estimates the expenses, so you can know how much of the revenue will be set aside to cover those expenses. The model will help you identify the investment requirements and the company’s actual value. So if you feel that the value is low, you can take corrective actions beforehand to set the company’s value before going for an investment phase.

The Bar Financial Model Excel Template contains the following Sheets.

  • Assumptions

Bar Financial Model Excel Template-Input

The Assumption sheet is the basis of the entire model. It contains ‘ investments, loans, revenue, and cost assumptions. You have to enter the data in peach-filled columns to get accurate results for your company. The model will update the calculations automatically when you enter the input data.

  • Expenses-Input

Bar Financial Model Excel Template-Expenses-Input

The expenses-Input contains the assumptions related to operating expenses, Employees’ Payroll and Capital Expenditure. Enter the data in peach filled column only. 

  • Revenue Analysis

Bar Financial Model Excel Template-Expenses-Input

The revenue analysis estimates customers and orders for different categories and the revenue and cost of goods sold for each product under each category. Moreover, the sheet summarizes yearly category-wise revenue and cost of goods sold at the end. 

  • Supporting Details

Bar Financial Model Excel Template-Supporting Details

The supporting Detail sheet contains all the calculations needed to make the Financial Statement: operating expenses, Employee payroll, depreciation, loan, and working capital Calculation. 

  • Financial Statements

The Financial Statement sheet has three main Financial Statements Calculations monthly and yearly.

Income Statement

Bar Financial Model Excel Template-Income Statement

The income statement estimates the profitability of the company. The Profitability margins from gross profit margin to net profit margin are also incorporated in the income statement to get a clear picture in percentage terms.

Cashflow Statement

Bar Financial Model Excel Template-Cashflow Statement

The Cashflow Statement estimates the cash inflow and outflow in your company. Additionally, it evaluates how efficiently your company manages its cash position.

Balance Sheet

Bar Financial Model Excel Template-Balance Sheet

A balance sheet summarizes a business, giving you the company’s financial position, like how many assets, liabilities, and equity you have in your company.

  • Financial Analysis

The Financial Analysis section estimates the following.

Breakeven Analysis

Bar Financial Model Excel Template-Breakeven Analysis

The breakeven analysis estimates the sales needed to reach the no-profit, no-loss situation.

Financial Ratios

Bar Financial Model Excel Template-Financial Ratios

The Financial Ratio section estimates solvency, liquidity, profitability, and efficiency ratios to better understand the company’s performance.  You can also compare your ratios with your industry benchmarks. 

Project Evaluation

Bar Financial Model Excel Template-Project Evaluation

The Project Evaluation estimates the Net present value of the company, Internal rate of return, minimum expected equity percentage by investors, investors’ required future value, and payback period.

Sensitivity analysis

Bar Financial Model Excel Template-Sensitivity Analysis

The sensitivity analysis estimates the company’s income statement heads, NPV, and the Payback period when Revenue and cost of goods sold are changed while keeping the same expense plan. Moreover, the sensitivity analysis is done in two ways pessimistic and optimistic.  

  • Dashboard

Bar Financial Model Excel Template-Dashboard

The dashboard provides a graphical representation of your company’s performance. Average gross profit, net profit, and revenue growth are also included in the dashboard to understand your business’s profitability better. 

Advantages of this model

  1. Cost-effective: The model is cost-effective. You don’t need to hire financial experts for financial modeling tasks for your startups.
  2. Investor’s Friendly: All related investor metrics are present. It provides valuation and performance analysis charts. Therefore, investors will appreciate the complete transparency of the financial model while considering investing in your business.
  1. Properly Integrated – The model assumptions and calculation have proper integration. Therefore, the change in the main sheet will automatically lead to the change in all related sheets easily.

Walk-Through Video of Bar Excel Financial Model

The following video will give you an overview of the different components of the financial model and will help you understand how it works.

This product includes one excel file.


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