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Cost-Analysis Excel Financial Template is easy to understand, handy, and efficiently helpful when you require a quick way to calculate a new initiative By analyzing a project’s costs and benefits will help you to determine the appropriate objective, a project associated direct cost, cost reductions, and inform you to measure project success.

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Cost-Analysis Excel Financial Template

As a company owner or manager involved in any specific project or sales of goods and services, you would probably be aware that how crucial it is to analyze cost factors and how cost analysis plays a pivotal role in sales strategy or the project implementation process. A cost analysis Excel Template includes all the important tables and fields that are considered as directly attributed to the sales of goods or services that are to be sold by the company.

The objective of this user-friendly excel template is the preparation of a Cost-Benefit Analysis to measure the company’s financial feasibility for a proposed project or investment. The Cost-Benefit analysis model has been presented into a quarterly timeline with all relevant input fields.

Key Features of Cost Analysis Excel Financial Template

This Cost-Analysis Template is generic, not specific to any particular industry. It can calculate a number of Cost snd Benefit Valuation metrics for the proposed project or investment, including:

  • Cost Analysis Table- This table includes the computation of all kinds of basic cost fields, which are generic and related to almost all sales or project implementation processes.
  • Direct Benefits- Using this template, you can calculate your revenue stream, which directly derives from sales of goods.
  • Cost Saving- This Field will enable you to compute the reduction of cost, which had happened by launching a new project or product, such as a decrease in the advertising budget, reduction in publishing cost and reduced maintenance cost, etc.
  • Cost Avoidance- This excel template allows you to calculate soft saving by avoiding the cost which will be incurred in the future.
  • Other Benefits- You can calculate another more benefits as per your business and project nature
  • NPV & IRR – This Template also allows you to calculate the Net Present Value and IRR of your newly launched project and product.

Why Do You Need to Use This Template?

This Excel Template is easy and handy and allows you to calculate all kinds of cost analyses related to your products’ sales. Moreover, this template features are easy to understand, professionally designed, and organized, which will allow you to determine the cost-benefit analysis included, cost savings, cost avoidance, and other benefits that you can use, whether you are into selling products or launching a project. It includes a graph, which is a very visual representation of all analyses and easily understandable. The data in this graph is automatically updated as you update your input fields.

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