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The foundation for success in the ever-evolving business landscape is a robust business strategy. Oak Business Consultant is your reliable ally, providing a detailed blueprint to traverse industry nuances and pinpoint the ideal market. We simplify intricate business terminologies, delivering straightforward, practical guidance. Your entrepreneurial vision is articulated into a clear mission that resonates with all. Our Advance Business Plan package is thoughtfully curated to bolster seasoned business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

business plan
ideal cash flow analysis


Every business structure needs expert advice, from a budding startup to an established enterprise. Our top industry consultants are here to guide you, ensuring your business goals align with your actions.

pitch deck

Pitch Deck

Secure investments with our state-of-the-art pitch deck presentations. Tailored to your business models and designed to captivate potential investors, our pitch decks are your ticket to success.

Business Plan

Dive deep into a 20-30 page business plan that outlines your business idea and paints a clear picture for potential investors.

Build your Business Plan with Us

Drafting a business plan can be daunting, often taking up to 300 hours. With our expertise, you receive a comprehensive plan in just 5 days. Our financial experts distill your vision into a concise, compelling plan with financial projections and cash flow statements.

affordable consultancy services

Our approach is simple

We delve deep to understand your business concept, ensuring a plan that mirrors your aspirations.

Team of Professional

Engage with our adept team of researchers, financial modelers, and writers, all working in tandem to craft your business description.

Strategic Process

Our confidence in securing funds for you is unwavering. Our team works on a success basis fee, so unless you get your money, our work is almost free.

importance of cash flow

Payment for our service

We don't charge upfront for our fees for raising money for our clients. Our team works on a success basis fee, so unless you get your money, our work is for almost free.

Why Us

We know the importance of presenting the document for investment or loan with a business plan. Among the other services, OAK offers market analysis, market research and strategic planning for start-up and existing Businesses.


Our Research Analysts do not miss anything by performing detailed market research & market analysis and producing a full market report that lays a firm foundation for your business plan.

The Competition

A neophyte business individual often finds it difficult to access their competitors. We ensure you to be fully informed about the current market situations and trends, including customer demand and competition.

Financial Aspect

Our numbers work. Based on a detailed and accurate market analysis that goes into a comprehensive foundation of any plan, we can provide a reliable financial forecast together with a step by step plan on how to achieve it.


We completely understand that there are a lot of choices when hiring a business plan company or consultant. But there are only a few, if any, with high reputation, full availability, support, and successful track record as Business Plan Consultants. Having served over 200 entrepreneurs and small business owners since 2008, we have experience in almost every industry, country, and the market available. Our goal is to provide you with complete peace of mind and comfort, knowing you have hired one of the best business plan companies, which is why every business plan includes our money-back guarantee. And our three business plan packages provides you greatest value for money.
Call or chat with our experts today and get free of cost financial consultation.

Business Plans For Loans

To satisfy the sections for most business startup loans
from government schemes, banks, or individual lenders and friends, you need to present an all-around viable business plan with positive cash flow. More emphasis needs to be placed on the affordability of the loan for your business, and businesses have to demonstrate within the financial pack business can repay the loan amount.

Note: If you need a business plan or financial projections to obtain a loan for business interruption due to the COVID-19 situation, you will qualify for a 21% discount on your business plan and financial projections. We will also prioritize applications for The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loans and will aim to get the work completed within seven days.

What Our Advance Business Plan Package Offers

Details of our Advance Business Plan Package are below:




Business Plan
20-30 pages Business Plan
Financial Model
5 Years Financial Model
Financial Consultation
15 Days
Financial Analysis
Word and Excel
Marketing Plan
SWOT Analysis
Financial Statements
Go to Market Strategy
Hiring Support
Competitor Analysis
Weekend availability
Business Plan Template
Financial Plan
Sales Strategy
Marketing Plan
Operational Plan

We are also provide Ready to Use,
Industry detailed oriented Business plan Template