Product Tag - Market Analysis

The market analysis is one of the essential parts of any startup business and strategy. It can help decrease risk because if you understand your market conditions and potential customers, you’ll have a greater chance of producing a viable product or service.
It should also help you clarify what makes you distinct from the competition, which can break or make your possibilities of standing out in a competitive landscape.

Once you have in-depth information about your market, you’ll be better placed to promote products and services that your clients will appreciate. And while diving into market research may seem like a difficult task, it can be broken up into 4 simple factors:
Industry overview: You’ll explain the current state of your business and where it is headed.
Target market: Who are your real buyers? You’ll mention how many of them are there, what their needs are, and explain their demographics.
Competition: Describe your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, and positioning.
Pricing and forecast: Pricing is an important factor in how you will place your business in the market.