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Background of the Case Study

This Case Study for NGO is about – Hub Care that is an Australian-based NGO, that provides a unique and holistic service system to Government for sharing information across Social Service ecosystems, leading to improved outcomes for citizen engagement, increased productivity, compliance for services, and improved government oversight.

The company has a great contribution to their Society, so now they want extensive market research for their future social plans and for pursuing funds from the Government to initiate.


The case study of the NGO will also look into some of the challenges the company was facing. The company was planning to initiate another social program for society, so they need funds from the Government and Investor for getting execute the project;

So the need the following data analysis;

Hub Care outsourced this project to Oak Business Consultant, so, we did comprehensive market data and make feasibility,  company’s current, and future project Valuations. Oak Business Consultant also provides financial analysis, budgeting, costing, and ROI analysis so that they can give benefit to society and increase standards.


Market Analysis

Oak Business Consultant Provides deep analysis of their Markets and gives the easiest presentation so that it gives clear meaning and insight to their stakeholders.

Market Analysis - Case Study NGO
Carts - Case Study NGO

Cost Benefits Analysis

Oak Business Consultant provides a cost-benefit analysis for their future projects. Hence, we gave recommendations regarding a few cost overhead control and gave a plan for future expenditures plans.

Cost Benefit Analysis - Case Study NGO


Hub Care provides ROI projections, only for 1 year, but also provides 5 year ROI, 8 year ROI with conventional Revenue and expenses analysis. Run Rate was mentioned especially so that it was easier to make sense of their investment utilization and Investment periods.

This section Provides real and factual historical data and gives a clear insight into the future projection.

Net present value - Case Study NGO


Oak Business Consultant provides current and predictive analysis for better decision-making. Since Victoria is the second largest territory having 18.76% of the total number of substantiation in Australia.

Hubcare also helps in Victoria Risk Framework and increases ROI in the investigation process by 77.27%.

We provided provide that their solution helps

  • to reduce cost by 28.29% which means
  • save $30.93 per child as a result
  • total cost saving would be $ 280,704.

Our Cost-benefit and Economic Impact analysis report also provides the following analysis

  • The Hubcare helps to reduce cost up to 50%
  • Increase employee satisfaction by 40%
  • And, Increase employee retention by up to 40%
  • Increase delivery of reports 90%
  • And, Increase data sensitiveness and reliability by 98%.

The Government spent a huge amount on consultation costs so our analysis helps Hub Care to reduce these consultation costs by providing analytics reports. Hence, ultimately It helps the Government to reduce expenditures.

Oak Business Consultant has helped many Start-up and SME’s for the preparation of Business Plan, Financial Modelling, and Financial Consultancy.

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