The basis of a strong SaaS financial model should be wholly modular. This means that the user need to add individual revenue forecasts in such a way that doesn’t require re-building the entire report every time.

Similarly, the user  want the ability to easily drop in exports from the accounting or MRR metrics software to update your actuals easily.

The model consists of 4 types of templates, Operating Model, Reporting Models, Forecasting Models, Data Exports (Actuals)

A modular structure will also enable the user to bring in your team sales/leads to your overall forecasts. After all, these are the analyst you hired to be experts in their fields and can provide the best inputs and the right context in creating accurate forecasts.

The modular nature of the SaaS financial model also allows you to provide only the information your stakeholders need to create their forecasts.

For example, your marketing manager may not need access to everyone’s salaries, and yet they should be the person owning your marketing funnel driving the new customer forecast.