Product Tag - Proforma Template

A pro forma Template is very similar to a sales forecast because it is used to formally define the value of a sale before the actual completion of the transaction. In the finance world, the term pro forma is often used to specify a pre-planned statement or transaction. Pro forma template may be similar to a confirmed purchase order and may be legally binding, depending on the circumstances.
The pro forma template contains a typical format. The user just has to simply download and fill out the customer information. Then start filling out invoice details of the proposed transactions including, the address, invoice amount, payment terms, shipping details, additional fees, Fixed costs, and company terms and conditions.
At times the user will need to include all additional lines of details pertaining a particular product of sale. The ideal approach is to just enter the sale details on separate rows and columns. If the item description is longer than a single line, increase the height of the rows.

A proforma template makes sure all concerned parties are on the same page when it comes to price and cost. The template also assists the customer has confirmed the order. This is important when a custom product or good is being made. A seller needs confirmation before starting on the order.