Product Tag - HR Plan

Human Resource Plan is a business’s overall plan for managing its company employees to align it with its business activities. The Human Resource strategy sets the way for HR’s key areas, including performance appraisal, development, hiring, and staff compensation.
The HR strategy is, therefore, a long-term plan that dictates HR practices throughout the organization.
An HR plan or strategy has a set of characteristics:
It contains an analysis of the external environment and organization.
Usually takes longer than 12 months to implement.
It develops the direction and character of HR Management activities.
Assist in the allocation and deployment of organizational resources
It is updated every year.
It includes the expert understanding of senior (HR) management.
It results in a particular behavior.
A very valuable model here is the regular causal model of HRM, one of the key HR models. This model shows where HR strategy begins from and how it influences HR execution and business performance.
The model shows that the HR policy is a result of a more comprehensive strategy. It shows that Human Resource activities create value when they are joined with what the company tries to achieve. When there is a fit between the two, HR will contribute to the organization’s performance.
The overall business strategy is expressed based on the past and the present. It results from what the company has been doing in the past and its current internal capabilities.