The construction of Real Estate requires enormous investment. Yet, the returns would come from holding the property and selling at a later stage or receiving minimal but continuous rental income for the next twenty to thirty years.

Oak Business Consultant is also providing you Real Estate Development Financial model Templates for real estate modeling and Informational ArticlesCase Studies to help your Business Decision Making.

The real estate modeling also includes all different types of land and building structures along with their Main purpose. Four types of Real Estate based on their purpose involves:

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Industrial
  4. Landscape

Whereas, the Real Estate classifications that are based on living style also evolved into a long list along with the evolution of humans. Some popular classifications are as follows:

  1. House
  2. Townhouse
  3. Single Unit House
  4. Flats
  5. Apartments
  6. Condominiums
  7. Hotel
  8. Industrial
  9. Office
  10. Retail
  11. Sub-leased houses
  12. And more.

Some questions that also arise from the investors’ point of view are the payback period and what would be their annualized return on investment. So, to answer these questions, you need a carefully designed financial plan that considers several assumptions as inputs.

The input assumptions would also allow you to change the input numbers. The model would also recalculate each linked cell automatically for you, and even the charts would update to show you your new analysis without having to consult anyone again.

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