Tech Company Pitch Deck template

Tech Company Pitch Deck Template

Tech Company Pitch Deck template


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Early-stage founders are constantly refining their investor presentations, employing interchangeable slides across various types of decks. From the elevator pitch to custom pitch decks, they emphasize milestones in product development and funding goals while addressing questions investors might pose. Analyzing market risks and focusing on customer retention, founders modify and tailor their original pitch decks based on feedback to stand out among the competitive landscape of current solutions and secure Pre-seed funding.

Attention ambitious entrepreneurs! If you are a founder of a groundbreaking tech startup seeking capital from potential investors, we have the perfect solution for you. Oak Business Consultant offers an editable Tech Company Pitch Deck template designed to captivate investors and ensure successful funding.

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Tech Company Pitch Deck template

Startup pitch decks are essential for entrepreneurs seeking funding goals. These concise presentations address questions investors might have about current valuation, solutions, customer acquisition, and retention. Pitch deck feedback and examples help newbie founders craft a perfect pitch and benefit from advisors’ expertise. Following a common structure, these decks are vital to attract investors and propel startup success.

Startup pitch deck templates are a valuable resource for early-stage founders seeking attention from venture capital firms. Utilizing a Problem-Solution Pitch Deck Template, entrepreneurs can confidently present their business idea, showcase traction, and demonstrate the potential return to investors. In addition to customer testimonials, active revenue streams, and strategies for customer retention, the deck incorporates common elements that impress potential backers. By addressing product risk, and customer acquisition costs and displaying marketplace knowledge, founders can make a lasting impact. Plenty of pitch practice, with modified pitch iterations, ensures a perfect presentation, emphasizing the compelling elements of the current product and its potential for passive revenue streams. With access to examples of successful pitch decks, pre-seed founders have ample guidance to create an original and memorable pitch that stands out


Our startup pitch deck example includes key details about your business idea, competitive landscape, and current solutions. By utilizing our presentation templates, you can present your business idea with passion, making it easier to attract investors and secure the necessary capital.

The benefits of using our investor pitch decks are significant. You’ll be able to showcase your startup’s potential to investors in a clear and compelling manner. With this slide deck, you’ll be equipped to highlight your target customers, the unique value proposition of your tech solution, and how it stands out in the competitive market.

As startup founders, we understand the importance of crafting a compelling story that resonates with investors. Our pitch deck templates are designed to help you create a captivating narrative that emphasizes your business model and active revenue streams.

Furthermore, demonstrating strong user engagement metrics and the potential for growth will instill confidence in potential investors. Our pitch deck presentation will guide you in showcasing your startup’s traction and potential for scaling.

Whether you are seeking seed funding or looking to expand your current solutions, our pitch deck templates are a valuable asset in your entrepreneurial journey. Many successful startups have used our templates to effectively communicate their vision and secure the funding they need to turn their ideas into reality.

So, if you want to impress investors and pave the way for successful funding, look no further than Oak Business Consultant’s Tech Company Pitch Deck template. Start crafting your winning pitch today and set your startup on the path to success!

Why Our Tech Company Pitch Deck Stands Out:

  1. Concise and Engaging: We understand that less is more when it comes to pitch presentations. Our pitch deck template comprises 10-34 slides, thoughtfully organized into 10 sections, ensuring every aspect of your business is covered while keeping the audience engaged.
  2. Professional and Aesthetically Pleasing: First impressions matter, and our template is designed to leave a lasting impact. The visually appealing layout and customizable color format will showcase your startup in the best light.

Key Slides to Tell Your Story:

Company Summary

Tech Company Pitch Deck Template
Tech Company Pitch Deck Template-About Us

Our successful pitch deck will introduce your business, its goals, and your products or services, highlighting the major benefits and key details that set you apart in the target market. We will showcase your active revenue streams and the obtainable market, clearly understanding your target customers and their needs

Purpose of the Business:

Tech Company Pitch Deck Template
Tech Company Pitch Deck Template-Our Purpose


Articulate your mission and long-term vision to inspire your team and investors alike.

Problem Statement:

Tech Company Pitch Deck Template
Tech Company Pitch Deck Template-Problems

Clearly outline the problem your tech solution aims to solve. Investors seek scalable and impactful solutions.

The Solution:

Tech Company Pitch Deck Template
Tech Company Pitch Deck Template-Solutions

Present your unique and innovative solution with clarity and scalability in mind, ensuring that clients can get benefits from its exceptional capabilities

Market Validation and Size:

Tech Company Pitch Deck Template
Tech Company Pitch Deck Template-Market Validation

When addressing the market opportunity, it’s crucial to understand the market size and various market segments. The target market represents the specific group of customers or organizations the solution intends to serve.

The addressable market refers to the total demand for a product or service within a specific geographic region or industry. It represents the maximum revenue potential if there were no competition or market constraints.

The total available market (TAM) includes the entire market for a particular product or service, regardless of whether the solution can meet the needs of all potential customers or not.

The serviceable available market (SAM) is the portion of the TAM that the company’s product or service can realistically address, considering factors such as the company’s resources, capabilities, and geographical reach.

Lastly, the service obtainable market (SOM) is the actual market share that the company expects to capture within the SAM.

By meticulously analyzing the market size, including the addressable market, TAM, SAM, and SOM, businesses can identify the most promising opportunities and tailor their strategies accordingly to ensure optimal growth and success.

Competition in the Market:

Tech Company Pitch Deck Template
Tech Company Pitch Deck Template-Competition in the market

Conducting a comprehensive competitive analysis is crucial to understanding our position in the industry and showcasing our unique competitive advantage. In our competition slides, compare your company with other players in the market to highlight the key differentiators that set your company apart.

Revenue Model:

Tech Company Pitch Deck Template
Tech Company Pitch Deck Template-Revenue Model

A strategic and flexible approach to revenue generation is essential. When establishing a sustainable business, it is vital to have multiple active revenue streams to ensure financial stability and growth. The primary revenue model should be the main driver of income, supported by supplementary revenue sources. Use charts and graphs to support your financial highlights.

Our Team:

Tech Company Pitch Deck Template
Tech Company Pitch Deck Template-OUR Team

We have a dedicated Team Slide designed to highlight the key members of your startup’s team and their respective roles in driving success. This slide allows you to showcase your team members’ expertise, experience, and passion, which can greatly influence investors’ confidence in your startup’s ability to execute its vision.

Investment Opportunity:

Tech Company Pitch Deck Template
Tech Company Pitch Deck Template-Investment Opportunity

Showcase to potential investors that your business holds a significant potential return on investment, evident from its current valuation so that Pre – seed can see the potential of the company.


Tech Company Pitch Deck Template
Tech Company Pitch Deck Template-Milestone

Illustrate your startup’s achievements and project milestones to demonstrate progress and future growth.

How to Make the Most of Our Template:

  1. Customize with Ease: Our Tech Company Pitch Deck template is designed for user-friendliness. Easily edit, add, or amend slides according to your specific needs.
  2. Focus on Storytelling: Utilize our visually appealing charts and statistical values to craft a compelling narrative about your business and its growth potential.
  3. Practice Your Pitch: Use the template to refine and practice your pitch presentation. A well-delivered pitch, incorporating a memorable story and compelling elements, can make all the difference in attracting investors.
  4. Seek Feedback: Don’t hesitate to seek feedback from experienced mentors or colleagues. Constructive criticism can help you fine-tune your pitch and perfect your delivery, ensuring your favorite takeaway for potential investors.
  5. Leverage Knowledge of Customer Acquisition: With the traction slide and original pitch deck, demonstrate your knowledge of customer acquisition strategies to instill confidence in investors about your business’s growth prospects.
  6. Highlight the Benefit of Advisors: Showcase the benefit of having experienced advisors on board, leveraging their expertise to add credibility and enhance the appeal of your pitch.

By following these pitch presentation tips and utilizing our comprehensive template, you can confidently deliver a perfect pitch, leaving a lasting impression on investors and increasing your chances of securing the funding your tech startup deserves.

Editing Pitch Deck Presentation in Powerpoint slides:

Home tab: In the Slides templates, select Layout, and then choose the Layout that you updated in Slide Master View

  1. To amend an existing layout, do one or more of the following:
  2. To add a placeholder, click Insert Placeholder on the Slide Master tab and choose a placeholder type from the list. Select a location on the Layout, and then drag to draw the placeholder.
  3. 2. add, edit, or remove a placeholder on a slide layout.
  4. To rename the Layout, in the thumbnail list of forms, right-click the Layout that you customized, and then click Rename Layout.
  5. In the Rename Layout dialog box, type a new name describing the Layout you’ve just created, then click Rename.
  6. On the Slide Master tab, click Close Master View.


In the competitive world of startups, a well-crafted pitch deck can be the key to securing essential seed funding and propelling your business forward. With Oak Business Consultant’s Tech Company Pitch Deck template, you have all the tools to make a compelling pitch presentation that impresses investors and drives your startup toward success. Get ready to take the tech world by storm and attract the investments your business deserves!

Key Takeaways:

Customize Your Pitch:

While our pitch deck template provides a solid foundation, ensure to tailor it to your business plan and unique vision. Highlight your market opportunity, business model, and funding goals in a way that resonates with potential investors.

Practice Makes Perfect:

Practice Makes Perfect: Rehearse your entire presentation to perfection. Anticipate the questions investors might ask and prepare confident and well-informed responses. Use pitch practice opportunities to refine your delivery and build confidence.

Compelling Elements:

Emphasize your tech solution’s major benefits and compelling elements. Showcase how your business opportunity addresses a significant problem in the market and presents a viable solution.

Use Customer Testimonials:

Customer testimonials can add credibility to your pitch. Incorporate positive feedback from early users or beta testers to demonstrate market validation and user satisfaction.

Assess Market Risk:

In your pitch deck, acknowledge and address market risks. Investors appreciate a thorough understanding of potential challenges and your plans to mitigate them.

Business Valuation:

Be prepared to discuss your business valuation with potential investors. Provide a clear rationale and demonstrate how you arrived at your valuation figure.

Remember, your pitch presentation is an opportunity to showcase your passion and expertise in the tech industry. Use our template as a foundation, but be sure to infuse it with your unique vision and marketplace knowledge. With dedication, practice, and a memorable story, your startup will be on the path to success!

 Case Study – Fintech Start-up Business: Financial Model

At our company, we specialize in developing comprehensive financial models to support various businesses, and our expertise was put to the test in a notable case study involving a Fintech start-up. We were tasked with creating a robust financial model to make informed business decisions and attract funding from potential investors (Pre-Seed). 


At our company, customer feedback holds significant importance to us, and we highly prioritize understanding the needs and preferences of our valued customers. We have received valuable feedback from one of our esteemed customers, which is attached below for your review. 

Tech Company Pitch Deck template-Testimonial
Tech Company Pitch Deck template-Testimonial

This Tech Company Pitch Deck template includes PowerPoint files. 



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