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The 15 Most Significant Customer Success Metrics for SaaS Companies
The 15 Most Significant Customer Success Metrics for SaaS Companies

The 15 Most Significant Customer Success Metrics for SaaS Companies Software as a Service (SaaS) has basically changed the game for many enterprises from various perspectives. The membership-based evaluation of a model of SaaS organizations implies that it reaches necessary Customer Success Metrics. It requires a continuous exertion to guarantee their prosperity with the Software

Acquisition Analysis Of Quantum Research Company – Case Study

Acquisition Analysis Of Quantum Research Company: Background This Case study is about Acquisition Analysis of Quantum Research Company that we did for a client based in the United States of America. Our client is a Public Listed company looking for expansion in various quantum computing technology-based products and services. For expansion, the Client wished to

Pitch Deck For A SaaS Startup Company

Background A Singaporean client approached Oak Business Consultant for the creation of a pitch deck for their SaaS startup. Initially, the client and Oak Business Consultant came into a partnership to work on the business together. Then, eventually, Oak Business Consultant remained as the Financial Analyst along with a 20% share in the business. The

Case Study for Digital Payment

Background The Africa based company is providing digital payment solutions for the African populations. Although this concept is not new for the world in Africa it is breaking the traditional norms. They are not only providing a digital transfer for local currency but also assisting in currency conversion specially for USD to local currency. Along

Case Study For SaaS

Background - Case Study For SaaS This case study for SaaS is about Octopus Cloud that is a SaaS oriented Company based in Switzerland. It is specialized in SPLA tools and Reporting. The Company was growing well in terms of sales and getting new customers, but they faced losses in 2016,17. So, to evaluate the